February 25, 2015

APAC firms want security to support mobile, application development
Respondents also the need for better security to support efforts to make their data available and release application programming interfaces (APIs), in order to drive innovation and speed up the development of new applications. In Singapore, 86 percent of respondents said they had offered APIs to boost mobile and web application delivery, improve customer engagements as well as create new revenue opportunities. In comparison, 74 percent of their peers in the region did likewise. Increasing mobility and the need to ensure quality mobile user experience also underscore the importance of security, with 55 percent of Asia-Pacific businesses pointing to mobility as a significant factor on their security policies and practices that deal with customers.

How to make applications resilient on AWS
Amazon provides different services to decouple systems and make them more reliable. One of the first services was Simple Queuing Services (SQS). Amazon describes SQS as a distributed queue system that enables service applications to quickly and reliably queue messages that one component in the application generates to be consumed by another component. Later, other services such as Simple Notification Service (SNS) or Simple Workflow Service (SWF) followed. One of the main characteristics of the cloud is elasticity, which means not making any assumptions about the health, availability or fixed location of other components.

11 Mistakes that Come Back to Bite Experienced Java Developers
Naively assuming that external or other internal services that are invoked from your application is going to be reliable and always available. Not allowing for proper service invocations timeouts and retries can adversely impact the stability and performance of your application. Proper outage testings need to be carried out. This is very crucial because the modern applications are distributed and service oriented with lots of web services. Indefinitely trying for a service that is not available can adversely impact your application. The load balancers need to be properly tested to ensure that they are functioning as expected by bringing each balanced node down.

How the Internet of Things Will Affect Database Management
How do you collect, categorize, and extract business intelligence from such disparate data sources? Can RDBMSs be extended to accommodate the coming deluge of device-collected data? Or are new, unstructured data models required? As you can imagine, there's little consensus among experts on how organizations should prepare their information systems for these new types and sources of data. Some claim that RDBMSs such as MySQL can be extended to handle data from unconventional sources, many of which lack the schema, or preconditioning, required to establish the relations that are the foundation of standard databases.

Deutsche Bank signs 10-year deal to re-engineer wholesale banking IT
The bank wants to re-engineer its underlying technology platform globally and standardise its IT foundations to support modern technologies such as automation. Once this is achieved, the infrastructure, which will harness mid-range systems, will support the introduction of digital services in the back office and for customers. Deutsche Bank will retain control of IT architecture, application development and IT security. Henry Ritchotte, COO at Deutsche Bank, said the agreement will enable the bank to standardise IT and reduce costs.  "Having a more modern and agile technology platform will further improve the bank’s ability to launch new products and services and lay the foundation for the next phase of its digital strategy,” he said.

When Enterprise Legal Management and GRC Collide
“GRC is very convenient shorthand for a wide variety of solutions that address compliance and risk in a variety of different ways, and for a number of different audiences,” he says. “I don’t think ELM is quite as diverse. There is a real disparity between the opportunity presented by the concept of legal enterprise management, and the scope of what the implementations actually look like.” Others take a more dubious view. “We are not convinced this convergence will happen,” one ELM vendor admitted. “We’re looking at it, but haven’t formed a strong view.” Houlihan says convergence is logical, since GRC programs exist to manage incidents and investigations “on the front end,” and convergence would connect those efforts to what goes on at the legal department.

Gemalto: NSA and GCHQ probably did hack us
"At the time we were unable to identify the perpetrators but we now think that they could be related to the NSA and GCHQ operation," Gemalto said, adding that these intrusions only affected the outer parts of its networks. "The SIM encryption keys and other customer data in general, are not stored on these networks. It is important to understand that our network architecture is designed like a cross between an onion and an orange; it has multiple layers and segments which help to cluster and isolate data," the company said. The company said that while the intrusions "were serious, sophisticated attacks" no breaches were found in the infrastructure running its SIM business

Four pilot project best practices for IT leaders
One great thing about a small project is that, if it's not going well, you can cancel the project and no one is so far invested that they won't accept the decision, right? Not always. Benoit Hardy-Vallee, a former Gallup consultant, wrote, "Years ago, Gallup reported a key finding about human nature in the workplace: People have emotional needs, and if they are not attended to, the result is subpar performance and increased turnover. Even the best processes and systems are inefficient if the people who run them aren't emotionally invested in the outcome." He's right.

Analytics Trends 2015
The Internet of Things generates massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, requiring a new class of big data analytics to uncover and capture value. Analytics tools and techniques are already finding their way around the Internet of Things, but the integration of systems is lagging. Both consumer and industrial applications could potentially benefit from industry standards that help avoid the massive programming investments that would otherwise be required. Also, because sensor data tends to be noisy, analog, and high-velocity, there are major challenges that traditional analytics architectures and techniques don't handle well.

Optimizing Entire Data Center Without Breaking Budget
We have more users, more workloads, and a lot more data traversing the current cloud and data center platforms. Trends are indicating that this growth will only continue. When it comes to data center growth and big data, there something very important that needs to be understood. The value around data and information is much higher than it ever was before. With that in mind, content delivery, user optimization, and data quantification are critical aspects to the modern business. Through it all, we’re still being asked to optimize and have everything run as efficiently as possible. But what can you do to optimize and not break your budget? Well, there are some new technologies that can help take your data center to the next level.

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