September 30, 2015

How Big Data Is Changing the Way You Fly

To illustrate how data is playing a growing role in todays flight booking engines I've broken down play by play how each individual piece of data collected about you can be used, analysed and overlaid with other data sets to paint a picture of who you are, what motivates and drives you to purchase a specific product. Every day – trillions of calculations are being number crunched to transform this goldmine of data opportunity into real, tangible high revenue opportunities for the airlines and their frequent flyer programs. When armed with key insights , a holistic overview of yours, and other customers’ detailed profiled information can be applied to direct booking channels which are designed to customize pricing for your personal situation at that very given moment.

Open Sesame: Parse .NET SDK

As of today Parse Push for our .NET SDK works on WinRT, Silverlight, .NET 4.5, Windows Phone, Xamarin iOS and Android, and Unity iOS and Android. As you may have noticed, Push works differently on each platform – even between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. First, registering for push notifications is a different experience for each platform. On Windows and Windows Phone, you have to store the channel URI to listen to the push. With Android, you have to request a GCM registration ID. On iOS, you have to register for remote notification. But everything boils down to one problem: How can you uniquely identify this device so that the Push Server can send a targeted push to this device? In the Parse SDK, we simplify this problem by saving a ParseInstallationobject that contains special fields which enable push notifications for that device.

Women in “a position of power” in IT industry, says BBC panel

“The most important strength women can bring to the workplace is just being a woman in the workplace. I don’t want to be treated differently as a woman, but we do need to raise awareness about diversity,” said Whitney. ... He explained that he aims to introduce a diversity strategy in the next three months at the BBC, which will use recruitment targets to ensure women and under-represented groups are on shortlists for jobs, with the hope that those looking for staff will cast the net wider to find skilled workers. “We’re not talking about positive discrimination here, but we’re saying you haven’t looked hard enough if all the people you’ve brought to that interview are the same,” said Ogungbesan.

A new kind of school tackles the software engineering talent shortage

"There is a great need for software engineers worldwide, and in the US particularly," said Julien Barbier, co-founder and CEO of the Holberton School in a statement. "Holberton School uses a proven system that more closely replicates real-world employment. In this project-based and peer learning system there are no formal teachers and no formal courses. Instead, everything is project-centered." Specifically, Barbier, formerly a senior director at Docker, continued, "Students have to solve increasingly difficult programming challenges, with minimal initial directions about how to solve them. As a consequence, students naturally look for the theory and tools they need, understand them, use them, work together, and help each other. And, by the way, they love it -- I know because I am a graduate of the same system."

Newly found TrueCrypt flaw allows full system compromise

It's impossible to tell if the new flaws discovered by Forshaw were introduced intentionally or not, but they do show that despite professional code audits, serious bugs can remain undiscovered. The first phase of the TrueCrypt audit project, performed by security engineers from iSEC Partners, a subsidiary of information assurance company NCC Group, covered the driver code, but "Windows drivers are complex beasts" and it's easy to miss local elevation of privilege flaws, Forshaw said on Twitter. The Google researcher hasn't disclosed details about the two bugs yet, saying that he usually waits seven days after a patch is released to open his bug reports. Since TrueCrypt is no longer actively maintained, the bugs won't be fixed directly in the program's code.

MapR Drafts JSON To Work With Hadoop

Data can be worked on in real-time as it is coming off the Web. Users will be working with the data in its native format. "You are not depending on IT to set up the schema," Norris said. "This adds to the capability of how data is stored." The community version of MapR-DB with JSON will enable users to test and develop their own apps on the platform, Norris said. "When it becomes part of the business backbone, the company will be glad to pay for the enterprise features," he said. That version will have the governance and security features needed for corporate IT use. The addition of JSON support to MapR's product line is yet another step of adding utility to Hadoop's capability. Last month, MapR announced it was integrating its Hadoop Distribution 5.0 service with Amazon Web Services.

7 Questions Every Data Scientist Should Be Answering for Business

To be candid, many Data Scientist operate in fear wondering what they should be doing as it relates to the business. In my judgment the below questions address both parties with the common goal of a win-win for the organization – helping Data Scientist support their organization as they should and business professionals becoming more informed with each analysis. ... It is important to remember that Data Science techniques are tools that we can use to help make better decisions, with an organization and are not an end in themselves. It is paramount that, when tasked with creating a predictive model, we fully understand the business problem that this model is being constructed to address and ensure that it does address it.

Managing shadow IT risk to the business

First, get an idea of what is really going on across your organization. Simple hardware and software asset mapping tools show what is attached and being run against your IT platform. There will probably be a few surprises there. For example, a department that didn't authorize spending on an enterprise-scale storage area network might have its own network attached storage box running, purchased outside its IT budget. Expect software compliance issues as well: That NAS box probably runs a copy of MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, even though the organization's standard for database management is Oracle.

Why CIOs should worry about the Internet of Things

“The impact of the IoT on storage infrastructure is another factor contributing to the increasing demand for more storage capacity, and one that will have to be addressed as this data becomes more prevalent,” according to a Gartner report on the IoT and the datacenter. “The focus today must be on storage capacity, as well as whether or not the business can harvest and use IoT data in a cost-effective manner,” the report continues. ... Most CIOs will deal with the first phase of the Internet of Things by investing in and deploying a platform. Any number of them exist, but the one getting the most buzz right now seems to be Google’s Brillo product, along with the AllJoyn platform from Qualcomm and the platform created by the Industrial Internet Consortium.

A Glimpse of Latest Mobile App Development Trends

Whether it is about shopping, ordering your favourite food, saving money, hiring a cab or any other routine activity online, which devicedo you pick up at an instant to carry all such activities? Your Smartphone, right! Well, it is same with every one of us. Our cellular device has emerged as a real friend in need and is playing a crucial role in simplifying our daily tasks, changing your outlook towards information. It is not at all wrong to say that technology of mobile is growing at the speed of light and the apps have become an integral part of the digital ecosystem. In fact, these apps are progressing to make ubiquitous presence. However, staying up-to-date with the latest trends of mobile app development has become order rather than merely an option.

Quote for the day:

"The technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple." -- Freeman Dyson

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