September 18, 2014

Cyber crime wake-up call
Part of the problem is that cyber security is no longer a question of building a firewall and installing anti-virus software. To begin with, KCS finds that roughly four-fifths of malicious cyber intrusions can be traced from within the organisation being hacked. The individual concerned could be a disgruntled employee or someone who is being blackmailed, bribed or otherwise coerced into helping cyber criminals or competitors find a hole in the company's defences.

5 Best Practices For Agile Analytics Organizations
One of the ironies of analytics today is that while the technology is more powerful and easier to use than ever, the fast-changing organizational and technology landscapes have lead to increased discontent and confusion for IT and business users alike. The challenge is to combine the benefits of self-service: more flexibility & speed, greater adoption, and better alignment with business needs; but avoid the potential problems, including needless duplication of data and tools, lack of overall visibility of the business, and diluted responsibility.

With this tool, you can run nearly any Android app on a Chromebook
Did you hear the big news? Android apps now run on Chromebooks. To be more specific, four Android apps run on Chromebooks. It now sounds like a little less of a big deal but in the long run, this has the potential to strengthen the case for Chrome OS, as we discussed in detail on this week’s Chrome Show podcast. We’ll have to wait for Google to work with Android developers and for the App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) to mature from its current beta status. But you don’t have to wait for more Android apps on Chromebooks if you want to use an unofficialsolution: With it, you can install and try just about any Android app on a Chromebook, such as Flipboard.

How IT should prep for iOS 8
iOS 8 isn't as paradigm shifting as those releases. Most new features are aimed more at consumers than business users or enterprise IT. HealthKit, HomeKit, Handoff and other Continuity features that link iOS devices and Macs, and even the upcoming Apple Pay, are decidedly consumer-oriented. But that doesn't mean IT departments can easily write off iOS 8 as a welcome, but unimportant update. Apple's new mobile OS presents several challenges (and opportunities) to IT shops as well as enterprise app developers. Here's what IT departments should keep in mind as Apple launches iOS 8 later today and rolls out the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on Friday.

Risk management key to cyber strategy, says BP
“Uncertainty is a fact of life, but we can be organised in our approach to managing risks by having a clear set of risk management processes in place,” he said. One key process is aimed at identifying and prioritising each threat based on a risk assessment. However, Dudley said as member of the highly-targeted energy sector, BP has a multitude of risks to manage and is constantly looking to innovations in cyber security to improve its defence capabilities. ... “Security controls are not enough – employees need to know they have a role to play and how they should respond to the worst-case scenarios,” said Dudley.

Continuous Delivery in Practice
Continuous Delivery allows you to get new features and capabilities to market quickly and reliably—two highly desirable outcomes. In this best practice guide, learn from successful Continuous Delivery practitioners and hear lessons from, NYSE-Euronext, and

TechUK manifesto calls on future government to put digital first
“What interests me is how very clear, how very direct, how very ambitious, but how very achievable the recommendations in this manifesto are. Where I come from, we’d say ‘there is not a lot of flannel in here’. It is very achievable,” he said. “What is very clear is the huge opportunities that are available, not on the horizon or in the long distance future, but now. The prize is immediate if we can grasp it now,” he added. Lord Timothy Clement-Jones, representing the Lib Dems, made an interesting case, pointing out that while the UK was good at funding and producing start-ups, it was appalling at providing later-stage finance.

IT outsourcing: As Romania vies to be the new India, can the country keep up?
"Romania is seen as a complementary location to India as Eastern Europe provides a perfect balance between cost and quality. Our clients say we are 2-3 times more productive than the traditional offshore vendors. There is better ability to understand the requirements and needs beyond project specs," said John Cotterell, CEO at Endava. The company has more than 1,100 full time employees in Romania, located in Bucharest, but also in Cluj-Napoca and Iasi. Tholon's most recent Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations report includes several Eastern European countries, and puts the Romanian capital of Bucharest 40th in the list last year, up from 44th in 2012.

Stop Governing Your Data - Start Leading Data Behaviors and Outcomes
The work of sourcing and assuring its basic integrity for their use has overtaken their analytic and execution mandate. This over-emphasis on data sourcing and assurance undermines their performance and limits their career potential since they cannot shine based on analysis and execution alone, as they should. Relieving them of most of this burden by offering a much smaller comparative burden of controlling data as it is produced and consumed becomes a very attractive option, especially if it takes much less time and everyone involved is committed to this effort.

Once your car's connected to the Internet, who guards your privacy?
Modern vehicles, Schneider said, can have as many as 200 CPUs and multiple communications networks between internal computer systems. While most systems are isolated within the car, others are used to transmit data back to manufacturers, dealers or even the government. "On the plus side, this data can make the user experience much richer and personalized because from one vehicle to the next, it will know all my settings and [be] able to integrate your car into your digital day," Schneider said. "The flip side of that is it creates risk."

Quote for the day:

"Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance." -- J. Donald Walters

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