June 16, 2015

Big Data Bets In The Cloud
Less clear is the degree to which smaller cloud service providers will be able to withstand this level of competition over the long haul. No sooner did AWS unfurl its M4 service, it also announced price reductions on its M3 and C4 cloud services by five percent. That may not seem like much but as part of a consistent pricing strategy where AWS price cuts are soon followed by similar price cuts from Microsoft and Google the economic pressure on smaller cloud service providers mounts. The good news is that the existence of faster processors means it’s also now possible for all cloud service providers to reduce the number of servers they need to deploy to support any given set of application workloads, making them all more economically efficient.

Why coders get into 'religious wars' over programming languages
Python vs. Java is a popular ongoing argument, for instance, as is Java vs.Google's Go, or Java vs. Ruby, or really Java vs. any other language. Java, an old workhorse of website app development, is both really common and very poorly-regarded, which leads to no shortage of programmers insisting that its time has passed and suggesting a faster, more modern replacement. More recently, a hot topic has been Objective-C, the language in which most iPhone apps are written, versus Apple's Swift. Apple is positioning Swift as Objective-C's natural successor, promising that it's both easier to write apps with and that the apps themselves are faster. Swift is growing very rapidly, but it's still a fraction of the overall iPhone/iPad development scene.

Building a Better VMM: 8 Ideas
Even if you don’t use VMM, this article is for you. If you have Hyper-V but not VMM, then that is something that Microsoft seriously needs to address whether you (or they) realize it or not. I believe that there should be a set of free tools with a premium management pack. The free tools should be enough for anyone to get by with minimal stress and the premium tool should not be required but it should provide a value-add that exceeds its price point. It should also either be a plug-in to the free tools or it should be able to do everything that they do so that a premium user doesn’t need to flip between tools. As these products stand today, none of those things are true. That’s part of the reason so many people aren’t using VMM. What I really want to focus on is the problems in the VMM product.

Create an efficient data management process in the enterprise
Integration is an important issue in the data management process. To set up tiers, a company must have data storage management software capable of moving information among different hardware systems. Modern IT organizations are rarely willing or able to standardize on one application platform. A data solution, therefore, needs to support multiple platforms, such as Linux and Windows, as well as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization, with data protection. Standards allow information to flow among the various storage and processing systems. IT is able to store, relate, classify and search for data across the enterprise only when those pieces are in place.

The Evolution Of Hybrid IT
So, unlike dealing with a telco, where you as a customer deal with one entity and that one entity provides the connectivity, the data centre, potentially the hosting space and maybe some cloud services and so on, a lot of enterprises now are moving to hybrid IT environments and hybrid cloud environments. So, they're dealing with potentially multiple network service providers, multiple data centre operators and multiple cloud operators, and they're having to write a lot of interfaces, a lot of different ways to talk to all these various endpoints. There's not a consistent security model, there's not a consistent privacy management module, and there's not consistent policy management, all the kinds of things that enterprises need in order to integrate systems into their overall IT architecture.

Bankers Debate Privacy, Security Trade-Offs of Mobile Apps
"The biggest issue that bankers need to contend with is that in contrast to the early days of the Internet, where we had two operating systems and maybe three browsers … now we have 2.6 million apps you can potentially download to your phone," O'Neill said. "Throw in another half-million apps that Amazon is introducing for Kindle, and you have a cornucopia of back-door opportunities for malware." Cybercriminals can now use customer smartphones to create millions of potential points of attack into banks' systems, O'Neill said. He cited a recent incident linked to the release of the satirical film The Interview, which lampooned North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, as one example of the threat posed by mobile apps.

Indian Big Data Momentum Intensifies, Says Pulak Ghosh, UN Big Data Expert
Appreciation of analytics is gaining momentum with an exponential rate! Already convinced players like, banks, e-commerce companies are taking the analytics expertise to the next level. While, Citi, HSBC, HDFC, ICICI and Axis bank has now a dedicated team to look at problems using advanced analytics, the largest commercial bank of India, State Bank of India has started a vertical on analytics with balanced group comprising of several statisticians, banking professionals and computer scientist to develop advanced analytics methods. Coming to retail, Amazon and FlipKart started betting on their data following the early success stories scripted by the banks. Snapdeal has also started analytics recently. More and more firms are today convinced that there is a great deal of competitive advantage in taking decision which is supported by findings through analytics.

How to Improve Product Development by Integrating Design Thinking with MVP
Design thinking is an approach that involves the application of empathy to problem solving, matching the things people need with technologically feasible and viable solutions available today. Empathy lets us feel what it’s like to be in someone else's shoes, to create customer-centric products and solutions to meet specific customer needs. As a framework for product development, design thinking is a human-centered, interactive learning process that focuses on customers as people with defined needs, and works backward to a technology solution. This provides a level of clarity on business objectives and a deeper understanding of the way a company’s products are valued in a marketplace.

Cybersecurity first responders give advice on data breach aftermath
“The first step is definitely supporting the customer who is reporting the incident - in order to avoid panic,” says Forte. Forte has extensive real-world experience as a cybersecurity first responder. He has 15 years experience in the Italian military and financial police, and has worked in the United States with NASA and many federal agencies. In both countries, Forte has managed information security strategies and undertook incident management and digital investigations. He is currently the Italian Chief of Delegation and a Subject Matter Expert and Co-Editor serving the Italian Delegation for ISO Standards on Digital Evidence and Investigations, and Incident Management.

Female CIOs winning bigger budget increases than male IT chiefs
"Female CIOs are significantly more likely to express concern that investments in risk management and risk management practices are not keeping up with new and higher levels of risk in a more digital world," said the research. Seventy-six percent of female CIOs expressed this concern about risk investments as opposed to 67 percent of male heads of IT. The analyst in charge of the research, Gartner fellow Tina Nunno, said this is part of the reason that women are more successful than men at getting approval for large budgets. "It seems that women just tell a better story," said Nunno. This is true regardless of whether the female CIO is reporting into a male or female boss, a CFO or a CEO, Nunno said.

Quote for the day:

“Pivoting is not the end of the disruption process, but the beginning of the next leg of your journey.” -- Jay Samit

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