December 28, 2014

The future is Machine Learning, not programs or processes.
But how practical is such machine learning to simplify process management for the business user. Does it require AI experts or big data scientists and huge machines? Absolutely not, as it too uses the LESS IS MORE approach. Recognized patterns are automatically compacted into their simplest, smallest form and irrelevant information is truncated. But in 2007 it still used IT data structures and not business terminology. Using an ontology to describe processes in business language enables human-to-human collaboration and run-time process creation, and simplifies human-computer cooperation.

Hayim Makabee on the Role of the Software Architect
In this talk Hayim will present the practical aspects of the role of the Software Architect, including the architect’s contribution at the diverse stages of the software development life cycle, and the cooperation with the diverse stakeholders: Developers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, QA and Technical Writers. Hayim Makabee was born in Rio de Janeiro. He immigrated to Israel in 1992 and completed his M.Sc. studies on Computer Sciences at the Technion. Since then he worked for several hi-tech companies, including also some start-ups. Currently he is a Research Engineer at Yahoo! Labs Haifa.

From Print to Digital: Adopting Standards, Transforming Paradigms
Pearson is the world's largest education company,. Pearson executive Ryan Hunt will outline how digital and technology have triggered Pearson's reinvention as a worldwide learning provider rather than a textbook publisher, and how Pearson is leveraging and driving the development of global standards including instigating the EDUPUB initiative.

Next-Gen Business Analytics Paving the Way to Success in 2015
Business analytics give arrangements which help to settle on key choice and business strategies by gathering expansive data and information. You would find that it does have not simple but complex data like profits, losses, transactions, marketing return, customer feedback and so forth. Normally business analytics programming is utilized to create these sorts of information. This is not another term; however it has ended up being more exact and organized with time. Individuals frequently require a legitimate structure to assess the gigantic measure of data and information accessible.

2014 in Numbers: Huge Valuations, Shocking Security Stats, and a Big Climate Deal
55 percent: Proportion of the supposedly secure servers on Alexa’s list of the million most widely used websites that were vulnerable to a two-year-old vulnerability in the widely used encryption software library known as OpenSSL, including 44 of the top 100. When the flaw was found this year, many website operators scrambled to address the vulnerability, but patching efforts seemed to stall just months after the initial discovery, and hundreds of thousands of devices could still be vulnerable.

Cynefin 101 – Portfolio Management
The Cynefin practice of ritualised dissent is used here to review and validate the initiatives and this is something that most organisations are not good at. It is all too common, due to the siloed structure of most organisations, for an initiative to be proposed from an individual or small group of people without wide review and support. This technique ensures that a wide review is undertaken and therefore when it presented it is more likely to be complete and supported. The idea behind the practice are similar to UCL’s Vincent Walsh idea of ‘trashing’. Again the idea is that a proposal is reviewed in a rigorous manner to ensure that it fully formed. This practice ensures an objective review of the idea and removes the subjectively.

Identifying and Mitigating Multiple Vulnerabilities in NTP
Multiple Cisco products exhibit vulnerabilities when processing crafted Network Time Protocol (NTP) IP version 4 (IPv4) packets. These vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely without authentication and without end-user interaction. Successful exploitation could allow arbitrary code execution or result in a denial of service (DoS) condition. Repeated exploitation attempts could result in a sustained DoS condition. The attack vector for exploitation is through NTP using UDP port 123 over IPv4 packets. An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities using spoofed packets.

A Guide to Choosing a Next-Generation Firewall
It is important to note that these five vendors were selected as they were highlighted in the most recent industry reports; they're not the only NGFW vendors on the market today and enterprises have other options. We simply highlight five of the highest rated devices according to NSS Labs' testing and our own evaluation of the products. ... The bottom line is that all of the products discussed here are from well-respected vendors and each provides a complete NGFW solution. Because of this, it will come down to the individual specs and features that will sway each buyer to one product over another.

Lockdown: Information Security Threats on the Edge of 2015
Look at information security threats. While the number of high-profile attacks may go up or down in any given year, there will always be attacks, and there isno "magic bullet" to prevent them from occurring. What does change is the scope. The adoption of new technologies leads to new attack vectors. Malware authors, malicious individuals and groups, and nation-states all have the necessary discipline (and in many cases, the resources) to exploit our increasing technology footprint.

JPMorgan Chase’s Weak Link—and What It Means for Healthcare
One is that the breach occurred during a period of high turnover in the bank cybersecurity team. It’s also possible that vetting of outside vendors might also have been an issue: he same group of hackers that penetrated the JPMorgan network attacked JPMorgan’s Corporate Challenge charitable race website, which was run by a separate company. Another issue is related to the bank’s size, and the difficulty of securing the networks of companies that had been acquired. In JPMorgan’s case, the name “Bank One”—a bank that was acquired in 2004—still appears in a web URL, according to the Times.

Quote for the day:

"Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire." -- Dale Carnegie

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