February 17, 2015

Why Improving Emotional IQs Makes for Better IT Leaders
Why is this important to you? Because your IT and technology managers are a key part of your execution and retention strategies; those with a higher emotional intelligence will deliver better results in areas like team leadership, influencing people, organizational awareness, self-confidence and overall leadership. The good news, says Angela Yochem, CIO of BDP International is that, "The great thing about the technology field is that it attracts intelligent, passionate, interesting people, and I believe that, in general, the same openness to new ideas that attracts people to technology brings motivation, integrity, and comfort with change - all elements of high EQ."

Highly Distributed Computations Without Synchronization
Under this model, objects are no longer susceptible to these “concurrency anomalies”, because objects that observe Strong Eventual Consistency are designed to converge correctly under both concurrency and failure. This property makes these data types very powerful for ensuring correctness in distributed systems, especially distributed databases which use optimistic replication techniques. These data types come in two flavors: state-based, which rely on the properties of semilattices, and operation-based, which are more space-efficient and rely on the commutativity of all operations.

Neptune Duo inexplicably reverses the roles of smartphones and smartwatches
Ultimately, the Neptune Duo reeks of a device built by geeks for geeks, but with little thought about how normal people actually use technology. We can't imagine too many people would be eager to trade in their slim smartphones for a giant sci-fi movie prop. And there are still plenty of usability concerns to to deal with, like the mere act of taking phone calls. You can use the wearable's speakerphone or a wireless headset to chat with people, but you can't take calls over the Pocket (even though that seems like the most obvious way to do so). We'd have a bit more faith in the project if we saw the Duo working, but right now it's just a dumb prototype.

15 Hot Skill Sets For IT Pros In 2015
Security is one of the hottest fields for IT recruiters this year. "Security is a huge issue. Mobile and cloud computing is everywhere," said Laura McGarrity, VP of digital marketing and recruiting firm Mondo, in an interview with InformationWeek. McGarrity lists "security architect" and "security engineer" among her most sought-after titles this year. "Users are now connected on multiple devices, with multiple endpoints, making it tough to manage security risks," she said. If you want to ensure your skills stay sharp, it certainly pays to keep tabs on emerging and, dare we say, trendy technologies, as well as on the technology news headlines. That doesn't mean every marketable IT skill is a buzzword. In fact, far from it. Java developers are still highly employable -- the language remains ubiquitous in enterprise IT.

Gartner Says Managing Identities and Access Will Be Critical to the Success of IoT
The Identity of Things (IDoT) is a new extension to identity management that encompasses all entity identities, whatever form those entities take. These identities are then used to define relationships among the entities — between a device and a human, a device and another device, a device and an application/service, or (as in traditional IAM) a human and an application/service. Since devices have not traditionally been part of IAM systems in this way, the IDoT must draw upon other existing management systems to aid in developing the single-system view for the IoT. IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) systems have traditionally managed IT and software assets of all types.

IBM Redefines Storage Economics with New Software
IBM Spectrum Accelerate enables clients to layer their infrastructure with intelligent features derived from XIV. These features include unique architecture with zero-tuning that can help clients dynamically add storage capacity in minutes versus the months it takes today to add, install and run storage hardware systems. The software can help provide business continuity upon disaster for all committed data, compared to the risk of losing 15 minutes of data or more with certain other competing storage software. Both speed and data protection are essential to clients in data-driven industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail and telecommunications as they seek to deploy new workloads on the hybrid cloud.

Why an InfoSec Pro is Like a Doctor
"There is a shortage of common approaches to the education process in Information Security," Loeb says. "The long term approach needs to include influencing curriculum in the academic community to establish some of the principles of the cybersecurity mindset." In this exclusive interview with Information Security Media Group, Loeb speaks about the expectations being set by the new Modi government and how the ecosystem is poised for a change. He shares insight on how a sustainable training mechanism can be brought about to meet the nation's need for capacity building in the skilled information security workforce. Loeb also addresses:

Chips under the skin: Biohacking, the connected body is 'here to stay'
While the idea of chips embedded under the skin brings to mind the idea of cyborgs, Sjoblad was quick to point out at the conference that they are "already among us" -- thanks to pacemakers, medical implants, insulin pumps and neurally controlled prosthetics. Over time, the development and cost of materials to produce such technology becomes cheaper -- only 10 years ago mapping the human genome costed over $100,000, now it is closer to $10,000 -- and in the same way, rapid miniaturization of technology, lower production costs and demand for increased connectivity will propel under-the-skin smart technology forward.

Microsoft claims compliance with ISO data privacy standard
Cloud competitors are likely to call this a PR stunt — a concept that Microsoft is familiar with — but a security expert said ISO/IEC 27018 certification could become a major selling point to privacy obsessed consumers who balk at the notion that Google, because of its advertising business, uses customer data to sell stuff. Said this expert, who requested anonymity because he works with both Google and Microsoft: “Google would never agree to this since advertising is everything to them … Personally when I pay someone for a service, I expect my data to be private. When I use a service for free I accept that it is being paid for by sacrificing my privacy.”

Increasing Enterprise Agility and Agile Innovation
With the mainstreaming of Lean and Agile work practices, teams and employees are now increasingly "at war" with middle managers who have not been given a new role and continue to believe their value comes from directing and managing work and teams. Their mistrust of the self-direction and self-management that these practices promote cause them to increase their command and control management style, build silos of power and information, and worse, block access and direct engagement with executives (which keeps them in the dark and unaware of the problem).

Quote for the day:

“The greatest mistake we can make is to stay on the ground after falling.” -- Victor Manuel Rivera

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