April 13, 2014

MediaFire offers 1TB of cloud storage for $2.50, 50GB for free
As with other file-sharing services, MediaFire allows multiple users to collaborate on projects by sharing folders and files and offering controls on who can edit and who can view content. Users can invite others to connect through the service by sending a link through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloggr or email. There is also embedded-link sharing for online blogging platforms. The application also has an "Activity Feed" that keeps track of a user's activity on MediaFire, including updates to files made by other users, new files received and system status messages.

Five Car Technologies That Will Forever Change How We Drive
Ten years from now, cars may still look and drive just like the cars on the road today. But in between that time and now, we’re likely to see some major changes in automotive technologies being integrated into 2015 models and beyond, redefining the relationship between car and driver beyond hand on wheel, foot to pedal… even relieving us of these current driving responsibilities.

Change Resistance is a Myth!
Yes, that’s right! I believe change resistance is a myth. It’s an easy way for those leading change to blame the organization for not changing. I’m going to suggest that as a change agent, the buck stops with you. To be effective with “Big Change” you will need to be adept at influencing change and make this #BPMshift. If your organization isn’t changing – examine your tactics. If you gave someone in your organization 10 years of salary, do you think they would change? When an employee gets married, has a baby or moves – do they change? Of course they do!

900 Years of Tree Diagrams, the Most Important Data Viz Tool in History
While the impulse to visualize is more alive today than ever, our increasingly technological society may be outgrowing this enduring representational model. “Trees are facing this paradigm shift,” Lima says. “The tree, as a representational hierarchy, cannot accommodate things like the web and Wikipedia–things with linkage. The network is replacing the tree as the new visual metaphor.” In fact, the idea to do a collection solely on trees was born during Lima’s research on his first book–a collection of visualizations based on the staggering complexity of networks.

NSA Secretly Exploited Devastating Heartbleed Bug for Years
And Friday afternoon, Bloomberg reported that the National Security Agency has been aware of and actively exploiting the Heartbleed bug for at least two full years, citing "two people familiar with the matter." Ironically, the report comes on the same day that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a warning about Heartbleed, stating that "While there have not been any reported attacks or malicious incidents involving this particular vulnerability confirmed at this time, it is still possible that malicious actors in cyberspace could exploit un-patched systems."

MapR Adds Apache Spark Stack to Distribution for Hadoop
"It has become clear that Apache Spark offers a combination of high-performance, in-memory data processing and multiple computation models that is well suited to serving as the basis of next-generation data processing platforms," commented Matt Aslett, research director, data platforms and analytics, 451 Research. “MapR's support for the complete Spark stack, combined with its partnership with Databricks, should give Hadoop users the confidence to start developing applications to take advantage of Spark's performance and flexibility."

Werner Vogels: four cloud computing trends for 2014
In 2014 expect a great rise in organisations that are adding media capabilities to their offerings. A good example is sports clubs; all are looking for ways to establish an engagement with their fan base beyond the two hours on a weekend. A successful way to achieve a weeklong engagement is by daily distribution or fresh, exclusive media content. The subscription revenues for clubs that often have millions of fans around the world are substantial. Cloud based services for pre and post production, as well as distribution, are readily available such that anyone can become an internet broadcaster operating worldwide without any capital investment.

Improving data governance and ensuring data ownership
A powerful tool is currently being developed that will remove the ambiguity in terminology; called the Financial Industry Business Ontology from the Enterprise Data Management Council. This tool aims to provide a common, standard terminology for all data for the financial industry. As standard definitions are released, it will be possible to start using this tool to reduce the uncertainty as to what the data actually is. The semantic repository of data terms covers a wide range of financial terms and common ones, such as business entities, will be of use to a broad set of financial institutions.

What makes the perfect data scientist?
Forrester Research analyst Mike Gualtieri believes a good data scientist can apply their expertise to any field. He gave the example of the “recommendations” section of Netflix, and said that it was mathematicians who were behind the development– not people with an intimate knowledge of Netflix’s audience. But the president of Hadoop distributor and developer HortonWorks, Herb Cunitz, said that a data scientist should have a good understanding of the sector they are working in. He advised enterprises to get those who understand data science tools to team up with colleagues who know the questions that the organisation wants answered – unless they have people on the payroll who can do both.

Artificial Neural Network based Web Application Firewall for SQL Injection
According to international statistics, SQL Injection is one of the most popular vulnerabilities of web applications. The consequences of this type of attacks are quite dangerous, such as sensitive information could be stolen or authentication systems might be by-passed. To mitigate the situation, several techniques have been adopted. In this research, a security solution is proposed using Artificial Neural Network to protect web applications against this type of attacks. The solution has been experimented on sample datasets and has given promising result.

Quote for the day:

"15% of one's financial success is due one's technical knowledge & 85% is due to skill in human engineering." - - Dale Carnegie

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