June 06, 2014

Artificial Intelligence: A New Frontier in Data Center Innovation
Romonet’s modeling software allows businesses to accurately predict and manage financial risk within their data center or cloud computing environment. Its tools can work from design and engineering documents for a data center to build a simulation of how the facility will operate. Working from engineering documents allows Romonet to provide a detailed operational analysis without the need for thermal sensors, airflow monitoring or any agents – which also allows it to analyze a working facility without impacting its operations. These types of models can be used to run design simulations, allowing companies to conduct virtual test-drives of new designs and understand how they will impact the facility.

UK airports lead move to cloud services
The system, which goes live later this month, will allow the airport to refuel and restock aircraft far more rapidly, enabling the airport to increase the number of flights departing each hour by 10%. Gatwick is also using cloud technology to develop kiosks that will cut the time passengers spend dropping off a bag to just 45 seconds. The kiosks will take information from boarding passes on the passenger’s mobile phone, so passengers do not have to type in their flight details. Also, a collaboration with the website Skyscape could eventually allow passengers to book multiple connecting flights and train tickets on a single ticket from Gatwick.

Three Questions with the Man Who Designed Beats’ Headphones
If you break Beats down, I’d say there are three things that made it work. One, we redefined audio for a very important audience: a younger audience. We said, “We’re building these headphones to be tuned to your genre of music, by the people who make that music.” So we’re creating the value there. Then we redesigned the headphone. The headphone prior to that, when I looked at it, was kind of busy and mechanical and articulated, tied heavily to an audio culture instead of a fashion culture. So we completely rearchitected, made it more streamlined, more iconic; just better looking to wear.

BYOD Disasters to Avoid
A well thought-out BYOD program will take into account the many different regulations that govern privacy issues involving mobile devices. A program that fails to address these issues might be in for some trouble down the road. BYOD programs that aren’t kept up to date with current regulations may end up breaking the law. Privacy is always a serious issue with BYOD, especially since employees are using personal devices to access company information. Companies may wish to exert greater control over devices, but if policies go too far, they may end up infringing on employees’ rights, opening the company up to lawsuits.

Data science vs the hunch: What happens when the figures contradict your gut instinct?
"It's not an analysis versus intuition debate. There is a role of intuition in the process of analysis, which you might think of as sense-checking or comparing with your experience, that can help you make sense of the data," he said. ... According to Swabey, Humble has said he behaves exactly as the 57 percent does: if the data contradicts his intuition, he will reanalyse it. "That's not to say that [Humble] does not ultimately trust data generally but if it does contradict his intuition, then that is a possible sign that something has gone wrong with the collection, the analysis or the interpretation, or there needs to be more data to put that into context."

The Era of Data
When data gets free or inexpensive (as a result of commoditization), the opportunity exists to unite people over data sets to make new discoveries and build new business models. Many companies choose Hadoop because it is a cheap data storage. This entry point is the first step on the journey to the data operating system, a term that I heard three times during past five days, notably from Doug Cutting who brought to the world Hadoop the elephant and the data operating system. This year’s Hadoop Summit starts today. It brought together 3,000 people from 1,000 organizations.

Will enterprise mobile instant messaging overtake email?
So would employees of your company even use the enterprise-provided instant messaging option, or would they just use their native messaging platform or an app like Snapchat or Viber? This is the same argument as the one regarding company-offered productivity apps vs. someone’s personal productivity apps. As an enterprise, if you offer a tool that is easy to use and you provide the proper training, your employees will be more likely to use these tools. Sometimes, instant messaging does not fall under a guideline or policy, nor do users know if they are even using the company-provided tool.

Imposing Security
Of the three flaws, Heartbleed was by far the most significant. It is a bug in a program that implements a protocol called Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), which is the fundamental encryption method used to protect the vast majority of the financial, medical, and personal information sent over the Internet. The original SSL protocol made Internet commerce possible back in the 1990s. OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of SSL/TLS that’s been around nearly as long. The program has steadily grown and been extended over the years.

On Adopting the Mindset of an Enterprise DBA
By adopting these four key strategies, the enterprise DBA is able to accomplish a great deal more work with far less effort, thus leaving them more time to focus on more important ,but less urgent, tasks. In many ways this becomes a virtuous cycle; by freeing up time from mundane yet laborious tasks, the DBA is able to spend more time on their toolset and automation, thereby lessening the manual labor involved in their daily work even more, which in turn leaves more time for automation: Lather, rinse, repeat. Conversely, by not adopting the enterprise mindset, we find ourselves in a vicious cycle of increasing amounts of urgent, but unimportant, work as the size of our environments increase.

Pentaho: don't get blinded with (data) science
According to Pentaho, "By slashing that time, those responsible for data analysis can devote more time to the 'value added' stuff and less time on boring (but important) administrative hygiene tasks and just get things done a lot faster." ... "Having built blueprints for the four most popular big data use cases, we know advanced and predictive analytics are core ingredients for success," said Christopher Dziekan, EVP and chief product officer at Pentaho. "The highest value of insight comes from having foresight blended with hindsight to drive insight and action. The Pentaho Data Science Pack allows organizations to apply their deep domain expertise and improve their customer analytics and predictions," he added.

Quote for the day:

“Think continally about what you want, not about the things you fear.” -- Brian Tracy

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