August 19, 2014

About 4.5M face risk of ID theft after hospital network hacked
The hacker group has been involved theft of intellectual property such as medical device and product development data, CHS said. In this instance, though, the group apparently targeted non-medical patient identification data. Since the breach was discovered, CHS is working with Mandiant to clean out its systems and implement new remediation measures, the filing noted. CHS is also cooperating with federal agencies in the investigation. The CHS incident is the second major breach to be disclosed in the past week.

Start-Up Has New Approach for SDN Security
The company is taking advantage of new capabilities offered by the exploding SDN technologies in its effort to provide security for software-defined datacenters. "SDN is an opportunity to introduce advanced security controls and capabilities into the datacenter network in a way that can scale to the demands of a large data centers and offer a dynamic and pro-active security control framework, detecting and mitigating an attack at an early stage," the company said. "Using these principles, GuardiCore offers a security platform, targeting the detection and prevention of attack techniques used by hackers in the propagation and control phases of the attack’s 'kill-chain' inside datacenters."

World-Class EA: Business Reference Model
Business architecture is being used to design, plan, execute, and govern change initiatives throughout public and private sector entities. An architectural approach can systematically highlight the most effective state for a given environment, and then define how change can be effected within acceptable benefit, cost, and risk parameters. A key challenge to this approach is the consistent definition of the organization and where it needs to be, and in response this White Paper introduces a comprehensive reference model for business. The Business Reference Model (BRM) can be applied to both private and public sector organizations alike, and gives complex organizations a common way to view themselves in order to plan and execute effective transformational change.

BYOD Twists and Turns Keep CIOs Off-Balance
BYOD's ripple effect, however, pales in comparison to the benefits. There are huge corporate gains from employees using their mobile devices for work, Waran says. It's conventional wisdom that mobility improves worker productivity and collaboration, and BYOD's ability to scale the number of people in a mobile network will lead to exponentially higher benefits, a la Metcalfe's Law. There are individual worker productivity gains with BYOD, too. A BMC Software survey found that the average BYOD-carrying employee works an extra two hours and sends 20 more emails every day. One out of three BYOD employees checks work email before the official start of their work day, between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.

HTC One Runs Windows
As far as Windows Phones go, the HTC One for Windows Phone is an appealing option. The metal design may steal sales away from Microsoft and its Lumia devices, thanks to its slick appearance and high-end materials. Its exclusivity to Verizon Wireless may hinder HTC a bit, but it left enough wiggle room in the press release language to imply other carriers might offer the device later this year. HTC is re-entering the Windows Phone market at in interesting time. Windows Phone's market share has dropped in the US to just 1.5%. Perhaps this premium handset, which stands in stark contrast to the polycarbonate designs from Microsoft/Nokia, is just the kick in the pants Windows Phone needs to regain some of its lost presence.

SanDisk's Ultra II SSD offers prices as low as 44 cents per gigabyte
The SanDisk Ultra II has a maximum sequential read/write speed of 550MBps and 500MBps, respectively. The SSD's random read/write performance tops out at 99,000 I/Os per second (IOPS) and 83,000 IOPS, respectively. By comparison, Samsung's TLC consumer SSD, the 840 EVO, retails for as little as $469 for a 1TB model. Samsung's 840 EVO SSD read/write performance tops out at 540MB/s and 520MB/s, respectively. As with other consumer-grade SSDs, SanDisk's new drive is designed and being marketed to deliver a cost-effective and upgrade for desktop and laptop users who want to increase performance, battery life and power efficiency.

Enhance Customer Retention and Acquisition Strategies with Insurance Data Analysis
By analyzing free form text data in adjuster notes, insurance companies can not only measure the time it takes to complete these activities but actually evaluate the quality of the interaction representatives have with customers. These are the moments of truth that can make or break the ever delicate relationship an insurer has with its customer. For example, if explaining the claims process is required when making first contact with the customer, the adjuster notes detailing the first contact activity can be analyzed to confirm if this requirement was met.

Feeling rushed? Break the habit of hurry and overwhelm
Take a deep breath. Seriously, when you feel your world about to spin out of control, close your office door or find someplace to be alone for a few minutes. Close your eyes and just breathe. Let your mind go blank — don’t think about your never-ending to-do list. Then open your eyes and focus on one single thing, whatever is next on your agenda. Consciously slow down as you walk back to your office or head for your next meeting. Your blood pressure will thank you, and so will your co-workers.

Interview with Thomas Imart, Creator of Tweetinvi
Twitter has become an integral part of most companies’ communication strategy. While direct messaging will always be in the forefront, the ability to analyze Twitter trends is often necessary. But Twitter doesn’t always make that easy. Over time many of the older APIs have been deprecated or removed entirely. Newer APIs have taken their place, but they often work very differently than one might expect. So we decided to talk to Thomas Imart, creator of Tweetinvi about his offering.

Exclusive: White House meets with big biz on immigration
Obama has pledged to act by the end of the summer, but the timing is a growing concern to Senate Democrats, who fear that a sweeping program to temporarily halt deportation will further endanger their chances of maintaining control of the chamber. They are most worried about the impact on key Senate races in red states, including Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisiana and Alaska. Obama has not yet received recommendations from his staff, and no decision has been made on how he should proceed, according to sources familiar with the process.

Quote for the day:

"A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship." -- John D. Rockefeller

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