December 25, 2015

Using Advanced Analytics to Sniff Out Spoofing

So far, the fight has yielded little. More than five years after the Dodd-Frank Act made spoofing a crime, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission sued just three traders for spoofing in 2015. And while the number of enforcement cases on CME Group Inc., which owns futures markets including the Chicago Board of Trade, doubled this year from 2014, there were only 16. But tips keep arriving, and officials expect more cases next year. That’s ratcheted up expectations from market participants, who can see that spoofing cops finally have the will to take on wrongdoers and, with emerging technology, will have better tools to detect them. “It’s taken the regulators and market participants who are blowing the whistle several years to know what to look for,” said Kevin McPartland, head of research for market structure and technology at Greenwich Associates in Stamford, Connecticut.

Google joins Mozilla, Microsoft in pushing for early SHA-1 crypto cutoff

"In line with Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, the target date for this step is January 1, 2017, but we are considering moving it earlier to July 1, 2016 in light of ongoing research," Google Chrome team members Lucas Garron and David Benjamin said Friday in a blog post. "We therefore urge sites to replace any remaining SHA-1 certificates as soon as possible." Until then, starting with Chrome version 48, which is expected to land early next year, the browser will display errors if the certificates served by websites have SHA-1 signatures and were issued after Jan. 1, 2016. That's because public certificate authorities (CAs) are not supposed to issue new SHA-1-signed certificate after that date.

5 favorite open source Django packages

Django is built around the concept of reusable apps: self-contained packages that provide re-usable features. You can build your site by composing these reusable apps, together with your own site-specific code. There's a rich and varied ecosystem of reusable apps available for your use—PyPI lists more than 8,000 Django apps—but how do you know which ones are best? ... We also recommend you check out Django Packages, a directory of reusable Django apps. Django Packages organizes Django apps into "grids" that allow you to compare similar packages and chose between them. You can see which features are offered by each package, as well as usage statistics.

How Do I Become a Data Scientist? / Data Science Aspects

What is out of the question is, that the theoretical language of data analysis is mathematics and the practical language is, at least for another few decades, programming in whatever dialect (programming language) and the execution platform is computers and the subject of analysis is data in whatever form and wherever and however it might be produced or coming from. This is independent of whether you might assign the processing of a matrix to mathematics, programming or statistics and, with this, we should be able to avoid the problems of the Venn diagram approach. It depends on your point of view. The theoretical or abstract description of problems and their solution is mathematics, the practical side

Banks crunch big data for better service

The sources of information that banks use look set to rise. They are keen on acquiring travel data from bus and phone companies to ascertain travel patterns and where peak traffic occurs, said Mr Bill Padfield, chief executive of Dimension Data Asia Pacific, an IT solutions and services company. "Most countries link the bus pass to their identity card, so (bus companies) actually understand who's getting on and off the buses, when they're getting on and off the buses, what age they are and what sex they are." Such information can help banks assess where they should set up branches and when they will need the most staff, added Mr Padfield. Getting the data is one thing, analysing it is another, given the technical challenges.

The three-point big data analytics action plan

Data modeling gives us the ability to decide how various elements of data relate to each other and how the heart of the data will behave inside our chosen database. Put simply, data modeling is the classification, documentation and formalization of procedures and events involved within the software in hand. Potentially hugely complex as an overall task, data modeling tools help capture and translate multifaceted system designs into representations of data that are more easily comprehended. For a retail firm approaching its first major implementation of big data analytics, the ability to model the data form allows the business function to specify and describe all the myriad components of the business into data.

Why So Many Organizations Struggle With Data Management

Organizations are generally pretty good at profiling and to some degree diagnostics of why something happened. What drove an operational cost up or down, or what happened in terms of customer acquisition over the last five years. Where there is a lot of room for improvement still is diagnosing and really understanding the underlying drivers. If costs are up, why? Understanding the five variables that are most correlated and then saying, we’ve actually built models to prove a cause and effect relationship. Once you have that then you can say, alright I know there is cause and effect, I can deploy a team differently in this way to reduce cost or I can cut headcount here to reduce cost. I think there is room for a lot of improvement there.

Weired Science: 10 Strange Tech Stories From 2015

These are the light and fizzy reports of dumb criminals and animal hijinks that regularly pop up on news sites, broadcasts, and social media. Interestingly, many straight-up articles about science and technology research end up in the weird news section. Because the world of high tech moves so fast, these items surface for a couple of days, raise a few eyebrows, then recede under the relentless waves of information overload. In fact, these technology stories flash and fade so quickly that we often don't appreciate how genuinely bananas they are, nor do we ponder their larger implications. Here we take a look at 10 of the weirder tech stories of 2015, including updates on self-replicating machines, bacteria-powered sportswear, and time-traveling computers.

3 self-improvement techniques to carry through the New Year

The major problem with New Year's resolutions is that they're often unrealistic objectives, without the supporting changes in habit and support structures. Rather than adding lose some weight or work out more to your list of resolutions, here are some suggestions for new habits that will help make you a more effective person, in and outside the office. One aspect to long-term change that I've found interesting is the effectiveness of tricks to instill a habit. Put your running shoes and workout clothes next to the bed in the evening and you're more likely to put them on in the morning. If you struggle to respond to your alarm clock, put one far away from the bed. Rather than relying on willpower, rely on the nuances of your own nature to help instill some of the techniques below. There's no problem with cheating when the game is self-improvement.

Spoofing Went Mainstream in 2015

Nobody knows how widespread spoofing is. The CFTC in Washington receives complaints every week, Aitan Goelman, the agency’s head of enforcement, said earlier this year.  The frequency ebbs and flows, according to several industry executives who would only discuss the matter anonymously. It increased earlier this year before calming down, they said. ... Spoofing is difficult to prove. When prosecutors sent traders to prison and punished financial firms for colluding in the international currency market and manipulating one of the world’s benchmark interest rates, they combed through phone records, e-mail and Internet chats. When it comes to spoofing, investigators must also sift through reams of trading data.

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"The time is always right to do what is right." -- Martin Luther King Jr.

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