October 09, 2014

Microsoft Wants to Kill Email Attachments
Because the linked file is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed simultaneously by multiple recipients. OWA's interface supports real-time co-authoring of linked and attached documents, so several collaborators can simultaneously work on a single document. This summer, Microsoft added a new side-by-side view to OWA to help streamline the real-time collaboration process. The view lets users open linked or attached documents alongside email, allowing them to both modify a received document and reply with an email message from within a single interface.

Disruption Coming For MDM - The Hub of Context
Much more intuitive, analytic, and intelligent about our master data. And this is what innovative MDM companies are doing - using a graph db repository (ie. Pitney Powes Spectrum MDM). And, still other innovative organizations are saying, we can build this on our own by leveraging a graph db (good confirmation and examples of this with NeoTechnologies). And, you have data profiling and discovery tools like Global IDs helping you identify and build a graph of your data (they OEM NeoJ from NeoTechnologies and use the open source graph db Titan).

DukeScript: A New Attempt to Run Java Everywhere
The basic architecture of a DukeScript Application is actually very simple and consists of three components. There’s a Java Virtual Machine, there’s a HTML-Renderer Component, and there’s DukeScript. DukeScript glues the JVM and the HTML-Component together and acts as a bridge between the business logic running in the VM and the UI written in HTML/JavaScript. DukeScript applications run inside a JVM and use the HTML-Renderer to display the page. When the page is loaded, DukeScript binds the dynamic elements of the page to the data model using Knockout.js internally.

Mobile technology: Ushering in the search generation
Since mobile devices have always been around, they have no intimidation about learning how they work. They have been able to do things with them from the get-go, and like the inquisitive kids they are have rapidly learned how to make them do what they want. They have seen Mom and Dad "just Google it" countless times, and the search process is normal for them. Learning to search on devices is happening at a very early age, which is clear if you talk to their parents. Show them once and they hit the ground searching. This may be the most profound effect that mobile technology will have on society in developed countries.

The cloud according to Daryl
Plummer pointed out that while interest in cloud is high, moving to the cloud is a long, slow journey for large enterprises. According to Gartner research, 90% of respondents to a recent survey said they are doing some form of cloud computing. And 78% said they plan to increase cloud spending through 2017. In fact, one-third of IT spending on services goes to cloud-based services. But cloud is only 4% of the total IT spend, which means companies are dipping their toes into cloud, but aren’t diving in by any means. Plummer dismissed concerns about cloud security. ``Most clouds I run into are more secure than most enterprises I run into,’’ he said.

Activist Elliott Pushes EMC to Dump VMware
The two companies are holding each other back, the letter said, and cites several examples where the two outfits, ostensibly part of the same company, effectively compete against each other — with the result that EMC shares have underperformed compared to its peers (companies like Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Cisco Systems and Intel) and the wider markets. The firm, controlled by the billionaire Paul Singer, controls more than two percent of EMC’s shares, and started its campaign to force its breakup in July. But this latest sally comes just days after HP announced its big breakup plan.

Obama Had Security Fears on JPMorgan Data Breach
Jim Duffy, an ADP spokesman, said the payroll processing firm had “observed Internet-based traffic from those criminals allegedly reported” to have hacked into JPMorgan. But he added that ADP had not “observed any issues associated with such scanning of our defenses.” Regions said in a statement that it “consistently monitors for any unusual activity. At this point, we have no evidence of any breach.” ... JPMorgan has said that the attackers obtained names and some email addresses but did not penetrate enough to get account information, and that there was no evidence of any illicit movement of money across the 76 million affected households.

Judges spar with attorneys on national security data requests
Federal judges challenged attorneys on Wednesday to clarify the rationale and constitutionality of government data requests, in a line of questioning that may ultimately introduce greater transparency into what is now a tightly cloaked process. The hearing, held in a federal appeals court in San Francisco, focused on National Security Letters, or NSLs, a type of data request commonly used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to obtain information from companies, ostensibly for the purposes of investigating national security matters.

Shellshocked, and expecting worse to come
Unfortunately for those of us that have to deal with the vulnerability, the Linux operating system is used in lots of devices that we don’t normally think of as computers, so they don’t fall into a normal patching routine. I suppose it’s so widely used because it’s free, making it attractive as a platform for vendors to use when they set out to create a new product, from toasters to cars. But for many of those products, the Linux operating system is way more complex than what they really need. On my network, I found it in network devices, load balancers and even a couple of my favorite security products. And one of those was my firewall!

Half of all Android devices still vulnerable to 'privacy disaster' browser bug
At the time, Todd Beardsley, a researcher with security firm Rapid 7, described the bug as a "privacy disaster", explaining that "any arbitrary website (say, one controlled by a spammer or a spy) can peek into the contents of any other web page". The bug also allowed an attacker to hijack a web session by stealing a session cookie. Since the affected browser ships with all pre-KitKat versions of Android (Google dropped the browser in Android 4.4), it would mean that around 75 percent of all Android users with the Google Play app could be exposed to such an attack,according to Google's figures.

Quote for the day:

"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others" -- MK Gandhi

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