August 22, 2016

Why I should own enterprise mobile application development

The stand-alone apps can exist and operate without connecting to back-end data and services. My calculator app is an example of a stand-alone, as is my camera app. The enterprise mobile apps get data from and send data to my complex back-end applications for transaction processing. A mobile banking app does not store transaction histories or process payments on a mobile device. Instead, it connects to the heavy-weight, back-end transactional systems and acts as a mobile interface to those systems. Since my life revolves around enterprise applications, I spend the bulk of my time and attention on enterprise mobile apps. This makes me the right person -- perhaps the perfect person -- to take on enterprise mobile application development.

The NSA hack proves Apple was right to fight the FBI

While the company's legal team fought the order, Apple CEO Tim Cook published a letter arguing against being forced to build a so-called "backdoor" that would subvert the encryption that not only kept the shooter's phone secure, but millions of other users of Apple's smart phones. Most in the technology community rallied around Apple at the time, arguing that weakened encryption might help government investigators, but it would also make customers vulnerable to hackers. Now, with a massive top-secret archive of some of the NSA's own exploits having been leaked online, it appears they were right.

Mobile payments get Isaca’s security approval

The report points out that if a mobile device containing a mobile wallet is lost, the mobile device can be erased remotely. In addition, as the consumer’s payment card information is not on the mobile device, the payment cards do not need to be replaced. However, the report notes that users should have strong authentication for their mobile wallet applications, preferably a complex password and a biometric. The mobile wallet should use tokenisation and the number of transactions that can be processed with the phone should be limited to a small number of tokens stored in the phone. Mobile device owners should also set up or turn on the device locator/remote erase feature, so that they can remotely erase their device if it is lost or stolen.

ITSM: The 'what' and 'how' of digital transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, mobility is key. While most organisations have implemented an enterprise mobility strategy, risk, and security concerns are still preventing organisations from realising value from it. Having the right tools to manage risk and ensure security has never been more important. Over half of respondents said mobile ITSM is somewhat important to their digital transformation plans while just over a quarter said it’s 'highly important'. In the middle, just 12 percent said mobile ITSM was 'neither important or not important' while the naysayers who said it was 'not very important' or 'not relevant' were 7 per cent and 3 per cent respectively. Some of the key reasons why ITSM is changing the workplace of the future include the fact that service quality and customer satisfaction have become the biggest technology priorities for organisations.

The Most Critical Skills Gap: Cybersecurity

A new study released today by Intel Security with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) takes a closer look at the cybersecurity workforce shortage across eight countries including Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. Overall, it confirmed that the talent shortage was very real and widespread. The CSIS study revealed that 82% of participants report a shortage of cybersecurity skills in their organizations. One in four confirmed that their organizations were victims of cyber thefts of proprietary data due to this lack of qualified workers. The researchers reviewed open-source data, targeted interviews with experts, and a survey of 775 IT decision makers in both public and private sector organizations in eight countries.

Windows 10 browser beatdown: Who’s got the edge?

Not all web browsers are created equal. In fact, it might startle you a little to realize how diverse the range of top-end browser software has become, if you came of age in the era of “Internet Explorer or go home.” With about a third of all Windows traffic on the web coming from Windows 10 installs, according to figures from U.K.-based analytics firm GoSquared, and with Microsoft distancing itself from Internet Explorer in favor of the Edge just as fast as it can, it seems like as good a time as any to survey a few of the best browsing options for Windows 10 users. A word on methodology – I ran each contestant here through three benchmarks (higher scores are better in all of them – see graphic below) to give a broad sense of overall performance, and put each of them through their paces by using them for both work and play.

Why Online Retailers Should Be On High Alert For Cyber Attack

When we delve into the actual types of attacks seen by IT and security professionals in retail, we see some trends that on the surface may seem positive, but could point towards more troubling longer-term impacts. At Radware, we tend to consider attacks across three parameters: frequency, duration and complexity (generally measured by number of vectors). The retail space reports one of the lowest rates of frequency across the industries we survey. Only 17% say they see daily or weekly attacks, versus on average about 25% for other industries. Almost 40% say they only get attacked once or twice a year. These numbers could represent an over-reliance on certain attack detection technologies, or simply that many of the leaders in this space have effectively made themselves an expensive target for attackers.

Airbus to complete a self-driving, flying-car prototype next year

"We need to prepare for the greater use of unmanned aircraft in our urban environment to help address the new and future needs of our society," Kevin Shum, director-general of CAAS, said at the time. "We want to facilitate their use by industry and the public sector, and also hobbyists, but we must at the same time ensure that the regulatory regime keeps apace with these changes to enable such uses, whilst ensuring public and aviation safety and security." Up until recently, Airbus's autonomous flying vehicle project has been kept on the down low. Developers in several countries have taken on various aspects of the flying vehicle project. For example, in France and Germany, Airbus engineers are developing a bus-like flying vehicle under the project name CityAirbus.

ARM Has A New Weapon In Race To Build World's Fastest Computers

The new ARM processor design will be based on the 64-bit ARM-v8A architecture and have vector processing extensions called Scalable Vector Extension. Vector processors drove early supercomputers, which then shifted over to less expensive IBM RISC chips in the early 1990s, and on to general-purpose x86 processors, which are in most high-performance servers today. In 2013, researchers said less expensive smartphone chips, like the ones from ARM, would ultimately replace x86 processors in supercomputers. But history has turned, and the growing reliance on vector processing is seeing a resurgence with ARM's new chip design and Intel's Xeon Phi supercomputing chip. The power-efficient chip design from ARM could crank up performance while reducing power consumption.

Software Safety Ratings Could Help Cyber Insurers on Pricing

The initiative, if it catches on, could lead to major changes in the business practices of some of the world’s largest software companies. It could also, he says, help deliver something that decades of the free market, the open-source movement, government commissions and well-paid lawyers have not: software that is consistently secure, or at least very expensive to compromise. On Wednesday at the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, the duo were to xplain how their system works and point out some of the early winners and losers in their analysis. Among the preliminary findings: on Apple’s Macintosh computers, Google’s Chrome web browser is significantly harder to attack than Apple’s Safari, which in turn is much more secure than Firefox. Many Microsoft products have scored quite well so far, but its Office suite for Mac did terribly.

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