February 12, 2015

Building Microservices with Spring Boot
A distributed system decomposes the components of a monolith into individual units of deployment, which are able to evolve their own scaling requirements irrespective of the other subsystems. This means that the resource footprint for the overall system can be more efficiently managed, and the interconnection between components can share a less-rigid contract, since the interdependency is no longer managed through the runtime environment. In traditional SOA, the service boundary may encapsulate a breadth of functionality for a business function, centralized around potentially many data domains. A microservice architecture marries the concept of system distribution with the promise of managing only a single business function and data domain, which means that logically getting a handle on the capabilities of a subsystem is fairly easy to do.

Can Twitter Fix Its Harassment Problem without Losing Its Soul?
“There’s a bigger threat to not taking on this problem than taking on this problem, simply because public sympathy is going to go more in the direction of the abused than the abusers,” Shirky says.+ But while the time seems right for Twitter to act, it is far from clear how best to discourage such behavior. It does have methods in place to help deal with abuse, such as the ability to block and report a user who’s bothering you. Yet while that may help if you’re dealing with one or even a few bothersome tweeters, it cannot stop a deluge of nasty posts, and a determined harasser can always just make a new user profile and start the harassment anew.

Networks: The New Model for Business
These business networks are unlocking the ability for companies to extend processes and insights broadly and affordably to customers, suppliers, and other partners. Therefore, they're better able to engage with the participants across these networks in new and innovative ways.  We'll look at the historical record for how open markets and communities are rapidly changing business platforms. We'll see how today's consumer business models -- exemplified by Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb -- are extending to business-to-business (B2B) commerce, allowing buyers and sellers to find and know each other openly and accelerate B2B transactions and commerce efficiencies.

7 Digital Business Transformation Lessons
With the roles of the CIO, COO, CMO and CDO mixing and mingling, exactly who is leading the digital transformation revolution? Sutcliff says that ultimately it's a C-suite agenda where they come together and all work together. "Because businesses can now buy things as a service and buy things that enable them, digital is being seen not just as a technical issue but as an enabler to the whole business that encompasses operations at every level of the organization," says Sutcliff. Sutcliff has huge respect for the role of the CIO and says they are continuing to lead digital transformation initiatives.

How Big Data Pieces, Technology, and Animals fit together
Oozie is a workflow scheduler. The oversimplified description would be that it's something that puts together a pipeline of the tools described above. For example, you can write an Oozie script that will scrape your production HBase data to a Hive warehouse nightly, then a Mahout script will train with this data. At the same time, you might use pig to pull in the test set into another file and when Mahout is done creating a model you can pass the testing data through the model and get results. You specify the dependency graph of these tasks through Oozie (I may be messing up terminology since I've never used Oozie but have used the Facebook equivalent).

Rethinking The Four Faces of Competitive Intelligence
For many of us who are involved with competitive intelligence for a living, our thinking has evolved beyond this traditional matrix. Lessons learned along the way—combined with new technological capabilities in Big Data—have persuaded us that the above traditional approach doesn’t accurately represent the optimal four faces of Competitive Intelligence. In fact, it’s getting increasingly difficult (and expensive) to contract for exact metrics at a deep detail level.  ... CI is a mix of empirical learning and intuitive leaps, but it can be systematic. Our four faces of CI relate to where data resources are found and how they are collected and stored. This alternate focus reframes the questions and practices that are most logical to pursue.

EU privacy ruling should apply globally, says digital chief
The decision in question was made last year by the Court of Justice of the European Union, the EU’s highest court, in a case involving a Spanish man who wanted to remove from Google’s results an old news article about his long-ago debt problems. The CJEU’s decision set a new precedent by saying EU data protection law, which allows people to request the erasure of out-of-date information about themselves in limited circumstances, applied to search engines. The question of how far its implementation should extend touches on a fundamental conundrum about the internet — countries need to be able to apply their laws online as they do offline, but the onlne layer’s lack of inherent borders makes that difficult to do effectively.

How I Landed My CIO Dream Job
Yes. I learned all that I possibly could about the company. I started by actually reading the annual report and was surprised by how helpful that was. I found people who worked there, I reached out to them and invited them to have lunch – people I did not know at all. In retrospect, that was a good move - very eye opening about the culture at the firm and how people did their work.I also contacted the former CEO of my last employer and met him for lunch, which was another really good move. He is a smart executive with a lot of experience in manufacturing, so I asked him what he thought about this company and their market space, the job opportunity, and how to interview for it. He gave me some invaluable perspective and advice.

U.S. Department of Defense sets its cloud security guidelines
this long-awaited guide has provided some clarification around DOD’s expectations from Integrators, CSPs, and DOD mission owners. The DOD has clearly laid out for Integrators and CSPs the expectations for inclusion into the DISA Cloud Service Catalog. It will be interesting to see how and if the definition of a prime CSP evolves and how the industry and government alike adapt to that distinction. My initial reaction to the SRG is that it limits the playing field of prime CSPs that are able to comply with these requirements today. For small integrators trying to migrate applications to the cloud on behalf of the federal government, it makes the proposition riskier.

Platforms, not products, are the way to bring financial services to the poor
In the West, where advanced credit rating systems already crawl every financial transaction, this would seem a needless intrusion. But Lenddo operates in countries where only a small proportion of the population spends money in ways that are visible to credit ratings agencies, says Arjuna Costa of the Omidyar Network, a venture capital firm focused on social enterprise and which funds Lenddo. For the rest, their social media activity, combined with other sources signals such as financial performance over time, can make for a pretty good proxy. ... Lenddo targets the so-called “emerging class”—people who work at call centers in Asia, for instance. These are people who live well above the poverty line, but who nonetheless have precarious financial lives.

Quote for the day:

“Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -- St. Francis of Assisi

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