June 30, 2012

Less than 10% Indian SMBs are prepared for disasters
It’s time Indian SMBs start looking seriously at having a sound plan with effective security and data protection solutions that will enable them to better prepare for and quickly recover from potential disasters.

How should one's IT skills be valued?
If the main goal is to ensure gainful employment for the individual, then it may be necessary to consider the total cost a business would have to absorb to hire this special individual, including additional resources needed to mentor him and time he may need to take during normal office hours to chill out so sudden outbursts can be avoided.

Google puts Chrome on iPhone and iPad
Both iPad and iPhone users will get the app, either with incognito browsing, syncing and that unique tabbed browsing interface intact.

How UK banks are flirting with IT disaster
The IT glitch that disrupted banking at NatWest, Ulster Bank and other companies owned by RBSover the past week highlights the risk of systems failure facing British banks in general. These are at risk of systems failure due to a lack of adequate investment in business processes, and the conflicting pressures of modernisation and austerity, analysts said.

JavascriptHelper–Managing JS files for ASP.NET MVC (With Bundling)
JavascriptHelper is a MVC component which allows you to specify that a Javascript file is needed, wherever you need it (view, partial views, layouts, helpers etc.)

Governance gap pushes enterprise to private cloud
“Cloud governance needs are poorly defined and ill served both by governance tools and by providers, many of whom serve a volume market where few customers see governance as an issue.” But it’s not only the supply side that has shortcomings — the enterprise also has to review its governance processes and capabilities.

45 Day Series: Codeproject VC++ Forum Q&A - VII
... a compilation of questions and answers which were asked on the Code Project Visual C++ forum. Also, this is the fourth article of the 45 Days series...

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