February 08, 2015

20th-century solutions won’t help 21st-century surveillance
The speed with which the public could migrate to a new coder’s NextApp would up the stakes for the kind of enforcement you’d have to do for your proposed requirement to have any impact. Indeed, you’d have to constrain the application ecosystem itself. To be sure, you might have a better chance at it today — in a world of app marketplaces run by Apple and Google, who can impose their own restrictions on software — than ten years ago, when software traveled directly from one machine to another with a simple click.

DJ Patil has joined the White House to wrangle data issues
Patil is one of the biggest figures in the data science movement, often crediting for coining the term data scientist. In 2012, Patil co-authored the Harvard Business Review article calling data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century, helping to spark a hiring frenzy of people with an understanding of data analysis, systems and business concerns. We’ve reached out to Patil for comment, and will update the story as we learn more. We’ll discuss how another government body, the Federal Trade Commission, plans to deal with the issue of data privacy at Structure Data (March 18-19 in New York) when FTC Commissioner Julie Brill chats on stage with Gigaom legal expert Jeff Roberts.

React.js in Real Life at Codecademy
In short: React is a library for building user interfaces with JavaScript. Instead of the usual approach to writing user interfaces, React treats each UI element as a contained state machine. It is not a "framework" in the sense of something like AngularJS. Though Facebook sometimes describes React as "the V in MVC," I find this description less helpful, since React applications needn't abide by the MVC model. React helps you build fast user interfaces that can handle complex interactions without a lot of ugly code. If you're going to be working in React, you should be aware of these features:

Visualizations of Continuous Delivery
Nhan Ngo, a QA engineer at Spotify, made four fabulous visualizations while reading Continuous Delivery. She has very kindly agreed to make them available under a Creative Commons license so feel free to share them, download them, and print them out (click to get a higher resolution version). Thank you Nhan!

New Generation of Learning Management Systems Delivers Business Value
Learning management systems have existed in various forms for many years, yet the research finds that a significant number of organizations participating in this research have not adopted this technology. Although nearly two in three (63%) have a training department responsible for learning management, only about half (53%) have a learning management system. Moreover, a formal approach to learning management correlates with size of company: The num­bers of those that have a training depart­ment rise at each size level, from 25 percent of small organizations to 100 percent of very large ones.

Windows 10 is a New Chapter for Microsoft
Microsoft is working to maintain and expand the role for Windows and Windows is being positioned as the best way to experience many of Microsoft’s other products and services. For Microsoft, Windows 10 is not just another OS upgrade, but rather a transition to a new Windows experience. Microsoft uses terms like personal, connected, and cross-device, to describe this experience. However fundamentally it is about trust. Microsoft aims to provide a secure, reliable, and consistent experience for Windows users regardless of type of device they are using. Microsoft has much to prove in this regard and it will take time and spot-on execution to establish this new message in the minds of users.

The End of the Public Cloud’s Reign
The public cloud is not for everyone and that fact is bringing an end to the public cloud’s reign as we know it. The public cloud’s massive growth and popularity was a bubble that was built upon public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) being promoted as the ultimate IT solution for most, if not all, companies. Unfortunately, for the proponents of public cloud omnipotence, the demand for undifferentiated or unsupported IaaS seems to be waning, with cloud-savvy businesses seeking a combination of managed cloud services, private cloud or colocation rather than pure public cloud solutions.

R for Everyone: Advanced Analytics and Graphics
The most sophisticated analysis in the world would be near useless if the information it reveals cannot be communicated effectively and visualization is, perhaps, the best way to share information. A graph will almost always provide a better explanation than a table of numbers. One of the biggest selling points of R is its visualization capabilities. For years the gold standard was ... With the move toward web graphics Hadley built ggvis, which is essentially a version of ggplot2 that generates Vega graphs. Ramnath Vaidyanathan wrote rCharts for easy creation of D3 graphics from within R. With all these options R makes data visualization easy and professional.

My experience driving the new Audi 4G LTE connected car
Audi’s connected car experience includes the My.Audi website for configuring features and a mobile app (iOS and Android) for syncing and streaming to the onboard MMI connect system. The My.Audi.com website is where you activate and configure MMI features and services, including destinations and access, map updates, RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter, via widgets, and this can take time. New features may be introduced on the website, via app updates and/or firmware updates to the car’s MMI system via LTE connection (or SD card updates, e.g., map updates).

Invite Enterprise Architecture to the Digital Party
Since enterprise digital transformation efforts involve organizational, process, and technology changes that better connect the customer to the technology systems of record, formulating the best way of accomplishing the goals of digital sounds like a perfect application of enterprise architecture. Only most organizations don’t see this connection – for a number of possible reasons. First, the existing EA effort may not be focused on broad-based business improvement at all. All too often EAs like Bob get buried in the IT department. Their focus ends up on technology concerns, which are important to be sure, but the connection to the business is tenuous at best.

Quote for the day:

"Surround yourself with great people; delegate authority; get out of the way" -- Ronald Reagan

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