March 29, 2015

Compliance biggest cloud security challenge
Of those concerned most about compliance, 58 percent said that cloud services violated data protection laws in their country, 31 percent said they violated internal security policies, and 11 percent said they violated laws against moving sensitive data out of a country. As a result of the data residency laws in particular, there were significant geographical differences in whether companies opted for encryption or tokenization. CipherCloud's technology allows companies to use platforms such as Salesforce, Office 365 and Gmail while encrypting sensitive data and allowing the companies to control the encryption keys. And the encryption mechanism used still allows for some functionality to be preserved, including searching and sorting while the data is still in encrypted form.

Implement Performance Measurement in Project Ripples
One of the easy-to-correct reasons that most organisations do get paralysed with performance measurement is that they stack too much at the start: learning the methodology; proving the methodology; engaging the entire organistion in applying the methodology; tailoring and tweaking the methodology; perfecting each step of the methodology and striving to hit high-performance targets. ... It might sound counterintuitive, but starting smaller actually means you achieve much more, and much faster. That’s what a system of project ripples achieves. We implement performance measurement systematically, in ever-growing ripples of projects.

The Role of Domain Experts in Data Science
Domain expertise is most relevant, perhaps, in the interpretation of insights, particularly those insights gained using unsupervised learning about the workings of complex physical processes. An example of just such a situation was the use of Aster discovery platform to perform root cause analysis of failures in a multiple aircraft fleet from aircraft sensor and maintenance data. While the analysis started with no a priori model, a post prioriinterpretation of the results from the path analysis and the subsequent follow-up to improve aircraft safety certainly required domain expertise.

5 Ways For IT Organizations To Enable Business Success
When it comes to all the challenges facing IT organizations these days, there is no shortage of issues to focus on–everything from retiring legacy systems to figuring how to do more with less. Given the competing priorities, it’s critically important for IT organization to focus their efforts on the initiatives that will have the most strategic impact on the business. With that said–and to that end–there are things every IT organization should do to enable their business partners to succeed:

Control vs Chaos: Taming the Project Requirements Beast
One of the intrinsic challenges in software development occurs in the initial elicitation phase, when stakeholders get together and figure out what they want to achieve. The analysis, specification, and validation stages are all important moments in the project requirements definition and management, but elicitation remains a crucial first step, one that will determine the fate of the whole project. When the requirements are clear and realistic from the outset, the rest of the project unfolds naturally, even gracefully, but when the requirements are vague and impractical, they create problems that invariably snowball.

Right Now, The IoT is Like the Internet of the 1990s
Tibbets compares it to the early days of the web, which saw "a decade or more of unrestrained value" before patterns and standards around security started to emerge. "So one of the things we need to learn from is, once we learn from that value piece—which is really crucial, otherwise you're going to have a really secure thing that no one uses—that very next step has to be the follow-up, how to understand that value, and how to secure it," he says. ... "Every bike should be connected, so you can figure out where it is when it gets stolen. Bikes get stolen all the time," he says. "Once you're into less expensive products like that, it's going to become more ubiquitous."

Humanizing Big Data: The Smart Guide to Tracking Customers
“Humanizing Big Data” contends that every business recognizes the power of collecting and learning from data. But Strong insists the problem has to do with where some businesses focus when getting this information. More and more, businesses may be exclusively focusing on technology to bring in customers only to forget the customer in the process. But placing too much emphasis on technology without considering its impact on human behavior can have implications that affect the bottom line of a business now and in the future, Strong says. In other words, humans are more than a collection of clicks, Likes, mentions and Pins.

Beware of these IoT designs with security flaws
Preventing someone from attacking a device via Baby Duck Authentication is almost impossible for the average consumer-grade electronic device. The money, time, and effort put into Blu-Ray DVD security or satellite television set-top box protection is the level of effort to make something robust in the consumer market. That level of effort is rarely economical for consumer-grade hardware. ... Secret Handshakes are a very insecure design pattern because they are trivial and obvious to spoof. If a Secret Handshake can be captured, then it can be replayed. Anti-replay design patterns exist, but they often add complexity to a process or workflow that does not tolerate a lot of complexity, like the reset procedure, reconfiguration procedure, or initialisation process.

Half of enterprises have no budget at all for mobile security, survey finds
These are large companies we're talking about. Put that in the context that today's enterprises spend millions of dollars on security, locking down everything from databases to desktops. However, scant attention is being paid to today's client of choice: mobile apps. These findings come from new research released by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, which looked at the two sides of mobile security -- the apps that enterprise teams produce for customers, employees and clients. Looking at internal app development, the study concludes that mobile security is virtually non-existent, even in the largest corporations.

Beena Ammanath, GE on the Industrial Internet for Data-driven Innovation
The Industrial Internet connects brilliant machines with people at work and data analytics to find new ways to address major global challenges and improve healthcare, increase transportation and energy efficiency, and eliminate waste across every major industry. The Industrial Internet will unleash a productivity revolution to build, power, move and cure the world. ... The global economic impact of building cleaner, safer, more productive railroads, airlines, hospitals and power plants will transform industry and help our customers be more efficient and productive. By eliminating downtime, waste and guesswork, the Industrial Internet will save hundreds of billions of dollars, unleashing a productivity revolution.

Quote for the day:

"The leader who exercises power with honor will work from the inside out, starting with himself." -- Blaine Lee

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