June 21, 2014

Diving in OOP (Day 1) : Polymorphism and Inheritance
This article will cover almost every OOPS concept that a novice/beginner developer may hunt for, and not only beginners, the article’s purpose is to be helpful to experienced professionals who may need to brush-up on their concepts or who prepare for interviews. I will take the topics in a manner that we cover them in a simple, straightforward way giving code snippets as example wherever needed. We’ll take C# as our programming language throughout our readings. We’ll play with tricky questions and not go for enough theory. For theory you can refer MSDN.

Partition Tables--Implementing the techniques for query enhancement
This article is focused on implementing the techniques from in the first article, and checking the query performance in the environment. All the storage process begins with creating a database. Any database is created into a Default filegroup, otherwise you set the other place in the creation process. Also it’s possible to change to another filegroup in any time moving from the original place. To create a database and set the Filegroup Primary, you should name the .MDF file. Also the Transaction LOG should be name in .LDF file. Look for the code bellow, and check the full address for MDF and LDF files.

It Takes More Than Brains to Create a Learning Organization
How receptive is your organization to new information? How committed is your organization to sharing and acting on data in an organized, intelligent, and transparent way? Are employees encouraged to reflect on events, with the goal of identifying what went right, what went wrong, and what could be done better in the future? Does the culture encourage open dialogue? Is learning linked to performance? Culture is to an organization what personality is to an individual, and most of us are very wedded to our personalities — even when they hinder our growth. So the organization that proudly declares itself “fast paced,” while refusing to admit or even see it’s a chaotic mess of reactive nonsense, is holding close to what ails it, despite the costs.

Making Perfect De-Identification The Enemy of Good De-Identification
De-identification critics remain skeptical. Some have argued that any potential ability to reconnect information to an individual’s personal identify suggests inadequate de-identification. Perfect unlinkability may be an impossible standard, but this argument is less an attack on the efficacy of de-identification than it is a manifestation of a lack of trust. When some suggest we ignore privacy, it makes it easier for critics to not trust how businesses protect data. Fights about de-identification thus became a proxy for how much to trust industry. In the process, discussions about how to advance practical de-identification are lost. As a privacy community, we should fight over exactly what de-identification means.

Whats the Role of Leadership in Teamwork?
As leaders we may like to hide behind things like this, but we have the decision over who plays and who doesn’t, it’s our choice, our accountability, and when we select players who are clearly not performing well, then we are to blame for the outcome. It’s the leader who has to develop the team, create the team spirit, get the team to gel such that the team exceeds it’s collective potential, making the sum of the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Sometimes this can mean that we need to drop star players because the overall team is better without them than with them, or it maybe its that the best players attitude is not conducive to creating a great team spirit.

Cloud Security Market worth $8.71 Billion by 2019
The major forces driving this market are accelerated adoption of cloud computing, growing cloud specific attacks, absence of strict regulations on Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and increase in need of identity and access management. The prime opportunity which is expected to boost this market is increase in adoption of cloud computing by Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMBs). There are three types of vendors operating in Cloud Security market including pure play security vendors, traditional security solution providers and diversified IT vendors. However diversified IT vendors hold the majority of market share.

App vs. infrastructure: Designing for horizontal scaling, availability
Architects need to accept that platform tools for scaling and availability management are going to improve over time, which is likely to erode the benefits of an application-centric approach. At the very least, applications are going to have to accommodate and use these tools to maximize user QoE, possibly stranding application-specific solutions. It's critical architects and planners track the progress of DevOps and cloud orchestration tools and standards so these can be integrated into applications properly. Furthermore, this will allow for component management and workflow management, and even component design can be optimized for the future.

Canon EDSDK Tutorial in C#
The Canon EOS Digital SDK is quite a powerful SDK to remote control Canon DSLRs. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find some good examples for it on the internet and the provided documentation is not very complete. Since I have found out many things already and want to make it easier for others, I thought I could compile some of the most important things together and do a tutorial.

Security skills shortage is real, and it's not going away anytime soon
Not only will cybersecurity skills become increasingly costly, they will also become very hard to come by in the near future, said Martin Libicki, one of the authors of a 125-page report from RAND. "There's plenty of evidence that there is a shortage" of cybersecurity professionals -- especially within government organizations, Libicki said. "The problem cannot be solved overnight. It will take a long time to get the right people into this profession." The RAND report examines the nature and the source of the cybersecurity skills shortage in the U.S. and how the private sector and the government have responded to the crisis.

The Top Automation Tools for Public Cloud at Scale
Automation capabilities are almost essential for public cloud to exist. Certainly some basic automation will be included in any decent cloud service - such as self-service provisioning, utilization measurement, or chargeback. ... It is therefore up to you to understand both the opportunities and the risks associated with public cloud adoption, to choose the right service providers for your workloads and goals, and supplement them with appropriate automation tools.

Quote for the day:

“In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.” -- Tina Fey, Bossypants

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