May 31, 2014

SAP and IBM Collaborate to Serve Transportation and Logistics Industry
“Like many industries today, transportation companies are responding to the imperative to treat their customers as markets of one. The experience a company creates for its customers has become a de facto element in their ability to compete,” said Raimon Christiani, global Travel and Transportation industry lead, IBM Global Business Services. “Using best practices in analytics and other core competencies from IBM together with SAP software, our transportation clients will be better positioned to provide their customers with experiences that form the basis of sustained relationships.”

How Mobile Reshapes The Way We Communicate
The irony here, is that we all have our head down, staring at our devices so much that we may just have missed this shift altogether. Bottom line, mobile devices and the trend of mobility is another trend that is greatly altering the way we communicate. In the past 5 years, really since the release of the first iPhone, mobile has been on a torrent pace to take over our lives. The aforementioned comment about people staring at their devices; sure that is said somewhat in gest, but if you actually stop and look around it isn’t even the slightest bit surprising to see people ignoring their surroundings to stare at their device.

The 6 Stages of the Enterprise Content Marketing Maturity Model
The research the Content Marketing Institute and others do every year is invaluable information for marketers. Unfortunately, the people surveyed run the maturity gamut – from stage one to stage six and are likely bottom-heavy. Challenges, goals, strategies, tactics, measurement and what’s considered awin at each stage of the model can vary greatly. Disappointingly, current research doesn’t address this and we’re left with very austere data. In the meantime, let’s look at what some of these challenges look like at each stage of the enterprise content marketing maturity model.

Stress Testing: A Must For Comprehensive Risk Management
Beyond the benefits stress testing provides,the practice is required by regulatory bodies, such as the Federal Reserve, and by legislation, such as the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review and the Dodd-Frank Act. Financial institutions should implement a stress testing discipline that establishes frequency, results measurement and supporting tools. Ultimately, the goal of stress testing is to determine the scenarios that could render an institution’s business model no longer viable, as a means of developing management plans to mitigate the risks related to these scenarios. Stress tests help quantify a firm’s risk appetite, and result in the creation of various risk management policies and limits.

Five questions your CFOs are asking about security and risk management
"A lot of these applications have audit trails," said Gil Zimmerman, CEO and co-founder of CloudLock Inc. in Waltham, Massachusetts. IT can either "weed through" the audits manually or invest in a tool to keep tabs on who's using what and where. But SaaS audits aren't just for employees making an exit."It's about people moving inside of your organization," Zimmerman said. When he worked at EMC and transitioned from managing investor advocacy programs to another department in 2003, he retained his original permissions, which gave him access to information he no longer should have had access to.

A Look at the Maturity of Vendor Risk Management
Despite this environment, for most organizations, understanding vendor risk and how to manage it appropriately has thus far been more art than science. This is changing in part with the development of the first comprehensive Vendor Risk Management Maturity Model (VRMMM) by the Shared Assessments Program. The VRMMM sets forth best practices for developing a comprehensive third party risk program and allows a company to evaluate its program’s maturity against development goals. The Shared Assessments Program recently partnered with Protiviti, a global consulting firm, to conduct a third party risk management benchmarking study based on this maturity model.

Compliance Solution Accelerators
These free resources will help your organization reduce the risks and associated costs of meeting IT governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) objectives by automating the configuration, monitoring, and validation of Microsoft products ... Data Classification Toolkit for Windows Server 2012 now available! This new Solution Accelerator helps organizations identify, classify, and protect data to enable governance of unstructured data scattered across a targeted number of file servers ... Updated with new materials and references to the latest MOF supplemental materials—this kit will help IT pros get up and running with MOF 4.0. Get MOF. Get to work.

How Augmented Reality Wants to Help You Shop
In the case of Augment, the company provides a mobile app for both iOS and Android that lets businesses upload and share previously rendered 3D models of retail items or other product displays. Cimagine does something similar, providing a way for consumers to see how those products would look in different parts of their house. The technology makes use of the camera in people's smartphones or tablets. Holding your iPad up in front of your kitchen counter, while viewing an item on a retailer's site, might super-impose the item on the counter, locked in place, even if you move your iPad around.

How Healthcare CIOs View the Data Analytics Landscape
Nearly all provider CIO respondents in a recent survey believe data analytics will play a big role in succeeding with accountable care and other value-based healthcare initiatives. But while 42 percent say they have a flexible and scalable analytics plan, more than three-quarters report only moderate or minimal commitment to integrating analytics into practice.

8 Great Java 8 Features No One's Talking about
If you haven’t seen some of the videos or tutorials around Java 8, you’ve probably been super-busy or have a more interesting social life than I do (which isn’t saying much). With new features like lambda expressions and Project Nashorn taking so much of the spotlight, I wanted to focus on some new APIs that have been a bit under the radar, but make Java 8 better in so many ways.

Quote for the day:

"No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it." -- Andrew Carnegie

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