November 26, 2015

Google Kubernetes Is an Open-Source Software Hit

Kubernetes is technically a cluster manager that’s able to take containers and automatically add or delete resources. A container encloses a program (or a piece of one) in a layer of software that connects seamlessly to the operating system and other computing resources. One advantage is that it can be moved easily from one computer or server to another. If traffic to a certain application spikes, Kubernetes is able to automatically replicate containers and expand capacity without manual intervention. The software can schedule containers, allocate them and make sure the computing environment has enough memory, disk space and storage, David Linthicum, senior vice president of Cloud Technology Partners told CIO Journal.

Building a big data technology framework? Focus on business differentiation

"When you're telling a decision maker -- in this case, a farmer -- that they should apply this much fertilizer to this piece of land on this day, it is very helpful to answer the question, 'why,' when it's asked," he said. The key to explanatory analytics may be models. He pointed to two techniques that can help with this: Structural modeling, which he said is "used to illustrate statistical connections between the environment and crop outcomes," and mechanistic modeling, which he said is "used to capture physical phenomenon when the underlying physics are well understood or can be captured directly." ... "We need multiple techniques because there is no 'free lunch' and, typically, one technique will not work for every problem," he said after the event via email.

What are the best qualifications for a career in cyber security?

Most senior careers (with higher salaries) involve becoming a manager or advising others about management. The role may be managing a technical team of specialists or managing all of the people, processes and technology associated with ensuring effective information security. The latter requires a thorough knowledge of asset and risk management and the controls required to mitigate the risks to an organisation. This is where the knowledge and skills associated with ISO 27001 qualifications such as ISO27001 Foundation and ISO27001 Lead Implementer have the greatest influence. For the first cyber security management qualification I always recommend people in the UK to consider obtaining the Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP).

Cyberwar Part 2: Government Hacks Threaten Private Sector

"Contrary to a popular belief, fingerprints are not unique, and out of 5.6 million fingerprints compromised, there can be quite a few people who have fingerprints similar enough to be accepted by the biometric authentication system," said Igor Baikalov, chief scientist for security-intelligence company Securonix. "Now, if there is someone with access to top-secret information, and his fingerprint data can be matched to someone else with a known gambling problem -- known from the background checks also leaked by OPM -- the attacker has a way to potentially circumvent biometric authentication. Far-fetched? Probably. But not impossible," he added. As a result, IT and InfoSec professionals are going to have to come up with additional user authentications to mitigate these risks, and perhaps create a few new ones.

Neo4j 2.3 Graph Database Features and openCypher Initiative

As of now, Neo has an official Docker repository that we officially support for our customers. As far as best practices: perhaps the most important tuning parameter is memory. The underlying hardware must provide sufficient memory for the containers running on it; the Neo4j image allows memory usage to be configured as appropriate. And the Enterprise Edition of Neo4j, which in contrast to the Community Edition is primarily commercial, has quite a few operational features that aren’t in the Community Edition, including clustering. Docker containers are essentially ephemeral, but Neo4j needs durable storage for its data. The underlying hardware must include a disk which is mounted into the container for this purpose. Docker containers are isolated from one another by default.

Analytics team structure can work without data scientists

There's no shortage of promise when it comes to streaming analytics and unstructured data analysis, but the issue Cunningham raises is how that ties into the business. "In reality, there has been little effective integration of good data modeling against complicated data at the business level," he said. As a result, Cunningham is more focused on structuring his analytics team to derive tangible value from specific data analysis projects. Currently, he said, the team is working to build better analytical models to predict which medical benefits claims should be paid by insurers and which shouldn't. The goal is to shorten the time it takes to get an answer on coverage when a healthcare provider submits a claim on behalf of a patient.

How to Safely Manage Personal Health Information

Partners and business associates of healthcare that sign HIPAA or PHI related agreements will need to ensure the protection of PHI data, as they are legally bound to handle the patient data as per the rules and regulations. The rules were [originally] limited to paper records but with the advent of technological advancement this rule is extended to the various forms of electronic media, [and] any information that the companies would want to solicit will require approvals from the patients. Organisations will also be subject to audits to ensure processes have been followed with regards the PHI. Despite the regulations and stringent processes, there have been data breaches that have been plaguing the healthcare industry, and “potential cost of breaches for the healthcare industry could be as much as $5.6 billion annually,” one study noted.

Feeding Forward: Using tech to help feed the hungry

Advancements in technology will make it better for everybody involved. Ahmad gave me the example of a time when she was still a student at Berkeley. The dining hall manager called her about 500 sandwiches left over from an event. Dealing with perishable food was extra challenging in Feeding Forward's early days before the cloud, mobile apps, and real-time technologies. "I called the entire list of recipients for all the non-profits in Berkeley and Oakland and even as far as Richmond, California," Ahmad said. "A third of them don't answer the phone, a third of them are like 'No, we are good for today' and the last third are like 'No, we can take up to about 15 sandwiches, or 10 sandwiches. I think, 'Awesome, now I have 485 sandwiches, I have five hours of reading and I'm on the side of the road.'"

Dell security flaws reignite debate on pre-installed software

"The news that some Dell laptops are shipping with at least one, and now likely two, rogue root certificates represents a potential security breakdown in the process of laying down the factory operating system image on new laptops for consumer use,” said Tod Beardsley, security engineering manager at security firm Rapid7. He urged users to contact their support representatives for instructions on how to remove these rogue certificates. “Users rely on factory images of operating systems to be reasonably secure by default; the act of re-installing an operating system from original sources is often beyond the technical capabilities of the average end user,” said Beardsley.

Disruption and Emergence: What does it mean for Enterprise Architecture?

The domain of the enterprise architect is changing, as more and more “enterprise” architecture components are sourced externally. Social and environmental architectures are as important to an enterprise architecture as the components that remain within the enterprise boundary and under the direct control of the EA team. Emerging technologies and digital disruption will transform the enterprise, but they will also transform the ways in which we architect. What will this mean for enterprise architecture in general, or for the role of the enterprise architect? How will EA help enterprises to collaborate with one another? What will these changes mean for the nature of the enterprise and its architecture?

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