October 28, 2015

Windows Tablet Sales Boosted By Enterprise Demand

One example is the system's Continuum feature, which tailors applications to different platforms. If a user relies on a tablet, then touch input is emphasized. If an employee works with a keyboard, then keyboard input is front and center. Also, Microsoft tablets have been tuned to work well with mobile-device management software. This feature enables IT departments to manage these devices more easily than in the past. Finally, the vendor did a good job designing the Surface. "Microsoft has positioned its tablets as PC replacements," said Strategy Analytics' Hochmuth. For example, the Surface 2-in-1 functions enable workers to swap out their laptop or desktop PC for a tablet.

IBM – Is the Elephant going to dance again?

One of the biggest growth areas is that of the mid-market. The mid-market is services provided for 1,000 users or less. Yes it sounds small but to get hung up on size undervalues its importance. The mid-market are the enterprises of the future, the next global success stories. This is also a very influential group. Below the 1,000-user threshold you find early adopters, business optimisers and innovators all using the new cloud-connected tools to improve the processes and productivity that drives business forward. While IBM as a brand is huge, as those in marketing reading this will certainly agree, they are helping businesses innovate; and are doing so on a one-to-one basis.

5 ways technology is revolutionizing the way we shop

No matter how easy it has become to shop online, sometimes you just want to visit an actual store. Why? Because the in-store experience matters. And it is improving all the time, thanks to technology. Once you enter a store, advanced technology may be at work in ways most shoppers might not even realize — through devices that tell retailers when your favorite items are running low and with apps that help you navigate the floor plan. Here are just a few of the cool technological advances starting to happen in brick-and-mortar stores today.

Genome researchers raise alarm over big data

Narayan Desai, a computer scientist at communications giant Ericsson in San Jose, California, is not impressed by the way the study compares the demands of other disciplines. “This isn’t a particularly credible analysis,” he says. Desai points out that the paper gives short shrift to the way in which other disciplines handle the data they collect — for instance, the paper underestimates the processing and analysis aspects of the video and text data collected and distributed by Twitter and YouTube, such as advertisement targeting and serving videos to diverse formats. Nevertheless, Desai says, genomics will have to address the fundamental question of how much data it should generate. “The world has a limited capacity for data collection and analysis, and it should be used well.

How Does a PDOS Attack Work?

By exploiting security flaws or misconfigurations PDoS can destroy the firmware and/or basic functions of system. It is a contrast to its well-known cousin, the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, which overloads systems with requests meant to saturate resources through unintended usage. One method PDoS accomplish its damage is via remote or physical administration on the management interfaces of the victim’s hardware, such as routers, printers, or other networking hardware. In the case of firmware attacks, the attacker may use vulnerabilities to replace a device’s basic software with a modified, corrupt, or defective firmware image—a process which when done legitimately is known as flashing

Senate passes first major cyber bill in years

As a civilian agency with a major cybersecurity role, DHS is seen as having the most effective privacy oversight mechanisms to review data received under CISA. Funnelling data through the DHS ensures it will "receive an additional scrub to remove any residual personal information," Feinstein said Tuesday. In this spirit, lawmakers blocked a contentious addition from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) that would have facilitated a direct transfer of cyber threat data between businesses and the FBI and Secret Service. Despite the back-and-forth over numerous amendments, the final measure passed easily, with the broad bipartisan support that the bill's co-sponsors touted throughout debate.

Can citizen developers bring shadow IT into the light?

A key reason for this is the accelerating enterprise use of cloud-based software platforms that allow citizen developers to access corporate data more easily than data stored on servers in corporate data centers controlled by the IT department, he says. But here’s the problem. Many citizen developer platforms purport to offer data access and other controls to help ensure regulatory compliance, but Driver says that these are often of limited use. "Compliance controls? Vendors over-hype them and the truth is that citizen developers are essentially ignoring regulatory and compliance issues," he says. "Some platforms do look after that, but there are examples of apps built with citizen developer tools that completely ignore privacy and compliance issues."

Improving Customer Experience is Top Business Priority

“Customer experience is now clearly at the heart of digital transformation, and digital is at the center of that customer experience,” said Anatoly Roytman, managing director Accenture Interactive and global digital commerce lead. “But many companies have considerable ground to cover on their path to becoming digital enterprises. They’re challenged with setting a digital vision and strategy, getting the right people in place, and measuring digital success.” ... Considering these prevailing challenges, it may not be surprising that only five percent of respondents think their organization is exceeding their customers’ expectations in digital experiences, while 73 percent believe they meet those expectations.

IT budgeting: The smart person's guide

For an IT executive who is uncomfortable with numbers or loathe to endure the justification process that accompanies budgeting, it can be a difficult exercise, and the temptation can be to simply tweak last year's budget, to succumb to arbitrary cuts. To help IT leaders not only endure the budgeting process, but to use it as a strategic tool to drive their priorities, we've assembled this guide. It should make budgeting less painful and help you understand how to use your budget as a planning and communication tool. As the saying goes, "You put your money where your mouth is," and your budget ultimately puts company resources behind the plans you've been articulating through the year.

Surviving The Hyperconnected Economy With Data Integration

A smart starting point is creating a vision for how the digital economy can differentiate you from your competition. Bringing business and technology teams together early on to drive innovation can ensure successful momentum while using strategic advisory services can help organizations learn from the experiences of others. Truly successful digital transformation necessitates a secure platform for development around high speed data analytics paired with highly accountable service and support. Few companies, though, are able to independently provide the kind of accountability needed across all elements of technology, support, and service; choosing to focus on one area reduces risk and provides long-term sustainable solutions.

Quote for the day:

"Everything you do online can be tracked and more than likely will be tracked. People are starting to understand the implications of this." -- Boling Jiang

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