August 02, 2014

How one judge single-handedly killed trust in the US technology industry
The ruling on Thursday follows from an earlier lower court, in which U.S. Magistrate Judge James Francis in New York ruled that a search warrant can be applied outside the country. The theory was that because Microsoft, named in this case, owned and controlled a foreign subsidiary company based in Dublin, Ireland, any data stored in its overseas offices or datacenters still fell within US territory — albeit loosely. The official channels between countries that allow cross-border law enforcement operations to work, called mutual legal assistance treaties (MLAT), are "generally... slow and laborious," Francis said in his ruling. He added that the "burden" on the US government to work with other nations would be "seriously impeded."

Beyond Localization: Software for a Global Audience
This article is about going beyond localization and delivering software to a truly global audience. Most developers think this can be accomplished simply by translating and localizing the text, but this is not true. This article does not contain source code and is not about the technical aspect of localizing your software. Rather it is about the process and how to prepare your team and software for the necessary changes. Globalizing your software includes adapting for language, dialect, customs, cultural issues, monetary issues, times, dates, formatting, and measurement standards.

Six reasons why cloud computing will transform the way banks serve clients
The EC is also waking up to the possibilities. In a recent policy paper, the EC’s European Cloud Partnership spelt out the need to tackle issues around data, privacy security and legal differences across national boundaries. Its vision is to create a secure environment in which private and public sector organisations can use, buy and sell cloud services. All this momentum is building at a time when banks are under increasing pressure to use their IT budgets more efficiently, while competition from non-bank payments providers is much tougher and the need to serve clients better is becoming more acute. But it is not a technological Valhalla – there are disadvantages too.

Is Silicon Valley’s Image Going Up in Flames?
In a July 28 blog post, Rudder admitted that OkCupid experimented by, at times, removing user pictures or profile texts, and indicating a good match or bad match even though the algorithm showed the opposite. The goal apparently was to find out how much importance is being placed on a user's picture, the power of suggestion, and how effective OkCupid's matching engine works. Ethical questions about secret experimentation be damned. "We noticed recently that people didn’t like it when Facebook 'experimented' with their news feed," writes Rudder in a blog post,

Meet the Engineer: Sravya Tirukkovalur
As Cloudera rightly says in one sentence: It lets you “ask bigger questions”. If you think about how much data we produce every day versus how much we actually process, it is astonishing to imagine how many ways the world could benefit if we had the software capabilities to easily store, process, measure, and learn from all of it. And with more and more new datasets becoming available daily, it is very important for the software to evolve rapidly in terms of scale, performance, usability, and security. I think this rapidity of software development in the Hadoop ecosystem is only possible because of the open source community, and I am very glad to be a part of that community as well as working with the leader, Cloudera.

How to Make Your Department More Data-Friendly
Of course, most organizations or businesses aim to be data-driven. In reality, though, decision-makers aren't the ones primarily using the data. They are instead at the receiving end, where the effectiveness of a data-driven strategy is polished into pretty presentations.  We're not here to focus on them. Instead, we're here to focus on the pieces of the business using the data on a day-to-day basis to not only do their jobs better but also do them more effectively. And we're here for them to provide something rarely seen when it comes to big data productivity: a game plan.  See, there's a simple way to get started and make your department more data-driven in the process, and it begins with these five steps.

Cloudify Aims To Automate Cloud Troubleshooting
Cloudify has the potential to erase the border between monitoring and orchestration. The new version of Cloudify provides a feedback loop from the monitoring engine to the orchestration engine. When it spots performance falling below expected thresholds, it can notify the orchestration engine, which can "react to monitored events with appropriate corrective measures." While the capability is now part of a re-designed product, it remains to be fleshed out with policies that will provide the guidance for non-manual, automated corrective actions, says Shalom. They are due in the fourth quarter, according to the announcement.

We don’t do that here
Taking a Big Bang approach to becoming FIT is just as foolish as taking a Big Bang approach to delivering large projects. There is far too much risk to go that way. Think of making these changes like the way an airplane’s autopilot works. Trying to hit the runway in Hawaii based on calculations made once in LA is impossible. Not virtually possible but not probable, it is impossible. Not only is there the need for extreme accuracy that would be required if you only take one reading, but there are all the variables of wind speed, direction, atmospheric pressure and others. With all these variables it is impossible to set course once. That is not how autopilot works. The auto pilot systems on airplanes are constantly taking readings against their destination and making small course corrections.

DDoS Attacks Are Still Happening — and Getting Bigger
This is partly because banks have invested in better DDoS mitigation technology and services, observers say. Another factor is that banks are being targeted less frequently — only about 10% of incidents. Gaming, technology and media companies have become more popular targets. But attacks are still being launched against banks and other companies, and with greater force than ever, according to large information security providers such as Prolexic (which is now owned by Akamai), Verizon and Verisign. The three companies recently issued reports that shed light on the changing nature of DDoS attacks.

Ynote Classic - Text and Source Code Editor
The first ynote version consisted of nothing, just a TextBoxcontrol and some basic commands - Cut, Copy, etc. Then I saw the FastColoredTextBox control. TheFastColoredTextBox control was first included in v2.0, supporting only 5 languages. Now, it has just everything a perfect code editor can have. Another reason was to know the capabilities of .NET because I didn't find any decent Text Editor written using the .NET Platform (not including C++) So I mae "Ynote Classic" - The Text Editor, coded with .NET.

Quote for the day:

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." -- John F. Kennedy

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