December 01, 2014

FDA Scrutinizes Networked Medical Device Security
To protect networked devices, the FDA recommends that manufacturers consider controls such as limiting access to devices via authentication features, using layered authorization models based on specific user needs, and implementing methods for retention and recovery of device configuration by authenticated users. For purposes of documentation, manufacturers should provide a formal hazard analysis of the risks associated with the device, as well a description of the plan for how identified and unidentified cyber security risks have and will be addressed. Failure to heed the recommendations on the implementation of appropriate controls or documentation of those controls could result in delayed or even denied premarket submission reviews.

Big video data could change how we do everything — from catching bad guys ..
A Skybox satellite might photograph or video a particular city several times per day, not for the static or moving imagery, but for the data gathered in each frame of each image. The significant value of the data comes from comparing it across time or location, looking for change. For example, when is that store’s parking lot full? What is the progress of the highway construction to build a new overpass? Which roads are open for faster delivery service during the day? Which movie theaters attract the most customers week-to-week? How have weather patterns changed over the past 24 hours, or from the same time last year?

Top cybersecurity predictions of 2015
As noted by Websense, healthcare data is valuable. Not only are companies such as Google, Samsung and Apple tapping into the industry, but the sector itself is becoming more reliant on electronic records and data analysis. As such, data stealing campaigns targeting hospitals and health institutions are likely to increase in the coming year.

Be more productive by moving systems from a PaaS to an interoperable IaaS
A Platform as a Service (PaaS) sits atop an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) running virtual machines. The PaaS developers control information systems that are anywhere in the development system life cycle, from development to deployment. A group of developers builds an information system while another group tests a different system. Whatever roles the developers take, the group leader should keep communications open with an IaaS infrastructure specialist, who can perform certain tasks a PaaS developer can't.

Contract Testing
Whenever some consumer couples to the interface of a component to make use of its behaviour, a contract is formed between them. This contract consists of expectations of input and output data structures, side effects and performance and concurrency characteristics. Each consumer of the component forms a different contract based on its requirements. If the component is subject to change over time, it is important that the contracts of each of the consumers continue to be satisfied. Integration contract tests provide a mechanism to explicitly verify that a component meets a contract.

Public Cloud Storage Can Be Efficient, But the Potential is Still Limited
“The balance that all companies are heading towards is ‘how can I take my existing investment, leverage a set of cloud resources where I possibly can, and do so in a way that increases my efficiency?” he said. “It’s so clearly the direction of the future.” Practitioners say, however, to be careful when assessing the pricing promises. “The assumptions I see are never realistic,” says Nancy Newkirk, vice president of technology for IDG (the parent company of Network World). And what’s more, the pay-as-you-go model ties your hands a bit when it comes to budgeting. Storage becomes a recurring monthly expense and “you can’t defer any expenses,” she says. “I don’t think it’s a slam-dunk on the cost evaluation.”

Bank of America Tech Chief Cathy Bessant: What I Believe
"I believe technology is part of the journey. It's not the destination. The destination is great things for clients and customers and for shareholders and employees. Technologists who think that what they do is the destination miss the point of being in business. The belief that a charismatic technologist can drive a level of investment into a black box over a period of time just doesn't prove out over time. Most people in my chair who are like that, four-and-a-half years later they're gone."

Please stop innovating – digital heresy from Accenture
We often hear from chief executives ‘We don’t really see any billion pound opportunities. We see some things that move the needle here and there, but we don’t see anything that really moves the needle. We don’t agree on the size or urgency of digital.’ That’s more important. You better agree how quick digital matters because that’s usually what’s going to galvanize organizations into doing something. Some of this is down to not having the stomach for digital investments. We kind of know what needs to happen, we might even understand the investments required, but we don’t have the stomach for it, it’s not where we are.

DFDL - An Open Standard for Data Modeling
In this age of big data, the bulk of the data begging to be analyzed is not XML, but rather it is other structured and semi-structured formats, both text and binary. Until now, no open standard has been developed that is capable of describing a wide variety of such data formats. Learn about the Open Grid Forum (OGF) proposed recommendation for a powerful language that describes many different data formats, the Data Format Description Language (DFDL).

How enterprises see big data analytics changing the competitive landscape next year
The study also shows that many enterprises are investing the majority of their time in analysis (36%) and just 13% are using Big Data analytics to predict outcomes, and only 16% using their analytics applications to optimize processes and strategies. Moving beyond analysis to predictive analytics and optimization is the upside potential the majority of the C-level respondents see as essential to staying competitive in their industries in the future. A summary of results and the methodology used are downloadable in PDF form (free, no opt in) from this link: Industrial Internet Insights Report For 2015.

Quote for the day:

"You can learn from anyone even your enemy." -- Ovid

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