June 06, 2016

Organizations Need Industry Vision for Digital Business Success

"Enterprises can transform by exploiting business moments or by using digital capabilities to enter or create new markets as Airbnb and Uber have done," said Jorge Lopez, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "However, many enterprises will find it easier to start by creating a vision for digital business for their particular industry. This approach enables the enterprise to tilt the fundamentals of competition in its favor without limiting digital business to narrow sequences of events and committing to a vast building project. Once the enterprise has established its vision, it can more easily tackle business moments or leverage its digital capabilities in new markets." Lopez offers the example of an organization envisioning changes within its industry if the Internet of Things or smart machines were used to full potential.

5 Signs You Misunderstand Big Data

The enhancing technology that seemed to quickly permit you to collect as well as analyze high quantities of data than prior gave birth to the word “big data.” Humans gained the ability of analyzing new types of data – especially unstructured data which played a big role in naming the data as big data. Initially, the only useful data was the perfect fit into rows and columns of a database. Today, the situation is completely different as the analysis of large text blocks including the books and journals, photos, videos audio, health records and much more is possible. This proves that big data isn’t just about the data volume but it balances the variety of data which is accessible now.

It’s time for ‘small data.

The problem is that education policymakers around the world are now reforming their education systems through correlations based on big data from their own national student assessments systems and international education data bases without adequately understanding the details that make a difference in schools. A doctoral thesis in the University of Cambridge, for example, recently concluded that most OECD countries that take part in the PISA survey have made changes in their education policies based primarily on PISA data in order to improve their performance in future PISA tests. But are changes based on big data really well suited for improving teaching and learning in schools and classrooms?

How Risky Is Bleeding Edge Tech?

Most seasoned information security experts know that when a new technology starts taking off like wildfire, chances are pretty good that someone's going to get burned. The curve of innovation for decades has generally traversed a path where engineers think of features, bells and whistles first, security last. As a new crop of exciting technology like smart medical devices, drones and driverless cars jockeys for position in the mainstream, the question is how much risk they'll bring to the table. A panel of experts with the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute recently took a look at some of the hottest tech making its way to the forefront to answer this very question. Here are some of the highlights from the report, 2016 Emerging Technology Domains Risk Survey.

The case for IT Governance

Even the best of breed systems and tools are not designed to govern themselves. Vendors genuinely do their best job, but verification is always needed. Quite simply, IT Governance didn’t happen. In a similar situation, a lot of companies would blame the IT staff or go after the vendor. ... In conclusion, IT Governance does not have to be a mysterious or out of reach function in your organization. Let RSM help you build an IT strategy that includes proper IT Governance and limits the amount of surprises you may encounter as you continue to grow your business! The Rapid Assessment process will help align the people, process and technologies present in your business for the maximum amount of return on your investment. Contact us if we can help you with this or any technology issue you may be facing.

Insights On IT Governance

In today’s business situation with its complexity, required to be responsive, the costs to an organization can be important to stay competitive and meet business initiatives and challenges. An organization might face challenges and business problems like Global competition, product development costs, regulatory compliance, new business opportunity, and lack of skilled staff. While addressing any of these issues, the organization must be sure that the value of the business internally and the value provided to its customers is maintained or improved. This influences the executives to focus on how they can grow, sustain, change, and manage the organization to meet these challenges pertaining to corporate policies, processes, and IT infrastructure and systems that are required.

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Your Boss

In one of the more surprising results, the authors found that constructive humor from leaders often fell flat, and they speculate that employees view self-enhancing jokes, in particular, as a sign their boss is trying a little too hard to shrug off any pressure and is reluctant to meet a problem head-on. Drilling further down, the study argues that contingent reward leaders, who base much of their management style on incentivizing employees, should generally avoid spending too much time joking around with subordinates because it tends to undermine their authority as managers. For example, these types of leaders got no benefit from using self-defeating humor; the respondents indicated that they felt it eroded the supervisor’s perceived ability to reward or admonish them.

Fed Cyber Security Focuses on Major Threats in a High-Risk World

“If there was a breach that could drain the funds out of a major central bank, that’s a major issue,” said Ted Truman, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute in Washington and a former director of Division of International Finance at the Fed Board. “At a minimum, it would be very damaging to the reputation of the bank.” Such a scenario seems increasingly less far-fetched. News broke in March that hackers stole $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank’s account at the New York Fed, the biggest known cyber-heist in history. The regional Fed has said that the instructions to make the payments were authenticated by the Swift message system, which is widely used by financial institutions.

Ethics should be at the core of cybersecurity

Reflecting on his time in defence, the major general said organised cybercrime is not only global, but also a lucrative industry. Governments and businesses alike need to play catch-up, as Day said many cybercriminals worked out long before most that data is a commodity from which you can make money. "Some of these criminals have very close links to the intelligence and security services of their countries; sometimes we found it difficult to determine if an attack had been prosecuted by a criminal gang or by a nation state," he said "Some of these criminals work for their intelligence or security services by day, and at night to make money on the side, use their learned tradecraft." According to Day, cyber incidents are now reasonably foreseeable, which he said is very important when a business finds itself in court.

Intel's Next Monster 24 Core Chip Is Made For High Performance Computers

Intel's biggest focus for Xeon E7 v4 is in-memory processing, used for applications like databases. SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, which sell analytics and database software, are placing more emphasis on in-memory processing because it's faster than continuously shuffling data between the CPU, memory, and storage. The chips support DDR4 memory. The Xeon E7-8800 v4 family plays into Intel's other areas of focus -- the Internet of Things, memory, and silicon photonics -- because powerful chips could help advance those technologies. Servers could be toolboxes where data collected from IoT clients could be analyzed, Buddenbaum said. Intel is putting emphasis on FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays), but Buddenbaum said E7 v4 chips aren't designed for use with them. FPGAs are a better match for the company's Xeon E5 v4 servers, which have between one to four sockets.

Quote for the day:

"Failure makes success so much sweeter, and allows you to thumb your nose at the crowds." --
Wilbur Smith

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