May 01, 2015

Apple And IBM Team With Japan Post To Address The Needs Of An Aging Population
Tim Cook called the initiative “groundbreaking,” saying that it is “not only important for Japan, but [also] has global implications. Together, the three of us and all the teams that work so diligently behind us will dramatically improve the lives of millions of people.” He added that the “courage and the boldness and the ambition that Taizo-san and Japan Post are showing by being first in this is incredibly commendable.” For Cook, this Japan Post initiative shows the “enormous potential” of the Apple/IBM partnership, and he also delved into a discussion of Apple broader goals with respect to user health. He brought up the examples of HealthKit and ResearchKit, and added that this program with Japan Post is perfectly in line with the goals of those existing initiatives.

How Globe Testing helps startups make the leap to cloud development
There are also things such as response time. Customers are very impatient. The old rule was that websites shouldn't take more than three seconds to load, but these days it's one second. If it's not instant, you just go and look for a different website. So response time is also something that is very worrying for our customers. ... So being able to test on multiple operating systems and platforms and being able to automate as much as possible is very important for them. They need the tools that are very flexible and that can handle any given protocol. Again, HP Software, with things such as Unified Functional Testing (UFT), can help them.

ITIL: Piece by Piece
When enterprises have a challenge like that, we can immediately start to deconstruct the challenge itself and then deconstruct ITIL, until we have identified the quick win/s, matching solution to issue/s. Bear in mind that it doesn’t mean abandoning all plans to implement a significant portion of ITIL in the long term, it simply means ‘let’s tackle the challenge and improve piece by piece’. We may unearth that in fact the solution lies in simply implementing ITIL’s Change Management process to ensure that authorized changes are prioritized, planned, tested, implemented, documented and reviewed in a controlled manner. Quick win delivered, disruptions to the live environment and services minimized.

6 cloud sourcing archetypes
What does a typical enterprise cloud services buyer look like? It’s a tricky question to answer. Cloud services are everywhere: in the data center, in development teams, in shared services organizations on manufacturing floors. It’s also delivered in many different ways: as software, as infrastructure that behaves like software and as business processes supported by cloud software. Complicating matters further, what one buyer may call cloud another may call a rack of dedicated, virtualized servers, making the line of demarcation between “cloud” and “traditional” very blurry. Regardless how one chooses to define this boundary, cloud is permeating just about every corner of the enterprise, and the buyers that are driving this transformation are as varied as the functions they represent.

IT outsourcing deal values hit 10-year low
After one of the strongest years yet for the IT outsourcing industry, the sluggish tempo of the quarter is unsurprising, according to ISG. Ultimately, 2014 turned into the third best year for the industry in the last decade—driven by a buyers’ market, a rise in contract restructuring, and an increase in mega relationships. But ISG’s analysts say early 2015 slowness is not necessarily a sign of things to come. “IT outsourcing strength in the U.S. bodes well for the full year, and the first quarter dips in Asia Pacific and EMEA also suggest there should be more in the pipe,” says Keppel. “IT outsourcing solutions and client demands are changing rapidly, and as these change, they bring new opportunities for improved capabilities, improved flexibility, and lower costs—a combination we would expect most buyers to find irresistible.”

Why IBM's z13 microprocessor matters to analytics
The z13 delivers many value propositions, including speed, but the one that I think about the most is what it delivers to organizations in terms of analytical capability. As I said above, the mainframe in the modern enterprise has the data, and that feeds analytics. With the ability to have 10TB of memory with large memory frames/pages, the practice of bringing your analytics to the data (rather than copying the data, via ETL, to the analytics) has more relevance than ever before. z13 is designed for cloud, mobile and advanced analytics capabilities, which is a function not only of speed but of design.

How To Install Windows 10 IoT On Your Raspberry Pi 2
Why would you want to do this? Well, as Microsoft notes, “Windows 10 IoT Core is a new Windows 10 edition for low-cost, small-footprint devices that will be available ‘free’ for Makers and commercial device builders.” This means you can easily flash and use a stripped-down version of Windows in your own projects. Interestingly, this version of Windows will be very familiar to users of similar platforms like Arduino and Rasbian. Don’t expect to be playing Far Cry on this thing anytime soon – think of it as more of a universal app platform that connects to simple devices like Arduino-based relays and LEDs. In fact the UI is quite limited unless you program some apps yourself.

‘Security has failed’: Exclusive preview of RSA president's conference keynote
Yoran’s keynote address is aptly titled “Escaping Security’s Dark Ages,” and he extends the analogy in conversation with Fortune. “We need to stop thinking of taller castle walls and deeper moats,” he says. Complex passageways and nifty windows won’t work either—no matter how high one builds or how deep one digs, attackers will still get through. “At the end of the day, even if you use next generation protective measures, focused adversaries with the resources, with the time, with the skill, and that have a defined objective of breaking into your organization are still going to get in,” he says. Not to alarm anyone, but they’re probably already inside, he adds.

Google Apps Marketplace apps: Three things every admin should know
When you add a Google Apps Marketplace app to your Google Apps account, you save people time and increase security. People don't have to remember an additional login--and app access and data are more likely to remain under organizational control. That convenience requires a bit of periodic work by a Google Apps administrator. Here's how to review your Marketplace apps data access settings, check which apps are used, and discover new Marketplace apps to add. When you add a Google Apps Marketplace app to your Google Apps account, you save people time and increase security. People don't have to remember an additional login--and app access and data are more likely to remain under organizational control.

Hack the hackers? The debate rages on
Indeed, on a panel at the recent RSA conference in San Francisco, Rhonda MacLean, founder and CEO of MacLean Risk Partners, declared that most organizations should assume they have been breached. “If a company tells you they haven’t been breached, they don’t know,” she said. To have a meaningful debate on the issue, however, requires some defining of terms. Some experts object to the use of “active defense” as a euphemism for hacking back. Rafal Los, director of solutions research & development at Accuvant, said he believes active defense is a good thing when it means, “the actions a defensive team takes to protect themselves, on their own systems/network and explicitly not hacking back to protect themselves and their assets from attackers.”

Quote for the day:

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -- Benjamin Franklin

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