November 13, 2015

Luring Top Campus Talent to the Field of Data Analytics

“Many students discover they love the challenge of analyzing the data and coming up with meaningful insights and recommendations. It has changed the career trajectory and aspirations of many students,” Dykes said. Adobe has hired more than 20 students from this competition, and many others have gone on to work in the field of analytics for ad agencies and other companies, according to Dykes. “When I was a manager in Adobe Consulting, it was one of our best hiring channels for new talent. Many of our hires from the competition went on to be our best consultants and then took roles in product management, product marketing, and consulting leadership at Adobe,” Dykes said.

Business commerce: Can B2B really get ‘friendlier’ online?

The eCommerce sites aimed at consumers have polished their customer experiences to remove any hint of friction. However, B2B buying is more complicated – while some purchases might be simple commodities that could go through B2C-style experiences, many are long “considered purchases” that involve multiple stakeholders and capital expenditure. Here, removing friction would not speed up procurement – it would only make it more pleasant. Managing the purchase process and making it go faster is a goal for all B2B companies on both sides of the buyer and seller divide. However, it can be harder to remove some of the friction that exists than you think, unless you can put the right data in front of the right people at the right times.

Accounting And Finance Professionals Play Increasing Role In Cybersecurity

The number and severity of damaging cyberattacks has brought to the forefront the importance of providing the finance profession with the tools they need to protect the personal and corporate financial information they handle. With the amount of sensitive information they handle, accounting professionals are at the center of the fray, making it critical that they are prepared to prevent and respond to cyber threats. “For accountants, measures must be taken to ensure that the sensitive personal and corporate financial information they handle is safe: accountants need to be at the forefront of cybersecurity,” said the report’s author, Dr. Jonathan Hill, Interim Dean at Pace’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems.

The Potential of Geolocation for Revolutionizing Retail

One of the most exciting areas of development is the marrying of mobile apps, location sensing technologies (e.g., GPS), and data analytics to improve the in-store experience for customers. Location sensing technologies in retail typically involve customers using the retailer’s app, or a third-party app, and ceding permission to track their location in return for a better experience or reward. The customer’s location can be determined through the phone’s GPS capability — or more accurately within the store via WiFi, light-based triangulation or beacons. ... Many retailers, from Macy’s to Walgreens, are already experimenting with location-sensing technologies, with most of the focus to date on navigation, location based promotional offers, and reviews of nearby products.

4 ways CIOs can speak better CFO

“I’ve worked with my CFO for seven years, and I’ve never been told ‘no’ for a project, partly because I only come to him when it’s something I really need, and because I’ve also developed a great relationship with him,” says Darren Schoen, director of technology infrastructure at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. But achieving that level of report isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s something that takes time and persistence, Schoen says. “Some CIOs and IT folks are intimidated by the CFO, but you shouldn’t be. If you talk to them in a language they understand and start working together, that intimidation dissipates and you start developing a truly collaborative relationship,” Schoen says.

Teradata’s Embrace of Hadoop

Teradata, if you don’t know the company’s products, has been working towards a Unified Data Architecture (UDA) for years. If you don’t know what a UDA is, it’s a little like the Grand Universal Theory that physicists have been searching for and failing to find for years. It’s a single unified data architecture that can launch queries effectively and efficiently over any kind of data. Until I completed research for that algebra book (The Algebra of Data by Sherman and Bloor) I believed that such an architecture was a mirage of the kind that moves further into the distance the closer you get to it. After all, nowadays we have relational databases, document databases, graph databases and even triple-stores. But now, because it’s mathematically possible – and provably so – I have more confidence in Teradata’s ambition.

Gathering intelligence: how manufacturers can use Big Data

Research by the MTC suggests there are three essential areas that companies should be prioritising, if they are to get the most out of the rise of Industry 4.0. These are data on product quality, including faults or components not meeting their required specifications; information on the health of production equipment, such as maintenance and repair data; and any data that allows them to be more flexible, by allowing them to more easily meet customer demands for increased customisation of their products. In addition to these, information on the power consumption of each machine, and therefore the energy efficiency of the production line as a whole, is also an important area that companies may wish to analyse, she said.

Five super-easy IP traffic monitoring tools

For system admins, one of the most important tasks is keeping an eye on the network. When things go bad in your world, a rogue ne'er-do-well could be the cause. Whether that malicious entity is a hacker, a compromised system, or a bad piece of hardware, it's essential to sniff out the issue. To that end, you need the right tools. One of the first tools you might turn to is an IP traffic monitoring tool. The good news is that there are tons of these tools ready to serve you. The bad news... some of them are a bit complex. That's why I thought I'd find the easiest IP traffic monitoring tools and list five of them for your network monitoring pleasure.

Microsoft CEO seeks a Visual Basic for new digital age

Nadella’s vision is data-centric with information sucked in to spit out smarter human-computer interactions. “It’s going to be data. There will never be a search box that doesn’t autocomplete or have recommendations.” In the same way that Visual Basic programming opened up Windows development to a broader constituency, Nadella wants Microsoft to be at the heart of democratising cloud computing so it’s “much easier to write applications that fuel the world”. Technology pillars for this new generation of data-driven apps will include some of Microsoft’s full house of analysis technologies including Cortana Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Kinect Computer Vision and Bing Web Understanding.

Digital Don Accused of Hacks at JPMorgan, Dow Jones Over 8 Years

“The conduct alleged in this case showcases the brave new world of hacking for profit,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in Manhattan said Tuesday in announcing two of the indictments that laid out parts of the scheme. “It is no longer hacking merely for a quick payout,” Bharara said. “It is hacking as a business model.” The allegations are perhaps the starkest illustration yet that even the most sophisticated computer networks, run by companies at the heart of the global financial system, may be vulnerable in the age of the Digital Don. The latest revelations come just three months after U.S. authorities arrested several men they accuse of lurking inside servers where corporate press announcements were awaiting release, in order to trade on the information before it went public.

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