March 11, 2014

User Experience Design Guidelines for Tablets running Android
While the mobile devices we have today and incredibly powerful compared to computers of just a few years back, they don’t compare to the memory and processor power your desktop computer has. Because your users are mobile and using your application as they move about, you need to keep your application fast and responsive. Your users could be on a bus or train in a moving environment and need to be able to reliably use the UI (can they press a small button when the screen is moving around?). Additionally you need to account for the possibility of drops in network coverage.

Embracing SOA and the cloud: Hybrid integration paradigms offer choices
"It was a multi-enterprise business integration play," said Stamas. "We don't look at it as application integration, but business integration. We are connecting the applications and systems of business partners and service providers. We wanted to embrace SOA and the cloud. SOA provides the abstraction for the applications. The cloud providers provide the abstractions for the hardware and scalability." This hybrid approach allowed them to focus on managing the business process rather than the technology.

Intel's fastest connector lights up data transfers
The cables are smaller, more durable and have a range of up to 300 meters, compared to copper, which can cover only a limited distance, Paniccia said. Ethernet is slower per lane and signals could degrade on cables that are longer than tens of meters, Paniccia said. "It really drives the ability for bandwidth and distance separation," Paniccia said. "We believe the transition's happening to move to fiber." Pricing for the cables was not provided by Corning, which said it would start making cables for end customers in the third quarter.

This Is Why It Feels Like Apple Stopped Innovating Three Years Ago
"If not, chances are your customer will recall the negatives of the feature far more than the positives." Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if the touchscreen only worked 79% of the time? Very few people would have ever bought an iPhone. The reason it feels like Apple has stopped innovating to so many people is that the last time it tried to do what it does best - perfect a technology that allows humans to interact with computers - it failed. And that was two and a half years ago. The last time it succeed was 2006 - eight years ago.

The secrets to executive presence
Why is dress so important? Well, the clothes still don’t make the wo/man, but often they do help you feel like you’re ready for that big step. And it’s that feeling — of confidence and readiness — that communicates most powerfully about your ability in the moments after the person across the meeting table notices your new outfit. What’s with that “feeling”? Isn’t that a bit squishy? People know “boardroom presence” when they see it, but how can you develop it if you’ve never been in the boardroom hot seat? It seems like a chicken-and-egg problem, doesn’t it?

Is privacy undermining trade in digital services?
“Any protectionist measure is a bad thing, particularly in the cloud industry which is essentially global. There’s no harm in selling to customers in the EU on the basis it will keep data within the EU if it’s what they want; but for data protection law it should be kept secure no matter where in world.” A similar warning comes from Thomas BouĂ© ... He says there are proposals going around Brussels with elements of digital protectionism, and cites a European Parliament report calling for the suspension of the Safe Harbour mechanism with the US and to keep European data within Europe.

Design Patterns in ASP.NET
Design patterns are the most powerful tool for software developer. It is important to understand design patterns rather than memorizing its classes, methods and properties. It is also important to learn how to apply pattern to specific problem to get the desired result. This will be required continuous practice of using and applying design patterns in day to day software development. First, identify the software design problem, then see how to address these problems using design patterns and find out the best suited design problem to solve the problem.

Snowden at SXSW: We need better encryption to save us from the surveillance state
Building better end-to-end encryption is the proposed solution to save us from the surveillance state; encryption that happens “automatically and seamlessly” so that average users can use it. If we can make it so that encryption is so easy that even non-techies can use it, then mass surveillance will be ineffective. Then the NSA “cannot spy on innocent people” simply “because they can.” Encryption will make it “too expensive to spy on everyone.” Granted, if the NSA targets you, then they will just hack into your devices, but "hacking doesn't scale."

Enterprise considerations for cloud firewall management and automation
While host-based cloud firewall management seems to be maturing, most enterprises still struggle with developing and maintaining network-based firewall rule sets in the cloud. Some of those difficulties are due to the lack of granularity and capability in many cloud providers' own firewalls, but other challenges often arise from building an automation strategy that can easily keep up with wire-speed firewalls and their complex rule sets in IaaS environments.

Big Data Makes CFOs More Effective
"In our discussions with CFOs over the past decade, the significance of technology and analytical tools in transforming the finance function and broader enterprise has continuously risen," said Bill Fuessler ... "Data has always sat in the center of a CFO's job responsibilities, and CFOs now recognize how insights from big data are helping their company become more competitive. CFOs are being asked to anticipate the future and discover new areas of revenue growth—we anticipate this will spur a new strategic alliance between the CFO and CMO as they partner to drive the corporate growth agenda."

Quote for the day:

"What is not started today is never finished tomorrow." -- Johann Wolfgang von

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