September 13, 2014

Beyond Governance in Finance: Why BCBS 239 Matters to You
The regulators have become very serious about data management since. The Dodd-Frank Act in the U.S. had some rather vague language about data governance. However, it did specify the need to unambiguously recognize counterparties in trades. This led to the effort to have global Legal Entity Identifiers. In July 2012 the Bank for International Settlements sponsored a global meeting at the New York Federal Reserve which kicked this effort into high gear and began to involve the private sector in a very meaningful way. But the BIS had plans to go far beyond LEIs.

Industry Vulnerability Disclosures Trending Up
The CVSS base metric assigns a numeric value between 0 and 10 to vulnerabilities according to severity, with higher scores representing greater severity. Vulnerabilities that scored 9.9 or greater represented 6.2 percent of all vulnerabilities disclosed in the second half of 2013. This percentage represents a significant decrease from the first half of the year, when vulnerabilities that scored 9.9 or greater accounted for 12.4 percent of all vulnerabilities. Medium severity vulnerability disclosures increased 19.1 percent between the first half and second half of 2013, and accounted for 59.3 percent of total disclosures in the second half of the year.

Is cloud usurping IT outsourcing?
Is IT outsourcing -- handing over functions and operations to service firms -- on the wane because of cloud? Are cloud, SaaS and APIs enabling access to more granular services? Both business and IT managers seeking to plug in ready-made processes or services will find what they need out in the cloud, ready to roll within hours or minutes. The study for one, classified use of SaaS as a form of application hosting outsourcing, which is on a steep upward trajectory.

Data MIning in Excel Part 19: More Clustering
In Statistics, there's a concept called "Robustness". Basically, a robust model doesn't change very much if you try to tweak it. Robutness is a very good thing that every model should have. Imagine that you're a baseball coach. Would you rather have a pitcher that can play well in all conditions, or a pitcher that can only play well when the sun's out, the temperature is 75 degrees and he's facing West? It's pretty obvious; you want consistency, in your pitchers and your statistical models. So, how do we make sure that our model is robust? Let's check out the parameters.

Continuous Delivery For Databases Not As Much Trusted As For Applications
While a staggering 81% believe it is possible to practice continuous delivery on databases only just over 25% practicing application CI practice database CI in the real time. When asked what was the biggest barrier to adopting continuous delivery for the Database, 36% said mistrust in automation for the database, 17% said it was a lack of awareness, another 17% said it was an inability to change organizational culture and another 22% blamed it on either budget constraints or opposition from management or the development team.

Intel Says Laptops and Tablets with 3-D Vision Are Coming Soon
Intel first announced its 3-D sensing technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in January (see “Intel’s 3-D Camera Heads to Laptops and Tablets”). It has developed two different types of depth sensor. One is designed for use in place of a front-facing webcam, to sense human movement such as gestures. The other is designed for use on the back of a device, to scan objects as far as four meters away. Both sensors allow a device to capture the color and 3-D shape of a scene, making it possible for a computer to recognize gestures or find objects in a room.

Successful security awareness programs hold employees' hands to the fire
There are the ABCs of behavioral science; specifically antecedents, behaviors, and consequences. Antecedents are precursors to behaviors. In Security Awareness, antecedents are typically information. It can take the form of briefings, posters, newsletters, activities, or whatever else is in a traditional awareness program. Behaviors are the actual behavior a person displays. They are what they are. For the purposes of this article, it does not matter whether the behavior is the desired behavior. The behaviors are the actions that the person takes given all the motivators.

CIOs today in period of historic and profound change
"Business is changing, IT is changing and technology is changing," Kappelman was quoted as saying at the roundtable. That includes a growing focus by IT on how to create business value, and a reduction in cost-cutting practices. Citing survey results, Kappelman said that for many organizations today, the goal of IT is to drive the business and contribute to business strategy. This is a far cry from merely understanding the business, as CIOs were told to do in the past few years.

How Much Do Data Breaches Cost? Two Studies Attempt a Tally
In a survey of more than 3,900 financial and other companies worldwide, Kaspersky Lab found that the cost of lost financial data ranged from $66,000 to $938,000 per organization, depending on the size of the company. This included the costs of engaging service providers such as consultants and lawyers to help manage the problem, as well as the cost of lost business opportunities and investment in services and solutions to prevent additional incidents, such as extra security training. The first and most obvious metric banks measure around security breaches is actual fraud losses.

Boost Potential with Shared Authority and Lean Management
In today’s global market, conditions are becoming more competitive. Business goals and tasks are so complex and massive that formal leaders find themselves overloaded and overwhelmed. Formal leaders become at many times bottlenecks and this reduces performance and flexibility. Sharing authority is in my view an unavoidable management practice. Knowledge workers are the informal leaders who implement strategy. Shared leadership allows them to systematically take over some of the formal leaders’ responsibilities.

Quote for the day:

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing." -- Abraham Lincoln

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