June 11, 2016

An Organization Development(OD) Approach to Agile Adoption

One of the myths about Agile is that people and organizations tend to believe that by practicing a set of activities, such as Daily scrum, sprint cycles, and retrospectives, they become Agile. On the contrary, organizations which want to become truly Agile need to change their mindset. This needs learning to be redefined. ... Agile frameworks go for a organic structure, which is geared for the highly unstable development environments, where teams are geared for constant changes and complexity through less formalization and standardization, flatter structures and less supervision. In reality, not all parts of an organization, can exist as purely mechanistic or organic. The choice of the kind of structure that has to be designed and chosen is based on the need of the environment, which includes the customer, technology and the kind of work the organization performs. 

Telecom regulator Trai seeks stakeholders' views on cloud services

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) on Friday sought views on defining policies, systems and processes for information governance framework in cloud from the perspectives of lawful interception, more so if it is hosted in a different country, and also whether cloud service providers should be licensed. Cloud computing broadly refers to the on-demand or as-a-service model, which provides shared processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. ... "With a view to bring out all relevant aspects of the issues and to provide a suitable platform for discussions, TRAI has initiated this consultation paper to engage the industry and all the stakeholders on the key issues," the regulator said

What Are Software Defined Networks?

There have already been some successful deployments of SDN in the technology’s early stages, for example in data centres and for certain aspects of service providers’ business routing. It revolves around the concept of a routing table where specific services can be routed based on pre-defined parameters – for instance, an organization’s cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service could be routed over a faster network route during normal office hours, and then the route changed after this time to a standard network. This benefits the organization because they can be safe in the knowledge that their mission-critical systems can operate at high speeds at peak times, and benefits the service provider as they’re able to offer a premium service at a higher cost.

Windows 10 secret settings make your computer run faster and look better

So, here are five secret ways to make Windows 10 work better than the standard version that 300 million people have already downloaded. You have to know where to find these settings to turn them on. Once you do, you'll find that your computer starts up faster than before and it looks better, too. Here's how to turn on these features. See which ones you like. It may be just one, two or all five. First, to get started type "regedit" into your Windows 10 taskbar (lower left-hand corner of your screen). One you're in, you'll click on each folders you want to open (look for a gray right arrow). To be safe, you may want to backup your registry before you change anything. It's easy.

US blockchain industry calls for national licensing regime

Focusing on digital currency industry, Boring outlined that not all companies associated with digital currencies and digital assets are money services businesses (MSBs). “Companies that are involved in developing and deploying digital currency or asset protocols, crypto currencies, or other digital assets, but who are not involved in the provision of money transmission or other MSB activities, are being denied access to banking services in the current system”, Boring added. “the digital currency and digital asset companies involved in MSB activities are similarly being denied access to banking services without appropriate initial due diligence aimed at understanding the actual business model of the companies.”

Let the budget games begin!

A weakness in our security efforts — one we share with most organizations — is in the area of IT or corporate security. It has improved, now that most of our corporate applications are cloud-based or software as a service (SaaS), which means our corporate network is not populated with a lot of business-critical servers. But that doesn’t mean we can disregard basic security hygiene such as patch compliance, endpoint security, network segmentation and secure configuration management. Like many other organizations, we give our users administrative access to their PCs. We try to protect the PCs by using group policies, but users still install third-party programs. That means that besides keeping up with operating system patches and baseline configuration, we also have to stay on top of third-party application patches.

Pair Programming is no Panacea

People that work together have a tendency to think together. Groupthink can be good in situations where you want to build consensus. But it can also be disastrous if you want to tap into the intellectual diversity of a group of people. Certainly, you can pull off divergent thinking in groups, but doing so is fighting gravity. It requires awareness and techniques employed by the group to tease out a broad perspective instead of a narrow perspective. Contrast this with people working alone. The tendency is divergent thinking. Simply because individuals don't know what other people are doing so they can't be on the same page. The longer the isolation, the greater the divergence. These tendencies explain why brainstorming--locking people in a room to devise creative solutions--is often counter-productive. The multitude of minds follow one train of thought, that of the group.

Valuing Data as an Asset to Aid Data Governance

There is no agreement on data valuation as of yet. Some attempts have been made on the subject. One example is a paper authored by Daniel Moody and Peter Walsh. The paper – “Measuring the Value of Information: An Asset Valuation Approach” -- looked at different approaches that had, in part, been previously researched to value information, including the different accounting valuation models based on cost, market value, and revenue potential. Another valuation approach the authors examined, termed ”Communications Theory,” attempted to measure the value of information based on the amount of information communicated. This, they correctly concluded, leaves out the value of the content and is not a useful approach to data valuation. The report concluded that the best cost approximation of data is based on future cash flow. This prediction is reflected in today’s industry trend.

Here's where fintech is heading next

So when do we hit the tipping point? When is there a notable migration to digital platforms? We've already seen how digital disruption has attacked music sales, video rentals, travel bookings and newspapers. It may not be that far away. There is a point where early adopters proselytize, the technology improves, widespread media coverage of the new platforms takes place and somewhere when market share gets into the low teens digital disruption starts to take off. Citi believes that as well. The bank expects the percentage of North American consumer banking revenue that will migrate to digital will accelerate to 10 percent in 2020 and 17 percent in 2023.

Predicting the next Slack: Finding sticky cloud apps with cult-like followings

While it seemingly came out of nowhere, Slack’s meteoric rise was no coincidence. Between its early focus on winning over developers who quickly became incredibly effective evangelists for Slack throughout their respective organizations, and its aggressive moves to integrate with other popular business apps for a more connected experience, Slack provided a distinct model for other business apps to follow. So who is following such a model right now, and what does their growth look like? My team analyzed more than two billion instances (i.e. any activity a user undertakes on a given app — from sharing to downloading to syncing) across more than one million users and 20,000 different cloud apps to answer that question.

Quote for the day:

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." -- Sun Tzu

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