March 28, 2015

Work in the 21st Century: Between the Industrial and the ICT Revolution
In the age of social media and the end of fixed workstations, large corporations have no choice but to adapt themselves. In order to survive, companies must promote change from within. The new BBVA headquarters in Madrid, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, is an example of how corporate architecture can adapt to a new working environment, where a culture of collaborative, flexible and open work is nurtured, supported by technology. The “New Approaches to Work” project linked to the newly built BBVA headquarters focuses on the functional and personal needs of employees, as the BBVA New Headquarters Team explains in OpenMind.

The economic laws of positive technology disruption
Increasingly this decision comes down to the IT leader, but this person is perhaps not always the CIO or the CTO. The emergence of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) might require an additional key to the C-suite washroom, but it is a role worth creating. With a CDO firms are creating a special new role in terms of someone who understands business outcomes as much as he or she understands software application development (or at least what the code is supposed to achieve) today. The Chief Digital Officer’s role today revolves around IT value. But specifically, what does this really mean? The CDO has to be able to read the disruption barometer, decide how to ride the storm and be able to assess outcomes and future direction for the firm as a result of actions taken.

Microsoft EA 101
So how can an EA help you take advantage of this exciting, new cloud-first, mobile-first world? Microsoft has released some pretty interesting products in the last six months to help guide you through that. As part of the Enterprise enrollment, you get a cloud-optimized option with Office 365. You get the server cloud enrollment that’ll give you Azure and other products that are all catered towards the cloud. In the newest offering, the Enterprise Cloud Suite even offers Windows on a user base license as needed. There’s a tremendous amount of flexibility there. Oh, and don’t get the wrong idea—those “big savings” I mentioned earlier are still there. If you’re comparing EA to current select licenses, you could have anywhere between 15–45% savings. There’s still no better way to save on Microsoft.

A Look at How Keyless SSL Works
In keyless SSL used by CloudFlare, the “handshake” operations are typically broken down into two segments. One, the public key operation, and Two, the private key operation. In order to prevent the private key from being handed over to a third party, all aspects of the private key handshaking process happens within the origin website's infrastructure. To do this, CloudFlare simply sets up a remote key server at the customer's end. This way, the private part of the handshaking process is complete within the origin web server and thus stays exclusive. So what happens now is that when a visitor approaches a secure website, the web server first sends out the public key certificate along with the random symmetric encryption key to the browser.

Delving deeply into the narrative hierarchies of computer vision analytics
The more disruptive real-world applications of deep learning will be those that generate deeper situational insights through correlation with additional contextual variables. This added context can help deep learning algorithms to unambiguously identify that a particular person is in a particular circumstance at a particular time and place. ... This is a daunting technical challenge, and deep learning researchers aren’t promising that they’ll crack it any time soon. But this challenge has a clear path to a solution, through ongoing efforts in the deep learning community to leverage the extrinsic context that comes from other machine learning algorithms, such as those used for natural language processing, sentiment analysis and behavioral analytics.

Facebook Lets Developers Build on Its Chat App
Messenger Platform became available Wednesday, and Marcus said that more than 40 apps are participating. Facebook also unveiled a plan to let businesses chat with customers in a new way. The hope is that when you’re buying something online, a retailer will let you choose to be contacted via Messenger about your order, and if you assent, you can see an order confirmation, shipping details, and other information in the app. You’ll even be able to do things like change your order or, as a demo with online clothing retailer Everlane indicated, buy additional items via chat.

The Indian Banking Community Cloud
Community clouds offer services to support organizations with shared objectives and common security and privacy requirements. By providing cloud-based services exclusively to Indian banks, the Indian Banking Community Cloud (IBCC) aims to address the financial sector’s growing demand for secure cloud-based services. ... The IBBC team developed a cloud security framework based on the available guidelines from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, PCI-DSS, the European Network and Information Security Agency, and the Cloud Security Alliance, and recommendations from chief in- formation security officers in the Indian bank- ing sector. This framework is used to implement IBCC security.

Microsoft's Nano Server: What to expect from this leaner, meaner Windows Server
As traffic increases, administrators will want to launch additional VMs with shorter boot times, but Windows Server isn’t the best operating system (OS) for elastic workloads. It also undergoes frequent reboots, usually in response to a new software patch or security update, which has a knock-on effect on the uptime of applications. With the addition of components and services that are not core to the applications, Windows’ footprint has increased over time, bringing with it a larger attack surface for malware and viruses. Furthermore, the large VM image size hogs network bandwidth during provisioning, which should go some way to further explaining why Microsoft is looking to introduce a pared-back version of Windows server.

A Budget is Not an IT Strategy
The generally accepted rule of thumb is that, for most companies, IT-spend usually runs somewhere between 1 to 5 percent of overall revenues. Many CEOs assume that so long as their IT leaders keep it within an acceptable range, they don’t need to focus too much on how it’s being spent. But a revenue-based metric is meaningless unless you think about factors such as the organization’s business model, maturity, industry, capital structure, and most importantly, their overall objectives. Investing in IT Does Not Imply Investing Wisely

How virtual reality will impact the enterprise
This is most useful for remote observers in order to feel like they are actually there and in conjunction with telepresence robots could allow remote employees, students, security guards, managers, or executives to instantly feel they are actually in a remote location and gain similar freedom of movement and engagement to folks that are actually there.  This is much better than teleconference because it forces the remote person to concentrate on the image they are seeing and it makes them less likely to be looking at something else on their PC screen or their local room when an important point is being made or a critical observation needs to be captured.

Quote for the day:

"If you spend your life trying to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything." -- Tom Rath

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