July 23, 2014

Exploring Autonomous System Numbers
“The classic definition of an Autonomous System is a set of routers under a single technical administration, using an interior gateway protocol (IGP) and common metrics to determine how to route packets within the AS, and using an inter-AS routing protocol to determine how to route packets to other ASs. Since this classic definition was developed, it has become common for a single AS to use several IGPs and sometimes several sets of metrics within an AS. The use of the term Autonomous System here stresses the fact that, even when multiple IGPs and metrics are used, the administration of an AS appears to other ASs to have a single coherent interior routing plan and presents a consistent picture of what destinations are reachable through it.”

Weak encryption enables attacker to change a victim’s password without being logged
To understand this vulnerability, let’s first take a look at the protocols behind Active Directory’s Single Sign On (SSO) authentication – NTLM and Kerberos. SSO is what allows users to provide their password only once even though they access various services – whether in the corporate network or in the Cloud. As mentioned, the underlying SSO authentication protocols are NTLM and Kerberos. NTLM is the older Windows’ authentication protocol which, although still enabled by default due to backward compatibility reasons, suffers from security issues and so has been superseded by the Kerberos protocol.

3 Risk Management Functions for Secure Cloud Governance
While risk formats have changed in the industry, business continuity is said to be affected with the ushering in of cloud model. The pressure on cloud service providers is increasing in terms of identifying and tracking new risks emerging out of this trend, which sometimes has an adverse impact on the business. Sethu Seetaraman, VP& Chief Risk Officer, Mphasis, says that risk management basics do not change with cloud....“As far as BCP/DR is concerned, the organisation owns BCP/DR in case of Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. Service providers will own BCP/DR in case of Software as a Service. You must build or take these services from the cloud service provider based on the availability risk,” avers Seetharaman.

Insurers Think Inside the (Black) Box
For most P&C insurers, a lack of underwriting profitability has been a long-standing problem. According to Insurance Services Office Ltd., insurers have posted net gains on underwriting for just 21 of the 113 quarters since the company began collecting quarterly data. And external factors, including persistently low interest rates, the glacial economic recovery and increasingly intense competition, over which insurers have little control, are exacerbating the profitability challenge. As a result, underwriting, due to its historically manual nature and its potential to increase profitability and reduce complexity, has for many insurers become a target for innovation.

Could health apps save your life? That depends on the FDA
The vast majority of the health apps you’ll find in Apple’s or Google’s app stores are harmless, like step counters and heart beat monitors. They’re non-clinical, non-actionable, and informational or motivational in nature. But the next wave of biometric devices and apps might go further, measuring things like real-time blood pressure, blood glucose, and oxygen levels. You’ll begin to see these more advanced biometrics as we move from single-purpose fitness trackers like FitBit to more all-purpose devices like Apple’s upcoming “iWatch.” Some have wondered if the FDA, in its current form, is up to the task of regulating these increasingly sophisticated devices and apps.

BGP Best Path Selection Algorithm
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routers typically receive multiple paths to the same destination. The BGP best path algorithm decides which is the best path to install in the IP routing table and to use for traffic forwarding. ... Assume that all paths that a router receives for a particular prefix are arranged in a list. The list is similar to the output of the show ip bgp longer-prefixes command. In this case, some paths are not considered as candidates for the best path. Such paths typically do not have the valid flag in the output of the show ip bgp longer-prefixes command.

5 Ways To Truly Change Your Management Style
As is with each stroke of an artist’s brush, every management decision, every corporate downsizing and every improvement initiative reveals something about the culture executives are creating. Since information travels quickly, the impact from these actions is felt more rapidly than ever before. ... If you’re wondering what you can do to change things up – and improve – read on. We’ve identified the root causes of five typical management failures that erode throughput rates, operating expenses and employee engagement levels. Each of the problems is an opportunity to mend your organization’s health and increase cash flow. Fail to recognize these signs, however, and employee’s innovative capabilities, creativity and purpose will be stifled.

eBook: Android Programming Succinctly
In Android Programming Succinctly, Ryan Hodson provides a useful overview of the Android application lifecycle. Topics ranging from creating a UI to adding widgets and embedding fragments are covered, and he provides plenty of links to Android documentation along the way. Each chapter is conveniently summarized to ensure you get the most out of reading the book, and summaries include helpful suggestions for expanding your abilities in this growing app market.

Small cell device tech set to connect workplace Wi-Fi with 3G and LTE
Day predicts that Cisco's early success with MicroCells will be followed by an explosion in small cell sales over the next 12 months, as the company starts focusing on bringing the technology to indoor workplaces. Specifically, Cisco wants to connect 3G and LTE cellular networks to Wi-Fi access points that are already widely deployed in enterprise facilities. The networking giant proposes to primarily deploy small, low-cost devices called Universal Small Cells that can be clipped on to Cisco's Aironet 3600 and 3700 Wi-Fi access points (see photo).

Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices
There are some clear benefits to building apps in the cloud: A scalable infrastructure, should your app suddenly go viral Almost zero upfront infrastructure investment Reduced time to market But in today’s “era of tera”, software architects need to cope with ever-growing datasets, unpredictable traffic patterns, and the demand for faster response times. This paper focuses in on concepts, principles and best practices in creating new cloud applications or migrating existing apps to the cloud. Discover how concepts such as elasticity have emerged due to the cloud’s dynamic nature.

Quote for the day:

"Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work." -- John G. Pollard

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