August 06, 2016

The State of Testing: A Front-end Perspective

Sometimes we are maintaining a legacy application where users MUST use these older versions of IE. How the heck can you do some testing to make sure your new code isn’t breaking anything? The first hurdle to overcome is making sure that you have access to a modern Microsoft browser. IE11 or Microsoft Edge both have developer tools that will let you test for older versions of IE to see what your web page would look like. If you are on Windows that’s an easy step, but for Mac users, it becomes a little more difficult. The best way to actually test these browsers is to emulate a real Windows environment.

IoT is reshaping the electronics industry

One of the industries that stands to gain the most from the IoT is the electronics industry. Electronics manufacturers have been connecting devices and appliances for years – the now ubiquitous availability of in-home wifi and connectivity points is creating an environment that enables devices to constantly be connected into the cloud to send operational, warranty and service data. It’s easy to see what a huge opportunity the connected home is creating for the electronics industry. By far the largest opportunity in the home setting is in automating domestic chores. In the United States alone, household activities (cleaning, washing, preparing food, gardening, caring for pets, and so on) and purchasing home goods and services require 230 billion labor hours per year.

Full SDDC architecture adoption remains in the distant future

When most people talk about SDDC architecture, they refer to the IT equipment itself -- a way to more easily configure compute, storage and network elements. But that's not necessarily the whole picture. "Those are all a big part of what's inside a data center, but data centers also include the power, cooling systems and a lot more of the structural things … If you want to talk about the whole data center itself, you have to include other facilities elements, as well," Villars said. ... A full SDDC architecture also requires too much movement of data between the hardware and software environments to work effectively, said Clive Longbottom, founder of Quocirca and a TechTarget contributor. 

Why Banks Will Fail to Apply Blockchain Technology

The major reason behind the banks’ failure to deal with the blockchain technology is their ambition to create private blockchain networks that could run parallel to their existing applications. Which means, rather than utilizing the open and distributed network the blockchain technology can provide, the banks attempted to reinvent the technology for their own benefits. Decentralization, the concept which the banks failed to address, is the backbone of the blockchain technology and is the element that makes a blockchain network valuable and robust. To date, the only really successful example of the blockchain technology has been Bitcoin, because of the Bitcoin network’s decentralized and transparent nature.

The Enterprise of Things: It's the back end that counts

From my experience interacting with both IT and line of business users, I find that many organizations are too focused on the things and not enough on the glue that makes it all work. The real benefit will not come only from deploying the things -- it will come from the ability to obtain actionable data that allows a company to run better, more efficiently or to be more focused on their customers, and that requires an integrated solution. The hard part of making EoT attractive in organizations is the secured networks, cloud based data services and analytics that empower it. This is where the 80/20 rule kicks in. I estimate that 80% or more of the effort to deploy EoT will be here. Yet relatively few enterprises have focused on the needed components for success.

This infographic shows how fintech is disrupting the financial world

The time is ripe for financial innovation: new technologies are helping end users skip past gatekeepers and intermediaries to customize their use of financial products. Meanwhile, many of the same technologies are also erasing the inefficiencies of banks and other financial institutions to cut costs in ways the industry never deemed possible. Lastly, innovations such as the blockchain are changing the way banks approach their most basic mechanisms – as a result, even the most fundamental practices in banking are evolving. Payments, personal finance, P2P lending, insurance, digital banking, equity crowdfunding, smart contracts, and digital currencies are just some of the areas that are of interest in the fintech landscape.

What do their creators think about UML now?

Bran defends that in fact UML is not as complex as you may think: “The complexity of UML is often cited as one of its primary drawbacks. In arguing this, many people will point to the apparent simplicity of programming languages such as Java. However, while Java is relatively simple on its own, you have to consider how much of the necessary complexity has been swept under the rug of class libraries? As far as I can tell, you cannot write anything remotely useful in Java unless you are also proficient with at least some of the core Java libraries. In environments such as J2EE or Eclipse, the minimum level of proficiency goes up even further — exceeding in complexity anything that UML requires.

How Will We Live In 2116?

Using the water itself to create breathable atmospheres and generating hydrogen fuel through the process, aquatic homes will likely exist 100 years from now. What’s more, with water desalinated to produce fresh water, people could effectively grow their own produce “onboard” while these sub aquatic communities cruise all year round to the best climate without stopping at all. ... Colonizing space may become necessary as mankind continues to exhaust Earth’s resources. When asteroid mining and theoretical concepts like Wormholes (Dr. Who’s mode of teleportation) become a reality, humankind will have what it takes to move to other planets. But if you factor the possibility of genetically changing the human template, people may be able to live in less Earth-like planets in future.

How To Build A Career In Data Science

BE SMART. Have advisors. Ask questions. Have courage. Advisors are there to share interesting questions, and ultimately they are fellow human beings. Talk to them: come to the office hours, and speak generally at first, and then move on to questions that you are thinking about now; share what led you to thinking about these questions, and why you think the questions are important. The key mistakes that I made early on: I thought I knew well enough. I would find one or two people that were a good fit, and I would stick with them instead of growing my network of relationships. However, even if you talk to one or two extra people, you expand your horizons drastically just by getting new perspectives. You can't invent everything on your own; it's not particularly efficient or good use of time.

Factors Affecting Software Resiliency

Change is one of the key source of adding complexity to the Software systems. However, the evolving tools, technologies and methodologies come to the rescue, so that the Architects design systems and solutions in such a way to pave way for embracing such changes and to embed the resiliency factors in the design.  A frequently held criticism of Common Criteria testing is that, by the time the results are available, there is a good chance that the tested software has already been replaced. The danger here is that the new software may contain new vulnerabilities that may not have existed in prior versions. Thus, determining that an obsolete piece of software is sufficiently resilient is not particularly indicative of the state of the newest version and, therefore, is not very useful.

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