July 04, 2014

Computer Weekly names the 25 most influential women in UK IT
Computer Weekly has revealed its list of the 25 most influential women in UK IT in 2014. The aim of compiling the annual list of the top 25 women in UK IT is to focus on the role of women in IT, to recognise the most influential role models and to discuss the vital part that female IT leaders will play in the UK’s high-tech economy. The 25 inspirational women listed here on the 2014 list are role models for diversity and success among the tech community.

Software-defined networking with Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 
Hyper-V Network Virtualization provides a virtual network abstraction of your physical network. Administrators can use the abstraction to achieve isolation and virtual machine mobility in completely new ways. You can, for example, host multi-tenant environments and isolate traffic in a dedicated virtual network independently of the physical infrastructure and without using Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs). You also can move virtual machines between physical servers, sites, and into the cloud while preserving virtual network assignments and policies

Banks should avoid bitcoin and other virtual currencies for now, EU regulator warns
Unlike in China, this is not an outright ban, but the opinion does carry a lot of weight. The European Banking Authority (EBA), which has already warned consumers that they have little protection if they dabble in virtual currencies (VCs), said on Friday that the use of such currencies carries many risks, and requires a swathe of new legislation if it is to be properly regulated. In the meantime, it said, regulated financial services should avoid crossing paths with the virtual currency world. That’s not to say the EBA saw no upside to currencies like bitcoin; it noted the potential advantages of faster, cheaper transactions and greater financial inclusion. However, it said the risks outweighed those benefits, certainly in the European context.

Mobile Microscopes: Snapping The Future Of Health Care
While Fletcher and his students are foraying into other applications of the mobile microscope, such as examining your skin or testing for malaria and Tb, MIT’s Ramesh Raskar has become known as the ‘Eye Guy.’ As the head of the MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture research, Raskar surfaced first in 2011 with a mobile tool for doing eye exams in developing countries – EyeNetra. EyeNetra was prototyped at MIT but went on to become a commercial startup, backed by Khosla Ventures. The company, and its investors, however, declined to comment on the status of the company, its reach, and the price point of EyeNetra.

Storage Landscape (Part 1) – Disruptive Technology Trends
There are several intersecting trends here. A key one is the move towards object storage – a flat namespace coupled with monolithic get/puts for object updates. This is fundamentally different from in-place, POSIX compliant read/write interfaces within a file system or database. Object based storage has come to prominence with cloud workloads and big data alongside popular key-value pair and No-SQL data abstractions and the scalability requirements of the cloud. Another interesting trend supports the ability to achieve cloud scale and match these application requirements. This is a major architectural shift in and of itself that I expect to cover more fully in a future post. In this case, strict consistency has been traded off for availability and partition-tolerance.

60 Minutes Got It Wrong: Data Brokers Aren’t Evil
Data brokers get it: Data sells. And now with big data (read “a lot more data”), there’s a lot more money to be made. The irony is that a lot of the “big” consumer data being collected, aggregated, anonymized, and sold is being generated by the consumers themselves. Think social media data. Think location data. Think mobile data. How about all the money these data brokers are making off your personal data? But let’s not limit it to just the data brokers. It’s any company that is keeping tabs on your online and offline activity. (Yes, I’m looking at you Google and Facebook and the 1000+ other organizations that are collecting our data). If the data is being collected, it can be monetized. For good or for ill.

Cyber fraudsters net up to $3.75bn in Brazil
The cyber criminals have been siphoning off funds using the man in the browser technique, which enables criminals to intercept and alter Boleto transactions without the victims’ knowledge. The attack is facilitated by malware injected into victims’ browsers after they have been tricked into clicking malicious links. Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are all vulnerable to the attack, although the malware appears to affect only computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Researchers believe that more than 192,000 computers have been infected with the malware used by the Boleto cyber criminals and that 83,506 email user credentials have also been stolen.

WPF Control Patterns.
WPF Control is one of the basic visual units of reuse in WPF. Controls can be placed in XAML code including other controls and made work together using various means. Here we shall go over dos and don'ts of programming with WPF controls based on very simple examples. Let us first consider a very simple control - it will allow the user to enter some text into an editable field (using e.g. aTextBox), it will provide a label for that editable field. (The label will give the name of the field explaining what the user is entering). Also the control is going to have a Button "Save" as an example of doing some action on the entered text. We shall call this control EditableTextAndLabelControl.

What Developers Need To Know About Android L
Historically, Google has given each version of Android an alphabetical name taken from sweets. Android 2.2 was “Froyo”; and Android 4.4 was “KitKat.” Google hasn't officially named—or numbered—the next version of Android, but the next letter in the alphabet is “L.” Will it be a Lollipop? Or Lemon Meringue Pie? Or perhaps Licorice? No one outside Google knows. L changes the design scheme of Android as well as adding some important projects to trim and analyze battery usage, a new compiler and bringing Android everywhere. If you're an Android developer, here's what you're going to need to know about Android L.

Virtual Panel: Configuration Management Tools in the Real World
Configuration management is the foundation that makes modern infrastructure possible. Tools that enable configuration management are required in the toolbox of any operations team, and many development teams as well. Although all the tools aim to solve the same basic set of problems, they adhere to different visions and exhibit different characteristics. The issue is how to choose the tool that best fits each organization's scenarios. This InfoQ article is part of a series that aims to introduce some of the configuration tools on the market, the principles behind each one and what makes them stand out from each other.

Creating and implementing a mobile testing strategy
A complete mobile testing strategy must also account for testing across differing network connection speeds and geographical locations, as well as address the use of Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections. Testing must confront such issues as screen resolution and brightness, CPU, memory and OS optimization. The mobile testing strategy must be geared to the architecture of the applications under test whether they are Web, mobile Web, native applications or hybrids. Finally, an organization must consider the test approach, primarily the use of emulators versus actual devices, or even real user monitoring.

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