September 27, 2015

Top American IT CEOs endorse ‘Digital India’

Along with Mr. Nadella, and Mr. Narayen, others seated on the dais were John Chambers, CEO of Cisco and next Chairman of US India Business Council (USIBC) and Google CEO Sunder Pichai. Describing Mr. Modi as “amazing ambassador” of India, Mr. Chambers endorsed Digital India, saying it has the potential to bring about great changes in India. The US and India would be “very strong together under your leadership”, it said. Mr. Chambers said one has to compete against one’s ability to innovate, and not against other companies or countries. “If you can change India, you will change the world,” he said, adding that internet is the second equalizer in life after education.

The symbiosis between Fintech startups and cloud

The architecture of the financial markets is being rapidly re-engineered. And innovative technology is playing an increasingly pivotal role in this process. In fact, according to research by PwC in 2014, 86 per cent of bank CEOs felt that technological advances are poised to have the greatest impact on banking. ... But fintech start-ups face many barriers to entry when trying to introduce new solutions to large financial institutions. Their small size creates challenges around market adoption, delivery and meeting the stringent contractual or compliance expectations of large financial institutions. It’s clear that smart start-ups are a growing source of innovation for the global financial markets industry.

All Boards Need a Technology Expert

Executive directors are usually selected for their leadership qualities; they often have experience with generalized management or leadership experience rather than narrow expertise or technical acumen. Why should knowledge of IT be an exception? The truth is that many industries today employ outdated technology. Consumer banking is one — layers of technology have been implemented since the 1960s and almost nothing has been taken out. A total overhaul is required. There are countless other examples. Fax machines remain the preferred way to share health care data in most countries despite the fact that the cloud could theoretically allow clinicians to instantaneously share medical records. Chalk remains the technological tool of choice in most education settings. 

It’s Time To Embrace, Not Fear, Shadow IT

Negativity around Shadow IT is partly due to the notion that activity is surreptitiously taking place under the IT department’s nose. In a handful of cases this may be true, but it is more likely departments know activity is taking place and lack visibility into how much, by whom and what the results are. A survey of IT executives released by the Cloud Security Allianceearlier this year finds that nearly 72 percent of executives don’t know how many Shadow IT applications are being used within their organization. In fact, only 8 percent of executives say they truly know the scope of Shadow IT at their organizations. For organizations to truly benefit from Shadow IT, there is a tangible and leading role for the IT department to play

Make Project Management as a Service

Businesses are increasingly reporting that projects are delayed while they wait for a trusted contractor to become available. By outsourcing Project Management function as a Service, you are buying in the solution to your project requirement rather than just the person who will actually fill the vacancy. If the football manager were able to call upon a ‘PMaaS like resource’ he’d ring and ask for a goalkeeper – the role he needed filling – and they would fill the gap with a competent person from the bank of goalkeepers on their books. ... In a PMaaS partnership you either call up and ask for someone who fits your brief, or the more intuitive partner, will have already carried out gap analysis on your operation, predicted your requirement and costed it ahead of the project starting.

The 'software robots' changing outsourcing: 'Up to 60 percent of the tasks can be automated'

Trained robots can reduce costs by up to 50 percent, according to the Institute for Robotic Process Automation. Usually, one can replace between two and five full-time employees. A robot also does the job without misspelling names or numbers; humans, on the other hand, typically make 10 errors during a 100-step process. An UiPAth software robot is at least three times faster than a human - and often even quicker than that. "There are other processes, background automation as we call them, when the robot instantly reads, writes and validates emails, spreadsheets, and PDFs. In such cases, it can be up to 100 times faster than a human," Badita said.

Oculus’s Hand Controls Are Not Always So Handy in Virtual Reality

Unveiled in June, the Oculus Touch hand controls make it possible to do things like grasp virtual blocks, push buttons, and shoot a slingshot while using the Rift. The Rift is slated to be released in the first quarter of next year; the controls are set to arrive in the second quarter. As with the Rift, pricing and exact availability for Touch have yet to be announced. At an Oculus developer conference in Los Angeles this week, I set out to figure out how well Oculus Touch works with a range of applications—whether it could really work as an intuitive, simple way to move or throw a digital stapler, play with another person in virtual reality, or make art.

Introduction to EC2 Container Service

ECS isn't a black box service. It runs on your own EC2 server instances which you can SSH into and manage as you would any other EC2 server. The EC2 servers in your cluster run an ECS agent, which is a simple process which connects from the host into the centralised ECS service. The ECS agent is responsible for registering the host with the ECS service, and handling incoming requests for container deployments or lifecycle events such as requests to start or stop the container. Incidentally, the golang code the for ECS agent is available as open source . When creating new servers, we can either configure the ECS agent instance manually, or use a pre-built AMI which already has it configured.

Some Useful Debugging attributes in Dotnet

In the last article we saw about Logging and getting function call stack information. In this article we will see“Debugger Attributes” which controls debugging ability and provide rich experience to the debugging user. AnAttribute is a Tag defined over the elements like Class, Functions, assemblies etc. These tags determine how the elements should behave at run time. Let us see below specified debugging attributes with a simple example: DebuggerBrowsable Attribute; DebuggerDisplay Attribute' and DebuggerHidden Attribute

Harnessing the IOT

IOT will drive a new level of awareness, with behavioural prediction, health stats, social presence and similar. "For businesses, the changes will be more extreme. Device manufacturers of all types will be under pressure to make everything smart, and user friendly, and all this while trying to beat their competitors to market. In addition, these devices will all create new data sources, adding to the flood of big data which is already drowning organisations." ... "At the end of the day, harnessing the IOT effectively will mean competitive advantage, and executives need to learn this skill. Possibly the biggest challenge for executives will be the collection and analysis of this data, and then turning this into actionable business insights to gain an advantage."

Quote for the day:

"Prosperity belongs to those who learn new things the fastest." -- Paul Zane Pilzer

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