March 07, 2014

The dashboard is due for disruption
In-vehicle systems also have long qualification cycles because carmakers have to worry about safety, reliability and heavy regulations. As a result, they are risk averse, and once they approve a set of hardware and software, they don’t make changes for a long time. That’s why Nvidia has announced that it plans to keep the Tegra 2 and 3 in production for a decade. Finally cars have long lifecycles. Smartphone lifecycles are measured in months while the average age of a car on the road in the U.S. is more than 11 years--a lifetime in the tech industry.

Europol issues public Wi-Fi security warning
Typically, attackers set up rogue Wi-Fi hotspots to dupe victims into mistaking them for official public Wi-Fi hotspots and connecting to them. This means attackers are able to monitor all communications through the rogue Wi-Fi access points and steal data exchanged with banks, retailers and other online service providers. "Everything that you send through the Wi-Fi is potentially at risk, and this is something that we need to be very concerned about,” said Oerting.

Toshiba's OCZ cranks up speed on new 3.2TB solid state drives
At 3.2TB, OCZ is offering the highest storage available in SSDs. SSDs are catching up fast to hard-drives, which have reached a maximum capacity of 6TB. However, SSDs remain more expensive than hard drives. OCZ will continue to offer its own line of SSDs, and nothing is affected by Toshiba's acquisition, said Scott Harlin, director of marketing communications for enterprise at OCZ. "Toshiba will continue to develop, produce, and market their own line of Toshiba-branded SSDs while we will focus on developing, producing and marketing OCZ-branded SSDs that leverage our in-house technology," Harlin said in an email.

Crazy theories and global manhunts for Bitcoin's creator Satoshi Nakamoto
Many have looked at the name "Satoshi Nakamoto" as a puzzle itself, meant to hide the identity of the people or groups behind Bitcoin.The most popular of these is the idea of an invisible hand controlled by a corporate consortium. The name Satoshi Nakamoto, in this theory, derives from these four names: Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi Motorola. Others have translated the name to try to find clues. One such theory alleges that the name "Satoshi Nakamoto" shows ties to the CIA. From a Bitcoin forum post just weeks ago:

How To Use Analytics To Build A Smarter Mobile Website
Frequently, design and development teams will be asked to redesign a dated website to be responsive. Looking at existing data would provide crucial insight into how best to present information to mobile users. Google Analytics offers a number of free features for incredibly detailed analysis of mobile activity, with the ability to easily compare to desktop activity. If you haven’t yet installed Google Analytics, setting it up is easy. Just create a free account, and then Google will walk you through the process. You’ll need to place a tracking code in your page before you can start to collect the sort of data that we’ll review in this article.

Security by design still not a reality, says security veteran
Apart from research, Limnell sees security training as a key element to tackling threats. “Companies spend millions on technological controls, but few spend anything on education, which is stupid,” he said. There also has to be a shift to a new security paradigm that aims at achieving cyber resilience. “This approaches starts with the assumption that a network can and will be breached,” said Limnell. “It cannot only be about keeping the bad guys out, you have got to have a plan for dealing with attackers when they breach your defences; identifying the intrusion and containing it,” he said.

Security Manager's Journal: Security flaw shakes faith in Apple mobile devices
Last week, Apple released an update known as iOS Version 7.0.6 to repair a security flaw in the SSL encryption implementation that could allow encrypted traffic to be intercepted and decrypted, thus compromising private data. My company's private data, to be precise. Updates such as this present several challenges to organizations like mine. First, we now need to have a process in place for getting critical security patches on phones, as we do for computers. And that's not easy to do. For computers, we have software that manages patches and can deploy an emergency security fix very quickly, with minimal intervention by system administrators or end users. On phones, we don't.

5 reasons to re-examine how leaders communicate
Here’s the problem with this masking approach, according to Mitchiner: “Employees have a sensitive BS detector and can smell when they aren’t hearing the whole story. They don’t voice this concern; they just walk out, thinking, ‘Management is not leveling with us.’ When employees don’t have the whole story, they themselves fill in the missing pieces. The resulting rumors can be far more damaging than if management had simply told the unvarnished truth in the first place.”

Surface tablets with digitized pens gain a toehold in healthcare
"Microsoft…is realizing that verticals can sort of 'surface' these opportunities where the platform offers benefits you couldn't get in desktop PCs," said Wes Miller, research vice president, Directions on Microsoft, an IT consulting organization based in Kirkland, Wash. Healthcare often uses Windows devices that miss the benefits of using a stylus or touch, he added. The big void is guidance from Microsoft on how corporations can build unique applications for their business, instead of just marketing Surface Pro as a desktop PC replacement, Miller said.

How Women Leaders Have Transformed Management
The emergent leadership Bock is talking about seems to be both non-positional (based on personal qualities rather than one’s title or formal power) and nonhierarchical (when people are comfortable acting from the center of a collaborative web). This model has, of course, been developing for some time—and I believe this shift has occurred at least partly because women have become profoundly interwoven into the fabric of most organizations

Quote for the day:

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” -- Harvey S. Firestone

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