October 07, 2015

Data Science Falls Into Many Roles

What is quite interesting is the break down of tasks that they spend their time on per: extract-transform-load operations, data cleaning, basic exploratory analysis, and machine learning and statistics. The fine details are in their report, but most spend 1-4 hours a week on data cleaning and also on exploratory analysis. I was surprised that this third year of the survey there were no longitudinal information of change over the past two years. There are new and more in depth questions this time particularly in the skills, but I would have assumed some general trends on salary. How hard is it to find work in data science? About 35% say it is easy, and 29% say it is an average difficulty, although per their salary chart these map quite closely to their average pay range.

The Myths and Realities of Digital Disruption - An Executive's Guide

Over the last few years the concept of digital disruption has received as much or more attention than any other business topic. Given the massive changes we have seen in the media, advertising, retail, taxi services and other sectors, speculation that similar shifts will spread across the wider economy is only natural. But are these disruptions imminent? Why have some industries been so much more disrupted than others? How, and to what extent, will each of our major industrial sectors really change? Where will Silicon Valley (or its many global imitators) find the next generation of mega successes? This report provides a business executive’s guide to these issues.

Big Data Analytics – The game changer in the world of sports

On-field technologies or sensors present in the gaming equipment also help in the gathering of valuable data are changing the scenario of today’s sporting world. Now you can collect millions of data from the swinging of a tennis racquet to the spin of a baseball. You can learn about the tactics applied by your opponents and analyse with the help of Big Data to predict how they are going to play the next match. Or even improve your own team’s performance by checking out if the players are working as a team or is there any gap in the flow of play. Coaching will also be influenced a lot by Big Data analytics. We have already seen some clubs like Chelsea and Portland Trail Blazers are using coaching apps to make players understand the tactics easier. With Big Data analytics one can understand exactly what happened in each game and predict closely what tactics is going to be beneficial in the next match.

The road to hybrid cloud architecture is paved with mistakes

One error organizations used to make when implementing hybrid cloud architecture, said David Linthicum, author of numerous books on IT, started with OpenStack. IT organizations use the open source cloud software platform to build a private cloud, which offers advantages similar to public cloud but uses in-house architecture. It's a perfectly reasonable endeavor, except many organizations didn't fully understand what they're getting into. "It was too much of an engineering challenge for them to take on, and they ended up going over budget or just abandoning it quickly,"Linthicum said. The problem for many was that they believed the hype on private cloud as a bulletproof and easy-to-implement alternative to public cloud, Linthicum said, citing 2013 as the banner year for vendor bunk.

Business Technology Starts to Get Personal

Remarkably, mass-produced goods increasingly personalize into something unique because of a lot of snooping on you. Few consumers turn personalizing features off, adjust use or boycott the products. In a conflict of personalization and privacy, personalization has triumphed. Mr. Immelt foresaw much the same kind of thing happening with machines. “We can now track every jet engine separately throughout its life,” he said, giving each one the machine equivalent of a Facebook page, which states where it is and how it is “feeling,” making maintenance more efficient. Changing the behavior of devices will enable companies, he said, “to make sure you don’t allow any space between the customer and you.”

Stephen King's practical advice for tech writers

The lay audience has no special or expert knowledge. They connect with the human interest aspect of articles. They usually need background information; they expect more definition and description; and they may want attractive graphics or visuals. The managerial audience may or may not have more knowledge than the lay audience about the subject, but they need knowledge so they can make a decision about the issue. Any background information, facts, or statistics needed to make a decision should be highlighted. The experts may be the most demanding audience in terms of knowledge, presentation, and graphics or visuals. ... For the "expert" audience, ... style and vocabulary may be specialized or technical, source citations are reliable and up-to-date, and documentation is accurate.

Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi: What you need to know

Windows 10 on the Pi should be able to run any Universal Windows app. Existing Windows Store apps for Windows 8 machines should also be able to be converted into Universal Windows apps, without "much effort", according to Microsoft. While the Windows Store has faced criticism for the poor selection of apps on offer - there are still a wide variety of apps that could be ported - although the performance on the Pi's smartphone-oriented hardware may vary. However, Microsoft is primarily pushing Windows 10 IoT Core - which can run on hardware with or without screens - as an OS that makes it easier to create IoT devices. This aim of lowering the barrier to building appliances is complemented by the Pi's low price and ability to control a range of hardware via its general-purpose input output (GPIO) pins.

Data centre security – Do you understand your risk?

Let’s assume for a moment that you still manage all or some of your data in-house. By implication that means that somewhere in the building you have a room full of servers that need to be maintained and protected. And as a manager you’ll be aware of the physical risks that threaten the integrity of your data. These include not only flood, fire and incursions by malicious third parties but also the havoc that can be created by unauthorized members of staff entering the secure area and, accidentally or deliberately, tampering with the equipment. Naturally enough you do your level best to protect your hardware and software from all these threats. So now let’s say that you’ve made an important decision to outsource your storage and IT functionality to an external data centre.

14 ways to improve corporate wellness programs with wearables

Wellness and fitness program managers should "take extraordinary steps" to protect sensitive information collected via wellness programs, Huffman said. He also suggested that companies work closely with HR managers to assure staff that their wellness program teams don't have access to sensitive data, such as employee health insurance claims.  Eric Dreiband, a partner with law firm Jones Day, stressed the importance of maintaining a secure "firewall" between data collected by wearable technology and personnel records. The goal is to keep staff health and fitness data away from supervisors or other decision makers, so that it cannot inadvertently affect employee pay or promotions.

Average Cost of Cyber-crime in the U.S. Rises to $15 Million

The Cost of Cyber Crime Study also examined global costs, which are not as high on average as those in the U.S. For the 2015 study, the global average annualized cost of cyber-crime is $7.7 million for a 1.9 percent year-over-year increase. The global study methodology examined 252 companies across seven countries, with 1,928 attacks used to measure the total cost. Specifically in the U.S., the study looked at 58 companies, with 638 cyber-attacks used to measure the total cost. "We were surprised by the consistent increase in the cost of cyber-crime over just one year in all countries," Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, told eWEEK. "We believe this is due to the increased sophistication and stealth of cyber-attacks."

Quote for the day:

"Successful people make the most of the best and the best of the worst." -- Steve Keating

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