September 09, 2015

Cloudera Aims to Replace MapReduce With Spark as Default Hadoop Framework

Brandwein noted that there are at least 50 percent more active Spark projects than there are Hadoop projects. The One Platinum Initiative would in effect formalize what is already rapidly becoming a de facto standard approach to building analytics applications on Hadoop. “We want to unify Apache Spark and Hadoop,” he said. “We already have over 200 customers running Apache Spark on Hadoop.” ... The long-term goal, said Brandwein, is to make it possible for Spark jobs to scale simultaneously across multi-tenant clusters with over 10,000 nodes, which will require significant improvements in Spark reliability, stability, and performance.

2015 reality check: IT spending, confidence on an upswing

Unlike in years past, IT also has a better handle on organizational objectives, helping it focus on the initiatives most closely aligned to business needs as opposed to chasing new technologies for the sake of staying current. "We're seeing a better relationship between IT and the business -- they are engaging with IT on the front end and working as partners," notes Jason Hayman, research manager for TEKsystems, a provider of IT staffing solutions, IT talent management and IT services. "Because of that, there's no secret as to what the organizational priorities are. That gives IT comfort -- it's the devil you know." Read on for some statistics and insight on 2015 mid-year tech spending and IT hiring trends along with some perspective from IT leaders.

Wearables And Nanotech: The Future Of Healthcare

While applications and tools are enabling self-monitoring of health, more sophisticated devices and technologies are also capable of delivering the data generated to healthcare professionals, who can process it to predict and prevent bigger health concerns in the future. Wearable devices are playing a major role in transferring actionable data from patients to doctors and caregivers, even employers. As a recent example, Google X Lab has partnered with Novartis to design contact lenses that track glucose levels in the wearer’s tears and transfers that information to a mobile device that the doctor uses for monitoring. ... The way disruptive technologies are creating seismic shifts in the healthcare landscape, it’s not hard to predict that we are in the midst of a healthcare revolution that empowers us more than ever to manage our lives to perform better on the field, at work, or in our home.

TomTom Spark Hands On – Best Choice For Fitness Enthusiasts

Moving beyond the music feature, the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music is a solid fitness tracker. It has GPS capability for plotting your runs or cycles on a map and it accurately tracks your distance covered, steps taken, calories burned, minutes of activity and sleep. The watch picks up the intensity of your sessions too, thanks to the built-in heart rate sensor. Image wise, TomTom Spark Cardio + Music looks sporty. Sporty to extreme. The smartwatch is quite solid, with a monochrome display and there’s a large square on the strap under the screen, which houses the GPS unit. Deliberately placed there, as you tend to have that part of your wrist pointed skyward, the size of it helps with easy access and control even in the middle of the run; easy and quick navigation system, even with sweaty fingers.

Security vulnerability management more than patching, warns Secunia

“You cannot predict what products will be making your infrastructure vulnerable next month, based on what made it vulnerable this month,” said Kasper Lindgaard, Secunia director of research and security. “You should not assume patching the top 10 high-profile software names means you are all set and secure,” he said. According to Lindgaard, keeping track of what makes an IT environment vulnerable is an ongoing and complex task. “It requires a combination of vulnerability intelligence and visibility of applications, devices and business critical data in your systems,” he said.

Delivering Scalable, Maintainable Objects with Domain-Driven Design

In many ways a DTO used this way mimics what DDD calls an aggregate: a single object that encompasses several other objects and contains all the content for a single transaction. However, DDD also has some rules for creating aggregates that are designed to keep your applications simple, maintainable, responsive and scalable. As I discussed in an earlier column, these are the design goals for avoiding the CRAP cycle that leads to unmaintainable applications that have to be replaced rather than enhanced. For my example in this column, I'll use SalesOrder object used in a company's Billing system to calculate a sales order's price. In this column, I'm going to start filling in the details of that SalesOrder object in a way that meets the "rules of DDD aggregates."

Kaspersky And FireEye Security Products Cracked By Researchers

Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher at Google, made public the fact he had cracked Kaspersky’s anti-virus product before revealing the details to the Russian company. Ormandy has been criticized within the cybersecurity industry for his practice of disclosing vulnerabilities publicly rather than informing the company first and giving them time to fix the flaw. ... Los Angeles-based researcher Hermansen claims he has discovered at least four flaws within FireEye’s core security product -- revealing details of one and offering the other three for sale to the highest bidder. Hermansen posted details of how to trigger the remote file disclosure vulnerability as well as details of a file that is used to keep track of every registered user that has access to a particular system

Netflix thinks its customers are too dumb to download video

Amazon was the first major streaming-video provider to allow video downloads on iOS and Android devices, for Amazon Prime customers ($99 a year). Before that, there was really no affordable way to watch the movie or TV show of your choice while sitting in an airplane unless you went old school and purchased a DVD or digital download, or transferred saved content from a computer. "There's no doubt that the way people watch entertainment is changing — anytime, anywhere viewing is important," Michael Paull, vice president of digital video at Amazon, said this month in a press release announcing the service. Amazon Prime's full catalog is not available for download, but the selection is fairly large and likely to grow in the future.

Israel is number two in cybersecurity behind the U.S.

Israel is a nation where every citizen faces mandatory military service. Cybersecurity plays an increasingly important role in today's modern warfare. More and more Israeli military men and women are gaining experience with cybersecurity technology. This carries over to their post-military careers, and has led to a disproportionately high number of cybersecurity startups compared to other nations. ... In a recent VentureBeat article, Jerusalem Venture Partners(JVP) stated that the last couple of years have demonstrated that significant public companies are being created in the cyber-security space in Israel, from Imperva to Varonis to the most successful Israeli IPO of 2014 – CyberArk.

EBags adopts mobile-first strategy with innovation lab to drive growth

EBags’ Innovation Lab will consist of a team of people, spanning various locations, working to bring the best mobile tools and ideas to its consumers. The retailer came to this decision after seeing a growth of a 78 percent increase year-over-year through smartphone devices, and will now focus on developing practices for mobile first and then expanding to desktop from there. “The Innovation lab concept we have just launched is interesting because it is not a group of mad scientists in a physical lab,” said Peter Cobb, co-founder and executive vice president at eBags. “There is a team of people in India, Ukraine, Silicon Valley, and Denver all working together virtually on the latest innovative thinking and mobile-first strategies.

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"It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

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