September 05, 2014

Copyright infringement is terrorism, screech the revolution's losers
You might have thought that Australia's "debate" over online copyright infringement couldn't get any sillier. But this week the journalists' union came out as a fan of internet censorship, only to withdraw when they realised what they'd done. And Village Roadshow equated copyright infringement with terrorism and pedophilia, and came out in support of, oh, moonbats or something. Hard to say. Village Roadshow's submission to the government's copyright infringement discussion paperis the loopiest, with so much shouting and whining that it's hard to take their hyperbole seriously.

The New Leadership
This decoupling of commitment and loyalty, and this mixture of precariousness and personalization, are phenomena that require us to rethink not just the relationship between organizations and individuals but also the meaning of work, leadership and leadership development. What does it take to have successful and meaningful careers in this context? What does it mean to lead? What does it take to lead well? And, how do we help aspiring leaders do it? All my writing and teaching revolve around these questions.

Networked Home Gadgets Offer Hackers New Opportunities
“Dealing with the privacy and security aspects of the Internet of things is going to be one of the biggest challenges we have faced in security for a long time,” he says. “We are wearing it and installing it throughout our living spaces and other places where technology has not usually had the opportunity to go.” Rogers says that many of the features of security software standard on traditional computing devices, such as laptops and smartphones, could also defend these newer devices. However, so far those techniques aren’t being used on the new wave of networked home devices, says Jacoby. “Nobody is doing anything at all about them.”

How GE Is Using Big Data to Drive Business Performance
In essence, the idea is that all the separate machines and tools which make an industry possible will be “smart” - connected, data-enabled and constantly reporting their status to each other in ways as creative as their engineers and data scientists can devise. This will increase efficiency by allowing every aspect of an industrial operation to be monitored and tweaked for optimal performance, and reduce down-time – machinery will break down less often if we know exactly the best time to replace a worn part. Data is behind this transformation, specifically the new tools that technology is giving us to record and analyze every aspect of a machine’s operation.

Scrummaster Tales: – Stuck Waiting For Other Teams
When a Scrum team finds their groove and become more efficient, everything will move along faster. Or… not? Sometimes the faster you’re able to go, the more speed bumps and stop signs you’ll encounter. John (ScrumMaster) and the team are humming along nicely building great new features for the SmallestOnlineBookStore. With the huge success of the first big release nine months ago, venture capital money has come flowing into the company. Significant investments have been made in Operations, Security, and Networking in addition to creating several new Development Teams. Unfortunately, all these new people are making it more difficult for the team to get the software they built deployed.

Giving fraud the finger: Barclays banks on biometrics for business customers
"Typically when you upgrade security you introduce complexity to the workflow... this doesn't do any of that," he added. Barclays said that unlike fingerprints, vein patterns are extremely difficult to spoof — because they're internal structures they are harder to copy. Also, unlike fingerprints, vein patterns can't be left behind on hardware. The finger being scanned must be attached to a live human body in order for the veins in the finger to be authenticated, the bank said. The false acceptance rate for the system is one in one million, while the false reject rate is one in ten thousand, it added.

Google Glass Can Now Track Your Stress Level
BioGlass uses the Glass sensors and camera to track the wearer’s ballistocardiogram, or BCG, which is a mechanical signal measuring the tiny body movements that result from the heart pumping blood. BCG tracking has been around since the 1870s, but was hardly used for many years because it was tricky to track without special equipment (such as a frictionless table). More recently, though, research has shown that sensitive motion sensors for electronic devices can easily detect the BCG signal, and at least one company, Quanttus, is building a product that can do so at the wrist.

A Continuous Delivery Setup
In my last project, I led the team that setup the Continuous Delivery infrastructure for the product marketing and publishing platform of a major consumer electronics giant. This platform was based on Scala and the Play framework and used a non-blocking architecture to achieve scale. In this post, I want to share some of the key highlights of this project from a Devops and Continuous Delivery point of view.

Top CIOs: Start with 'Yes' When it Comes to New Technologies
IT has good reason for wanting to have some influence over the technology choices that workers make, Rebecca Jacoby, CIO of Cisco said. "In IT, today I think we have more risk management responsibility almost than finance," she said. But the CIOs said they realize that if they give employees tools that work, they'll use them. "If you give employees a good or better solution than they're using, they aren't evil. They aren't using stuff you tell them not to because they're evil. They just want to get their jobs done.

Building and Deploying Android Apps Using JavaFX
JavaFX is an integral part of the Java SE environment, and it is the official “Java on the client” component. It is bundled with the JDK and the JRE on the supported systems. As a consequence, Oracle provides JavaFX as part of the Java SE distributions on Windows, MacOS X, Linux and on embedded ARM systems. There is no official Oracle distribution for JavaFX on iOS or on Android. Good enough, the community is filling this gap. The RoboVM team is adding support for JavaFX on RoboVM, which makes it possible to compile JavaFX applications using the RoboVM compiler and run them on iOS devices.

Quote for the day:

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." -- Blaise Pascal

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