October 06, 2014

The prospects for Apple Pay in the UK
David Emm, principal security researcher from Kaspersky Lab, said people’s reaction to Apple Pay would have been different if not for the iCloud hacking claims. “I suspect we wouldn’t have had so much focus on this from a security point of view,” he said. “That suggests to me that in the longer term, security is unlikely to be a top priority for people. There’s no question that the convenience of mobile money services, being able to pay for things just by swiping your device, is increasing.”

How the CIO Role Is Changing As Business Needs Evolve
The duties of the CIO have changed in the last decade, says Steve Durbin, managing director of Information Security Forum. "Ten years ago, these guys were worrying about things like the mainframe computer," he says. "They didn't have people like you and me – users who would suddenly decide they're going to use their iPhone or tablet to access information." Part of the reason for the increased CIO role is that the power shifted away from IT and into the hands of the end users, whether they were customers or employees of the company.

IoT technology starting to impact product development
"What you are seeing is the convergence of industrial systems, Internet solutions, big data and the ability to build systems that use an enormous amount of compute power potentially distributed all over the planet," Soley said. For example, Coca-Cola Co. uses sensors in every part of its distribution, according to Soley. This entails everything from tracking down where a bottle needs to be delivered to orders of a specific syrup flavor. "They are sensing potentially hundreds of thousands of sites all over the world based on communication systems," he said.

Home Depot Security Team Understaffed And Overwhelmed For Years, Insiders Say
In fall 2011, Home Depot’s overall security team had about 60 employees with a variety of responsibilities, from finding security flaws in the network to ensuring that the company was meeting industry security standards. ... "You're having a hard enough time finding security holes," one former Home Depot security engineer told HuffPost. "Then half the people in your department leave and your workload doubles. It makes it even harder to catch stuff." Two former security employees described Mitchell as "bullying" and "abrasive" and said he was partly to blame for the loss of talented personnel.

HP to Separate Into Two New Industry-Leading Public Companies
Both companies will be well capitalized and expect to have investment grade credit ratings and capital structures optimized to reflect their distinct growth opportunities and cash flow profiles. The separation into independent publicly traded companies will provide each company with its own, more focused equity currency, and investors with the opportunity to invest in two companies with compelling and unique financial profiles well suited to their respective businesses. Management Structure Meg Whitman, President and Chief Executive Officer of HP, and Cathie Lesjak, Chief Financial Officer of HP, will hold these positions with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

The Navy is building robotic weaponized boats
The technology, which uses artificial intelligence, machine perception and distributed data fusion, was successfully demonstrated over two weeks in August on the James River in Virginia. "This is a huge advance for robotics and, specifically, for object recognition and artificial intelligence implementations," said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy. "These are the smartest robots I have seen. The combination of speed, object recognition and artificial intelligence is very, very impressive."

How Much of Your Data Would You Trade for a Free Cookie?
In a highly unscientific but delicious experiment last weekend, 380 New Yorkers gave up sensitive personal information — from fingerprints to partial Social Security numbers — for a cookie. “It is crazy what people were willing to give me,” said artist Risa Puno, who conducted the experiment, which she called “Please Enable Cookies,” at a Brooklyn arts festival. The cookies — actual cookies — came in flavors such as “Chocolate Chili Fleur de Sel” and “Pink Pistachio Peppercorn.” To get a cookie, people had to turn over personal data that could include their address, driver’s license number, phone number and mother’s maiden name.

The Agile Coaches' Coach Shares Her View on SAFe
An incredibly frustrating aspect of multiple Scrum teams in the same product area is the interdependencies between them, which can easily turn into interdependency gridlock. The cause of this is the way organizations organize. Most don’t yet organize in a way that lets us slice theWedding Cake into thin slices of actual customer value. I can rail against that all day long, but in the meantime, interdependencies between teams flourish and can result in unexpressed contracts -- think of them as informal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between teams.

CIO interview: Ben Hine, technology director, UKTV
“Technology is a huge part of everyday life and defines the way they work,” he says. “But we didn’t want it to define us; we wanted people to define what they wanted from technology.” During the infrastructure refresh, the UKTV team moved buildings, so it had a blank canvas to work with. On day one, employees came into the new building to find their chosen laptop waiting for them. “We made every single person mobile,” he says. “We took their desks and every piece of kit – the telephone, PC, TV, personal video recorder, Sky Box – and managed to squash it all into a laptop.”

JPMorgan Chase attackers hit other banks
The attack compromised information and data used in connection with providing or offering services, the bank said. However, sensitive information including account numbers, passwords and credit, debit and Social Security numbers are not thought to have been compromised, the back stated. The bank said it does not believe customers "need to go through the inconvenience of having their cards reissued." Even when an attack does not involve credit card or social security numbers, however, information such as names of people who use a certain service can be used by criminals to pry more sensitive information from unsuspecting consumers via phishing attacks.

Quote for the day:

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” -- Harvey S. Firestone

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