March 23, 2014

Hosted Desktop Services – Take Advantage of BYOD
“There’s a big demand for cloud services to cover enterprise mobility management,” said Absalom. He added that most mobility management vendors provide a mixture of both cloud and on premise services, depending on the demands of the business. Many entrepreneurial ISV’s have started to offer cloud based BYOD management tools including Armor5, MobileSafe, and Cisco-acquired Meraki. Absalom added there is much scope for further innovation, even when the addition of major vendors to the market – IBM, HP, Dell, Microsoft –is considered.

What Makes a Perfect Business Requirements Document?
A Business Requirements Document is an essential part of any major project. It is often written based on a company template especially in large corporations, which can vary from industry to industry, and which may have been in use for many years. But businesses change rapidly so the template you are using may not be perfect and if you work for a start up business then you may not even have a template to work from. So here are some top tips for what to include in a Business Requirements Document; getting the BRD right is a major factor in successful projects. But just what makes a perfect business requirements document?

4 Ways to Cure Your Technological "Distraction Addiction"
It’s easy with social media to forget that there are real, live people behind those goofy Twitter avatars. “The fact that you’re interacting through technical intermediaries should not distract you from their humanity,” Pang notes. To make sure you’re reminded of the humans behind Twitter and Facebook’s cheerful blue design schemes, Pang suggests “mindful” engagement with social media. Pang writes, “Tweeting mindfully means knowing your intentions, knowing why you’re online right now and asking yourself if you’re on for the right reasons … As a practical matter, this means that if you read something and your first impulse is to post a sarcastic comment or to blather on, stop and consider why this is the case.”

Embracing the cloud: How Microsoft is radically changing its vision
As it enters its fourth decade, Microsoft is on a tear. The company’s stock price, hovering around the $40 (U.S.) mark, is higher than it has been at any time since the dot-com boom. In its most recent quarterly earnings report this January, Microsoft posted revenue of $24.52-billion and profit of $6.56-billion – beating analysts’ expectations. Yet the company still finds itself in the unfamiliar role of underdog, struggling to keep up with younger foes such as Facebook, Google and Amazon for dominance in the tech industry’s triple crown of social networking, mobile devices and cloud computing.

10 Best Cloud Tools For SMEs
Though many companies are confident that their networks are protected, this confidence might be misplaced as the recent events in which the networks of even large companies were hacked means that the CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and the system administrators cannot take things easy. It is in this context that the provision of “security as a service” or a cloud based network protection tool would come in handy for the systems staff in SMEs. The following list of ten best cloud tools for SMEs should provide the information necessary for the SMEs to protect their networks.

Erik Bussé: “TV will become the portal to the digital home”
I expect the average new house will have sensors connected to doors and windows, a doorbell with a camera, wireless light switches smoothly integrated in a smartphone app. Apart from the smart phone, the TV screen will become the portal to all digital home solutions. I expect even that appliances like refrigerators and washing machines will become connected. This will enable preventive maintenance but also will allow customers to be informed that it is time to empty the dishwasher or to warn them that the temperature in the fridge is getting to high because someone left the door open. This way, there will always be a nice cold beer waiting for you!

When is software patentable? The Supreme Court is about to weigh in
Software patents have always been controversial, in large part because the dividing line between a patentable software-based invention and one that is not has never been clearly defined. But the often hazy body of law that determines software patentability could be about to change. On March 31, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Alice Corp. Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank Int’l., No. 13-298, a case that could have wide consequences in the tech community and beyond. At stake is when and how a particular software-based invention—that is, an invention that incorporates the performance of a computer and software—is entitled to a patent.

The Green Grid Unveils Energy Productivity Metric for Data Centers
DCeP is an equation that quantifies useful work that a data center produces based on the amount of energy it consumes. The Green Grid is no stranger to attempting to quantify data center efficiency, coming up with many of the standards used today, such as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), which compares a facility’s total power usage to the amount of power used by the IT equipment, revealing how much is lost in distribution and conversion. DCeP allows an organization to define “useful work” as it applies to its business. For example, a retail business may use number of sales as the measure for useful work, while an online search company may use the number of searches completed.

How David Rockwell Reinvented The Theater For The TED Era
Rockwell traveled to Vancouver to look at the space with the TED team, sketching the first plans on a restaurant napkin. "Like most great things, it was slightly terrifying, but kind of the perfect intersection of what I’ve been thinking about for 30 years," he says. Rockwell is interested in exploring why, in an age when we can be connected through technology anywhere and at any time, we still crave a live experience. Harnessing the idea that the experience of TED is as much about the audience as it is the speaker, he designed a 20,000-square-foot temporary theater that can be assembled within the convention center's 40,000-square-foot ballroom, one that he says is "very much bespoke around [TED's] DNA.”

Virtual Panel on Immutable Infrastructure
“Immutable Infrastructure” is a term that has been increasingly talked about lately among the Ops community. InfoQ reached out to experienced ops engineers to ask them what is the definition and borders of immutable infrastructure as well as its benefits and drawbacks, in particular when compared to current widespread “desired state” configuration management solutions. Is it a step forward or backwards in effective infrastructure management?

Quote for the day:

"This one step, choosing a goal and sticking to it, changes everything. " -- Scott Reed

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