May 14, 2014

MySQL Backup Solution for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET
The most common way to backup a MySQL Database is by using MySqlDump.exe and MySQL Workbench. MySQL Workbench is good for developers, but, when comes to client or end-user, the recommended way is to get every parameter preset and all they need to know is press the big button "Backup" and everything is done. UsingMySQL Workbench as a backup tool is not a suitable solution for client or end-user. On the other hand, MySqlDump.exe cannot be used for Web applications. As most web hosting providers forbid that, MySqlBackup.NET will be helpful in building a web-based (ASP.NET/Web-Services) backup tool.

What is holding Berlin back from becoming a European centre for startups?
“Germany is renowned for its bureaucracy and process,” says Kevin McDonagh, CEO of the Android consultancy startup Novoda. “The first few months were very difficult to get anything done. Doing it in a foreign language with foreign laws is difficult.” McDonagh, who launched his business in the UK and now has an office in Berlin and New York, says changing simple details on business bank accounts in Germany is difficult enough, with banks wanting specific documents to bring into branch in order to set up a further meeting. “This is a barrier for a company,” he says. He also says companies need a large amount of capital to set up company bank accounts, which is unfeasible for most startups.

Infonomics treats data as a business asset
While few companies are recording data as an asset on their balance sheets, the marketplace does put a premium on "information-centric" companies, according to Laney. As defined by Laney, these are companies that have invested in their data by hiring data scientists or a chief data officer, or by building a data science organization or a data governance function. Companies that meet these criteria, including Netflix, GlaxoSmithKline, Nokia, Apple, American Express and Ford, enjoy a market value to tangible asset or book ratio that's two to three times higher than the norm. "I'm not going to say there's a causal relationship, but it certainly is an interesting correlation," Laney said.

Pro tip: Send faxes with your Android device
Thanks to a free app called FaxFile, you can now send either PDF or doc/docx files to any fax number in the US or Canada (and some international numbers). With FaxFile, you can fax to contact numbers or enter a fax phone number. There isn't a monthly subscription cost, but each fax will cost you fax credits (which are bought through an in-app purchase within the Google Play Store). Fifty credits is $2.49, and each fax to US and Canada costs 10 credits. That's pretty easy math and well worth the cost, considering how easy faxing becomes while on-the-go.

Are Your Partners Protecting Your Data?
For the highest-risk relationships, consider deploying security staff to the business partner’s site and comprehensively assessing and verifying their exposed areas of concern. Think hosted application vendors and cloud computing vendors with data centers in multiple states or countries. An onsite assessment should include staff interviews, physical inspection of the facilities and document reviews as well as technical vulnerability testing. This approach provides much greater assurance of contract, policy and regulatory compliance and gives insight into how data is actually being protected. Interviews should be based on the business associates’ response to the questionnaire. The interviews’ purpose is to validate the responses provided on the questionnaire and spot-checking specific controls.

Why Employers Must Learn That Creativity Is Not Just For the Young
There is enough research to indicate that there are several factors that make a worker more likely to be creative. Along these lines, the “Componential Theory of Creativity”, originated by Teresa Amabile of the Harvard Business School, proposes that there are four factors necessary for a creative worker regardless of age: 1) intrinsic motivation 2) expertise in his/her area 3) skill at creative thinking and 4) employment in an environment that supports creativity.  An older worker likely has the first two factors necessary for creativity. Older employees are likely to be internally motivated to take pride in their work, and because of their maturity, more likely to be highly experienced in their field.

Microsoft: We're serious this time; XP's dead to us
"With today's Update Tuesday, if you are still on Windows XP you will not receive any security or non-security updates through Windows Update or Microsoft Update," said Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc on a company blog. "Because support has ended for Windows XP, we are no longer releasing updates to the general public for Windows XP going forward." LeBlanc's missive was little more than a reminder that Microsoft has absolutely, positively, no-ifs-ands-or-buts retired Windows XP. The firm has been pounding the XP-is-dead drum for years at varying beats. Microsoft served XP with its last Patch Tuesday collection on April 8, making today's set the first sans security updates for the 13-year-old operating system.

Internet of things weakest link: Residential broadband
Even cable providers such as Comcast XFINITY and Cablevision's Optimum Online that used to separate modem, VOIP and router functionality into two or more separate devices installed on premises are going the integrated residential gateway route.  Not all residential broadband problems can be attributed to malfunctioning residential gateways. Sometimes the local fiber node for the neighborhood goes down, sometimes you have network issues. Sometimes "acts of God" knock out coax or fiber cables. Unpredictable, widespread outages happen.

How to Execute External Uncompiled C# Code
From time to time, I have had need to extend a program I wrote by having it execute a script, but wanted the script to use data from within the application, logging, etc. This approach allows me to use the power of C#. In production code, I would use checksums on the C# code files to make sure only authorized scripts could be compiled and run. ... Obviously, the code you want to execute hast be as compilable as the code you would have in your project.

IT sourcing strategy guide for enterprise CIOs
There are several queries CIOs must consider in crafting an appropriate IT sourcing strategy for the enterprise. What are your primary objectives for outsourcing? Do you wish to contract with foreign and/or domestic providers? What services do you require to relieve stretched-thin IT departments? In this CIO Briefing, learn how to create an IT sourcing strategy that fits your organization, and get advice from CIOs who have been there, done that. This Essential Guide on IT sourcing strategy in the enterprise is part of the CIO Briefings series, which is designed to give IT leaders strategic management and decision-making advice on timely topics.

Quote for the day:

"Meetings are a symptom of bad organization. The fewer meetings the better." -- Peter F. Drucker

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