October 18, 2014

Bionym's wearable authentication device ships to developers
A wearable authentication device, which communicates with devices and apps via Bluetooth, could get around that issue. "Passwords, which we still use today, are yesterday's answer to security," Jeff Kagan, an independent analyst, said in a previous interview. "We need new technology going forward. This sounds like an interesting company trying to solve a growing problem that we're all experiencing." That means the wearable could give users the convenience of being able to move about their day without remembering passwords or carrying keys, a credit card or ID.

The Emergence of the Third Platform
The successful implementation and deployment of enterprise SoR has been embodied in best practices, methods, frameworks, and techniques that have been distilled into enterprise architecture. The same level of rigor and pattern-based best practices will be required to ensure the success of solutions based on Third Platform technologies. Enterprise architecture methods and models need to evolve to include guidance, governance, and design patterns for implementing business solutions that span the different classes of system. The Third Platform builds upon many of the concepts that originated with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and dominated the closing stanza of the period dominated by the Second Platform technologies.

Press Start to Learn: How Gamification Is Changing Education
One essential element of gaming being utilized is that of visual progression. Students and gamers like to see their progress, whether it be with a level-up bar slowly being filled or actual cosmetic changes on the player’s avatar. They like knowing all the work they’re doing is having a more immediate result instead of waiting for a report card many months down the line. Some classrooms are using the idea of acquired points as a reward for students. That visible progress is an outward sign of how well they are doing.

Best Practices in Mobile Business Intelligence
Enterprise-wide integration of mobile business intelligence has many benefits for organizations, including increased workforce productivity, the ability to collaborate anytime and anywhere, and improved customer satisfaction. However, there are a number of hurdles to overcome: convincing your organization to deploy the infrastructure that is necessary for mobile security, understanding mobile versus desktop report development, incorporating the concept of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), and garnering support for utilizing a mobile device to analyze critical decision-making data.

Cloud computing terms defined in new ISO standard
"A public cloud may be owned, managed, and operated by a business, academic, or government organisation, or some combination of them. It exists on the premises of the cloud service provider," it said. "Actual availability for specific cloud service customers may be subject to jurisdictional regulations. Public clouds have very broad boundaries, where cloud service customer access to public cloud services has few, if any, restrictions." The private cloud, in contrast, is "where cloud services are used exclusively by a single cloud service customer and resources are controlled by that cloud service customer".

The Contrarian’s Guide to Changing the World
It’s less clear whether his ideas have much to offer the rest of us. Thiel has been asking a huge question for a few years now: How can we avoid a dismal future of resource depletion, environmental degradation, mass unemployment, and technological stagnation? He thinks the answer is a new wave of startups that grow as large as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon but take on bigger problems, such as curing cancer or providing cheap, clean energy. He claims we aren’t making progress on such things now because we’ve grown less ambitious as a society.

BCBS 239 – What Are Banks Talking About?
BCBS 239 set out 14 key principles requiring banks aggregate their risk data to allow banking regulators to avoid another 2008 crisis, with a deadline of Jan 1, 2016. Earlier this year, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision released the findings from a self-assessment from the Globally Systemically Important Banks (GISB’s) in their readiness to 11 out of the 14 principles related to BCBS 239.  Given all of the investments made by the banking industry to improve data management and governance practices to improve ongoing risk measurement and management,

Silicon Valley's next disruption: Reality!
Microsoft Research is working on a patented technology that uses projectors to display game play onto the walls, ceiling and floor of a room. The basic application is that you play some future Xbox game. As is the case today, the main game play happens on a TV screen. Let's say you're playing a first-person shooter in a tropical jungle. IllumiRoom would project the rest of the jungle all over the room -- creating peripheral vision to the focused play on screen. This again challenges the notion of virtual reality. The room is real, but the jungle is virtual and computer-generated.

Data-Driven Business Processes Essential for Optimization
The information management issues in process design and execution are similar to those at work for analytics. However, addressing them effectively requires a different approach than just creating a separate data store to be the “single version of the truth.” Careful consideration is required to determine the best method to manage data throughout a core business process, particularly when multiple applications are required to automate and support the execution of the process. Software application platforms offered by some vendors make it far easier to integrate niche software applications into processes in a way that may eliminate the need for an operational data store.

Cloud Automation in a Windows World
There are a couple different perspectives one can take to stack up today’s Windows automation landscape. One is to compare the state of Windows automation as it stands today with its state five years ago. This might lead one to feel impressed with how much the technology has grown and you may look optimistically to the future. The other perspective is to compare today’s Windows automation ecosystem with the tooling that surrounds Linux based infrastructures. At first glance things may not look so different but the closer you look and the more you tinker, you become aware of the fact that there is an undeniable gap in maturity.

Quote for the day:

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts." -- Albert Einstein

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