October 10, 2014

Microsoft: Surface Pro line is here to stay
"Surface Pro 3 is off to a strong start with both individuals and businesses," maintained Surface General Manager Brian Hall in that blog post. He said Microsoft is guaranteeing that Surface Pro 3 will be upgradable to Windows 10. And he said the current line of Surface Pro 3 accessories — Surface Pro 3 Type Covers; power adapter, Ethernet adapter and other "infrastructure accessories", and the docking station — will be compatible with "the next generation of the 'Pro' line of Surface."

Who Gets the Call When Your Analytics Process Crashes?
IT feels it has been burned too many times in the past when analytics processes were thrown over the wall to them and then they had to scramble to deal with issues that arose. They were hesitant to continue to add more processes without a better way to handle maintenance. I believe that my client’s real problem is with the contract that IT has with the analytics teams when it comes to placing something into production.

The important details of Tesla’s Model D and how autopilot works
This is important because this suite of features is what unlocks the newly enabled “autopilot” functions on the Model S that Elon Musk was showing off during the launch event. The “technology package” will cost an extra $4,250 — yeah, I know, I thought it would be another free upgrade to the Model S. But hey, Tesla wants to get paid this time for all its extra engineering. So with the autopilot software, the Tesla Model S can do some things now, and some things down the road. During the test drive, our Tesla driver showed us how the car can read speed limit signs and notify the driver if they go over the marked speed limit.

'Big Data Mistakes' and 'What Not to Do'
The phenomena of Big Data continues to grow as companies of all sizes start to realize the potential ROI that comes from the correct use of massive amounts of data. MIT found that firms who can leverage Big Data can achieve 5-6 percent greater productivity and profitability than their competitors. Knowing the most common mistakes made when handling Big Data will help your organization achieve its goals.

Microsoft researchers create a secure haven in the cloud
Haven provides additional protection that can’t be offered by existing techniques, runs on commodity operating systems and works with any legacy application. “The single most common barrier to adopting cloud computing is the lack of trust in the cloud provider’s ability to provide the same level of confidentiality and integrity as one could with an on-premise solution,” wrote Jonathan Trull, chief information security officer for security research firm Qualys, in an email exchange about Haven.

Professor James G March - Foundations of knowledge & innovation
This interview is the next in a series of interviews on the foundations of knowledge and innovation, where PhD students interview scholars who have made a profound impact on the field of management. Professor March has published over 200 books and articles, the work that shaped the way management scholars think about organizations. The garbage can model, the behavioral theory of the firm and balancing exploration and exploitation are only a few of his profound ideas.

How IoT Impacts Business Strategy
While IoT is growing significantly, generally there’s also significant resistance to it because of costs, implementation, uncertainty and other factors. Unfortunately, that resistance is ultimately going to be a great hinderance for companies. If one thing is certain, it’s that IoT is happening and will continue with even greater speed. If companies want to be ahead of the competition, they need to get going with IoT. Especially because of how much IoT and big data technology go hand in hand. "Smart devices" that generate and collect sensor data will contribute significantly to the growing volume of big data.

Grassroots Programmers: Love vs. Money
Kenny Skaggs who works in consulting in the US, loves helping people and has “never felt an urge to climb the corporate ladder”, characterises his motivation as the desire “to pursue” his “own dream”. “What I'm really passionate about when programming is the opportunity to build something up,” he continues. “I love to take the primitives of a language and build them up into constructs, and then put those constructs together like cogs and mechanisms to form the machine that the program is. It is how I imagine an artist paints a picture: breaking down what they want to represent into lines and colours and re-constructing them in their own style.”

Man plus machine required for big data variety
Schreiber called it "a counterintuitive discovery," but as he explained, variety is a spectrum. The more structured the data is, the less robust it tends to be. "Just as a rule of thumb, my observation has been that the level of information seems to go up as the structure goes down," Schreiber said. Highly structured data, such as sensor data, is "data at the lowest level," he said. For it to have any kind of value, it still "needs to be interpreted."Unstructured data, such as text used in PowerPoint slides, is "the result of an analysis and people's decisions around whether a particular drug should progress to the next phase of development," he said.

Three Practical Guidelines for Business Decisions
It is a a humoristic practical approach to understanding why decisions are so complex and what can be done about it. In order to create the combination between top-down problem-decisions (waterfall like approaches) and local problem-decisions (Agile project approach) here are practical guidelines to pursue Three practical complex decision-problems guidelines: Simple local rules; Strategic top down rules; and Visual problem view

Quote for the day:

"If you don't demonstrate leadership character, your skills and your results will be discounted, if not dismissed." -- Mark Miller

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